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  • Dubai City Guide

    Thanks for this article. I'm planning to visit Canada this Christmas and will definitely stop by in Vancouver

    • Jayzen Freeze

      Hope you got your passport since it is now needed to go there.

      • Amanda

        Oh hey, you're only about 6 months late on that news.

    • Amanda

      Instead, pass Vancouver and go to Victoria on Vancouver Island. You won't regret it.

  • Top 10 travel destin

    Very nice collection of Top 10 travel destinations. This year I am just visit Nepal, Nepal forms the very watershed of Asia. Landlocked between India and Tibet, it spans terrain from subtropical jungle to the icy Himalaya, and contains or shares eight of the world's ten highest mountains. And other 9 are remain. 🙂

  • sightseer

    Good choices! I am happy to see that Panajachel made your list.

  • LS

    Vancouver is so the last place I'd see as hippie…

    I'd think Nelson or The Okanagan moreso.

  • awesomesauce

    I'm surprised to see Vancouver on this list. I'm pretty sure Seattle is "hippier" haha

  • Steve

    How can you have a list of "hippy travel destinations" and NOT include the Haight-Ashburry district of San Fransicso ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's only THE BIRTHPLACE OF HIPPIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF.

  • Sam

    Hey Mate , Its really nice to see Kathmandu in your toptenz.

    can Mr.Reddy Blair come in contact with us and we can share more resources from our website

  • rabs

    kathmandu…nepal…..a great place…..must visit once in ur lifetime………..awesome place…..

  • Brooklyner

    This list is absurd. Arembepe is an upper class second home location now. Freak Street was supplanted by Thamel in Kathmandu years ago and Kathmandu itself is a toxic city with some nice restaurants. If the other places on this list are as inaccurate I fear for anyone who might use this list as a guide. Perhaps it was meant to be "Top Ten Hippie Locations in 1976"?

  • Hippies still prefer Kathmandu, no doubt.

    • Jiwan Tamang

      Kindly Visit Nepal and fell as heaven

  • VIC

    yea, nice to see kathmandu… but someone out there is true that thamel is more hippie kinda place today than freak street. mustang, nepal must be another good choice for high fliers.

  • Kathmandu have flower power ….: )

  • Hydro

    Two places that have a lot of Hippies in the Northwest USA:

    Eugene OR

    and Port Townsend WA

    Both great spots. 🙂

  • Debbie

    Hello people! What about Jerry G's fave place! Eugene, Oregon! You can't throw an incense stick around here without hitting a hippie in this town!

  • Nestor

    Ecuador was completely left off the list. Vilcabamba is the original Valley of Eternal Youth, blessed with perfect weather, fresh mountain waters, hallucinogenic trees, and reported large amounts of centenarian.

    For hippies who prefer the beach, don't forget about Montanita where you can dance on the sand all night.

    Best of all, these places are still cheap and free of mass commercialization.

  • weds

    I am surprised that you've not found Pahoa, Hawai'i.

  • Ashly McCargar

    I cant believe Woodstock, NY didnt make it on your list…hello it is Woodstock…my mother lives there and let me tell you those people are completely unaware that the Woodstock festival is over!

    • @Ashly – I thought the same thing – Where is Woodstock? but then again, I'm not a hippie. I assumed Woodstock was over. Seems like it was an oversight to leave it off this list after all.

      • marialisha

        I havent seen ANY place in the states here….crazy sence this county is where HIPPY-DOME began!

  • Jess

    Nimbin is awesome! Its so fun and has some nice stuff for sales like clothes

  • What about Haight St. in San Francisco? That's one of the birthplaces of the counter-culture / hippie movement!

  • tui

    it's great to see that nimbin is listed. I lived there for a few years while I was a teenager and it's a mecca for friendly people and the counterculture you speak of.

  • helmut

    san fransisco?

  • I don’t usually allow people to use comments to promote their sites, so don’t get in the habit of this. It would be nice to link from your list to mine as well. In any case I will let the link stay because it is on topic and your site is not commercial.

  • Whipa

    Preety good list, no wonder … Ktm is 1'st in list like always but think now freak street is replaced by Thamel in hippier way .. And i waz surprised not to see where hippie orgined from .. Telegraph, Berkeley… Still fresh hippier place !

  • Great Irish Destinations

    Wow you have quite a list of Hippie destinations, i Have my mind set on Brazil. I think it’s a cool place to go.

  • burner

    I totally agree with all of your choices! But if I were making a list of the top 11 destinations, I might add the Burning Man Festival (Black Rock City, NV) to your list.

  • reinald

    Actually, Ibiza ain’t the hippie place but its neighboring island Formentera.

  • andy

    A festival for the Sunderbans.
    More than 35 artists peforming on Fraserganj/Bakhkhali Beach in aid of Sunderbans day and night for 3 days, 11th-13th. its a crazy party. For passes or any other information contact me at –

  • mark

    You missed out Pai in Thailand! It is the most hippiest place ever…

    • makeba

      Hey, do you mean koh pai or pai ? i will fly in november to thailand , so i like to know some places.

      greets greets


  • Daniel

    I am not really wondering that the ARUGAM BAY in SRI LANKA is missing on your list. It still seems to be a secret among the travellers, hippies and freaks.

    Endless deserted beaches, wild-growing ganja everywhere, nice people, cheap life and a stunning surrounding.

  • Rob

    Great list, but I think Nimbin should have ranked higher. It has all the elements of a hippie haven, without being watered down by “straight” tourists. It hasn’t gone upmarket like so much of Goa and other hippie destinations, either.

  • SenorPablo

    What about Amsterdam? Not only are the herbal remedies top shelf, but the city center is a great place to hang out on a nice sunny day.

  • Yakupeace

    How can green field of Glastonbury is missed its got spiritual power that comes from Stonehenge and stone circle. Peace

  • wilson stalin

    vilcabamba, montañita in ecuador

  • Rob

    Also noteworthy are Don Det, one of the “4000 Islands” in southern Laos and Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

  • susan kuypers

    oh boy I am Canadian you are so wrong about Vancouver try Nelson,sat Spring Island any of the Gulf Islands , Vancouver Island, Fernie, I could go on and on but Vancouver no way there is a starbucks on every corner my friend !!!!

  • Brian Pocatello

    I feel strongly that this list made a critical omission by not including Doe Bay Retreat on Orcas Island. Doe Bay Fest is an up and coming music festival that draws people from up and down the West Coast. It is super-groovy and a serious enhancement of that one love vibe.

  • h123

    The ones above would be commercialized hippie destinations… we still have the real deal available in some parts of India.. You cannot reach there by any travel guide..

    You have to just go and explore India..

  • Jiwan Tamang

    Visit Nepal

  • osho

    there is manali…(y).you have to be there ,there is a new ,(may be old) culture breeding there..

  • Patches

    So, first of all, a hippie community is an artist community that does not have a fast food restaurant within 5 miles. Secondly, Makanda IL is the sole survivor in the USA and it is closeby and fun. Try and find a list of hip communities, hard to find isn’t it, well, the man that travels to Nepal has a lot of $. Find the real world, near you.

  • madame

    Really?! Ibiza and Vancouver?!?! Ibiza is expensive… More for the high end party goers, and Vancouver? no way! I’d say there are the opposite of “hippie “

  • Gaga

    Cabo Polonio in Uruguay and N’Kharta Bay in Malawi should be on the list…

    • Gaga

      aaaah and Vama Veche in Roumania too, maybe the hippiest place I have never been. El Bolson is last season by the way… I guess a real hippies place stop being one once it is famous for that!

  • Julian

    Glastonbury (in England – the place not the festival) and San Fran ??