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  1. Julian
    Julian at |

    Glastonbury (in England – the place not the festival) and San Fran ??

  2. Gaga
    Gaga at |

    Cabo Polonio in Uruguay and N’Kharta Bay in Malawi should be on the list…

    1. Gaga
      Gaga at |

      aaaah and Vama Veche in Roumania too, maybe the hippiest place I have never been. El Bolson is last season by the way… I guess a real hippies place stop being one once it is famous for that!

  3. madame
    madame at |

    Really?! Ibiza and Vancouver?!?! Ibiza is expensive… More for the high end party goers, and Vancouver? no way! I’d say there are the opposite of “hippie “

  4. Patches
    Patches at |

    So, first of all, a hippie community is an artist community that does not have a fast food restaurant within 5 miles. Secondly, Makanda IL is the sole survivor in the USA and it is closeby and fun. Try and find a list of hip communities, hard to find isn’t it, well, the man that travels to Nepal has a lot of $. Find the real world, near you.

  5. osho
    osho at |

    there is manali…(y).you have to be there ,there is a new ,(may be old) culture breeding there..

  6. Jiwan Tamang
    Jiwan Tamang at |

    Visit Nepal

  7. h123
    h123 at |

    The ones above would be commercialized hippie destinations… we still have the real deal available in some parts of India.. You cannot reach there by any travel guide..

    You have to just go and explore India..

  8. Brian Pocatello
    Brian Pocatello at |

    I feel strongly that this list made a critical omission by not including Doe Bay Retreat on Orcas Island. Doe Bay Fest is an up and coming music festival that draws people from up and down the West Coast. It is super-groovy and a serious enhancement of that one love vibe.

  9. susan kuypers
    susan kuypers at |

    oh boy I am Canadian you are so wrong about Vancouver try Nelson,sat Spring Island any of the Gulf Islands , Vancouver Island, Fernie, I could go on and on but Vancouver no way there is a starbucks on every corner my friend !!!!

  10. Rob
    Rob at |

    Also noteworthy are Don Det, one of the “4000 Islands” in southern Laos and Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

  11. wilson stalin
    wilson stalin at |

    vilcabamba, montañita in ecuador

  12. Yakupeace
    Yakupeace at |

    How can green field of Glastonbury is missed its got spiritual power that comes from Stonehenge and stone circle. Peace

  13. SenorPablo
    SenorPablo at |

    What about Amsterdam? Not only are the herbal remedies top shelf, but the city center is a great place to hang out on a nice sunny day.


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