10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Orgasm


Orgasms are somewhat of an untold mystery. Nowhere is this fact driven home more, than when you start looking up its definition and realize that there are nearly 30 different ways to describe its physical and emotional properties. You probably already know orgasms result in muscular contractions, increase heart rate/blood pressure, are associated with intense pleasure, and can be experienced by both men and women. But what are a few things you may not know:

10. Got Sperm?

When the male orgasms, he ejaculates secretions of sperm, amounting to 10 cubic centimeters (cc) per encounter. It has been calculated that the average male will orgasm enough fluid over his lifetime, to fill a one gallon milk carton, fourteen times.

9. Not Just For Women

While it is common knowledge that women have various g-spot locations, not many are aware that men have these to. Three spots to be exact. There is the frenulum (directly underneath the male appendage), the perineum (patch of skin between the testicles and anus), and the prostate gland.

8. Aunt Flo Can Be a Welcome Visitor

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For most men, anytime is a good time for an orgasm, but for women, there are certain times that are better than others. It has been found the best time for her (pleasure wise), is during her “period”. This is unfortunately when many women (and some men) are uncomfortable with having sex. The reason orgasms are better during this time, is the increase in blood circulation around the groin area.

7. Material Girl Goes Wild

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One of the big shocks of the 20th century, was that our nations sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, claimed she never achieved orgasm by any of her famous lovers (John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio, etc.). It wasn’t until shortly before her death (age 36) she told her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, “Bless you doctor—all the years I had never had one. What wasted years. How can I describe to you, a man, what it feels like to a woman? Think of a light switch with a rheostat control. As you begin to turn it on, the bulb begins to get bright, then brighter, and brighter and finally in a blinding flash is fully lit. It is so good…” Yeah, we know Marilyn!

6. On Your Marks, Get Set, Impregnate

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The average speed of ejaculate during a male orgasm is 28 mph, according to the Kinsey Institute. This is in excess of the top speeds of the greatest runners in the world. This is in exact opposite of the slow and steady pace of the sperm, which is only capable of traveling 1½ inches every 15-minutes of intense swimming. The force of orgasm is thought to give them a head start, considering they have a good 3 or 4 inches to go before they reach their final destination.

5. One To Die For

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Orgasms aren’t just for the living. If the sacral nerves in the spinal chord are oxygenated and stimulated, then there isn’t any reason why a dead person can’t climax.

4. Be Loud, Be Proud

Not all women can produce the same orgasm results in their men. In fact, it is the more “vocal” women that achieve the desired results on a consistent basis. Studies show that males orgasm 59 percent of the time while their partner is screaming in ecstasy, and only 2 percent of the time while she’s lying quiet, counting gold sprinkles on the ceiling.

3. Thank You, Sir. My I Have Another?

Many women are capable of multiple orgasms. The most female orgasms recorded by doctors, William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian, were 134 within a single hour. That is a little over two orgasms per minute. Interestingly, it has also been noted that some women are capable of multiple orgasms even during such seemingly mundane activities as stroking their eyebrow, rubbing their knee, thinking (about an orgasm), or brushing their teeth.

2. Natural Selection

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Orgasm is an evolutionary function of nature. In 1967, a man named Desmond Morris wrote a controversial book called, The Naked Ape. The book looked at the female orgasm, suggesting its purpose was to not only encourage interest in sexual activity, but promote exhaustion to encourage her to remain in the horizontal position (preventing sperm from leaking out). He also suggested women’s difficulty in attaining orgasm with men, was in fact a form of natural selection. Only the most patient, caring, and imaginative men (considered preferred traits) would have the best chance of eliciting an orgasm, and thus successfully conceiving a child.

1. You’re Never Too Young

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Masturbation has been noted in prenatal ultrasound images, especially in males, where their hand appears to be wrapped around their appendage and moving respectively back and forth. It is not uncommon to find young children engaging in various forms of self-stimulation, resulting in a sort of orgasm. This is of course long before their sexual organs are capable of adult function (releasing egg or semen). Considering the great circle of life, it is also believed that an orgasm could be achieved the same in death as in life, by the stimulation of a certain points on the spinal column. This theory has yet to be put to the test however.

By Eric J. Leech

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  1. Girls are generally luckier than guys in the orgasm department overall. Although the it often may take them longer to get there, their orgasms can be much longer than guys. Sure there there are chicks out there that have quick 5 second orgasms like guys. But the girl are much more capable of having orgasms that last 15-30 seconds in some cases. Not to mention some girls have multiples, 3,4,5, 0r 10 orgasms in a session, where the guys gets 1. My average orgasm is about 5 seconds, I would say typically anywhere from 2-8 seconds. My best ever was maybe 15 seconds. So the girls defiantly win when it comes to orgasms. But I honestly think it’s perfectly fair considering they have more to deal with than guys, like periods, babies, sitting down to pee ect.

  2. interesting piece, thank you. 🙂

    but PLEASE dont refer to anything as a fact because desmond morris wrote it in ‘the naked ape’!

    there is no scientific proof whatsoever for “orgasm as an evolutionary function of nature”. in fact, you point out yourself that children experience orgasms before they are even fertile.

    like so very, very much of the so-called ‘science’ of evolutionary psychology, desmond morris just took his guesswork about why things are as they are, biologically-speaking, and called it “fact”. circular thinking at best, which at it’s worst simply provides so-called “scientific evidence” for bigoted ideas which many societies take for granted.

  3. This blog made the same mistake twice. You referred to a man’s “orgasm” and then described some property of his ejaculate. Male ejaculation and orgasm are NOT synonymous. At least not in myself and other straight men. Maybe the stats are better for gay guys. I only bring that up because I haven’t asked any of them about this.

  4. If we can have orgasms after death, is it possible for us to also feel pain after death ? Do we ever actually DIE and stop feeling anything physical altogether ?

  5. One might be able to make a corpse have an erection by stimulating the right nerves, possibly even making it ejaculate, but an orgasm is a sensation, felt by the brain. Since a corpse’s brain has no neural activity, no conscience, how could it possibly feel an orgasm?

  6. I never had an orgasm with a man inside of me until I was 28. This after a failed marriage. I was very happy and surprised. I was not shocked that the orgasm had taken that long to happen. I am surprised that you did not mention the fact that women can squirt during orgasm. I have not achieved this, but I have been with one that has, many times! It was an amazing sight to see! In my opinion for a woman to be able to achieve orgasm with a partner they have to be very comfortable and relaxed. If a woman, is not comfortable with the person they are with, that orgasm, or even multiples will not happen. This is why many women, or even men are only able to achieve release alone through masturbation. People have a lot of hang ups about sex in general. If you are with someone you care very much for you should share your hopes, fears, dreams, and fantasies with them. Yes, fantasies are normal for anyone to have. Even having fantasies about someone else while having sex with someone you care about is completely normal. You have to be comfortable with yourself to enjoy sex.

    • for a woman to be able to achieve orgasm with a partner they have to be very comfortable and relaxed

      This is why many women, or even men are only able to achieve release alone through masturbation

      i agree… 100%

      • The best the for a woman is to know her own body and what works for her, ive always had orgasms, isnt that the goal!

        • I totally agree , a woman has to relax ,totally surrender herself and know herself well so she can teach an idiot how to give her an orgasm properly ! All the women I’ve been with have achieved orgasms, and some were hard work ,but I have to reach my goals ,but many were quit fast as fast as 5 minutes, simply because they are totally relaxed and open, and I never judge a woman ,no matter what her pleasure, fantasy etc…. whatever turns her on is my goal !!! Don’t be closed minded or judgemental and you’ll get great results…

    • I never achieved an orgasm with a man inside me until I was 24, after a failed marriage of 6 years!! I thought it was so odd that you said that. But the only orgasms I had had before that were through masturbation and through activity with other females. Then I found him, and he gave me the best ride of my life. We’ve been together for 3 years now, and it just keeps getting better. Oh, and I had never “squirted” either until him. Didn’t know I could. He can use his fingers for about 5 seconds, and it’s like a water fountain. <3