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6 Responses

  1. Dan at |

    I’d have liked less people that cross-dressed for a purpose and more that did it out of personal preference.

    No list of this nature is complete without Ed Wood, and possibly (depending on whom you believe) J. Edgar Hoover.

  2. Martyn at |

    You should have at least mentioned Bonnie Prince Charlie who fled to the Isle of Skye and then to Europe after the Battle of Bannockburn dressed as a woman.

    1. Martyn at |

      That should have read Battle of Culloden, not Bannockburn. A mere oversight in proof reading on my part

  3. Cleo at |

    Ladies and gents……there will ALWAYS be someone that didn’t make the cut. Even historically, I’m sure that there are way too many crossdressers to count and since this isn’t ….someone will always be disappointed.

    I must say that Shi Pei-Pu was a good one though. I had to research more on that lol….that story is hard to believe…

  4. Turk at |

    La la la la la Lola!


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