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    Robert is this website’s best writer. His secret: he actually understands grammar and sentence structure! Keep up the good work.

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    Perhaps the oldest witch trial on record is that of the death of Greek intellect, Hypatia, who was born around 355 AD in between. Her father was Theon of Alexandria, a well-respected mathematician and astronomer, and he taught his daughter math and science. As an adult, Hypatia was a leading mathematician, astronomer, and teacher. As for her religious beliefs, her philosophy was Neoplatonism, which was considered Pagan.

    The problem was that Hypatia lived in a time when there was a lot of unrest and disagreement between the city’s three main religions; Christianity, Judaism and Paganism. After Cyril became Archbishop of Alexandria, the atmosphere took a turn for the worse. Hypatia was accused of witchcraft, which stemmed from her Pagan beliefs. In 415, while riding her chariot to work, Hypatia was pulled off of it into the street by a mob of angry Christians. She was attacked with abalone shells and flayed alive. Her remains were set on fire and her works were destroyed as the Christians tried to remove her from history. Cyril was later canonized as a saint.

    Today, Hypatia is considered the first famous “witch” to be punished by Christian authorities. She is also remembered as a powerful symbol of feminism and a martyr of science in the face of ignorance.

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    witches in Scotland were the only ones to be burned…………????


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