Top 10 Most Horrific Genocides In History


The term “genocide” is one of those controversial terms that can lead to all kinds of problems. The problem is that the term has been so politicized, and frequently used to attack leaders or countries that one dislikes, that it has come to mean different things to different people. For instance, the term has frequently been used to describe what white settlers did to the Native Americans over the last few centuries, when much of the indigenous population of the United States was wiped out. However, the overwhelming majority of those deaths were due to smallpox being inadvertently introduced into a native population that lacked the biological means to resist it which, while devastating, was not a genocide as it was not done intentionally.

For something to qualify as genocide, it has to be a deliberate, calculated decision by a particular ethnic or religious group, leader, or a government to exterminate, or otherwise destroy, a specific group of people for religious, cultural, racial, or political reasons. This can be done either through direct action (murder) or through indirect means (deportation or starvation). Using this general definition, then, what were the most horrific acts of genocide committed throughout history? It will always be something of an exercise in subjectivity to determine which were the worst, as how does one go about measuring such a thing? Is it a matter of sheer number of victims? Duration? Political ramifications? Nevertheless, here is my attempt to list the ten largest, most horrific, or best-known genocides in human history.

10. Genocides of the Amalekites and Midianites

Image result for battle of gideon against the midianites

Lest anyone imagine that genocide is a uniquely modern phenomena, it should be known that it was not only condoned, but even supposedly ordered by, God Himself against two of ancient Israel’s

arch-enemies, the Amalekites and the Midianites—at least according to the Old Testament. While extremely localized, and probably resulting in the deaths of no more than a few tens of thousands of people over a number of decades, it does testify to the fact that the desire of one group to exterminate another for any number of reasons has been around as long as civilization itself. The only difference is that, today, humanity possesses the technology required to carry it out on a truly massive scale.

9. North Korea (1945-present)

Image result for north korean genocide

How many people have died inside the “worker’s paradise” will probably never been known with anything approaching certainty, but the fact is that Pyongyang has been at war with its own people since “The Great Leader”, Kim Il-Sung, first assumed power in 1945. Certainly several million peasants have died of starvation since the mid-1990s, with aid and human rights groups charging that North Korea has systematically and deliberately prevented food aid from reaching the areas most devastated by food shortages. And of course, this doesn’t include the nearly one million people—including women and children accused of the most superficial “crimes”—who have died in North Korea’s political prison camps over the last 65 years. Were it not being propped up by its lone ally, China, it would have likely imploded long ago. As it is, it remains a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode.

8. Expulsion of Ethnic Germans after World War II (1945)

Image result for ethnic german expulsion 1945

Many scholars consider this more of a population transfer, rather than a true genocide. However, the forced displacement of some 14 million ethnic Germans and allied Slavs from Soviet Russia, from occupied areas of Eastern and Central Europe in the aftermath of World War II, has to go down as something pretty close to genocide, especially when one considers that between half a million and two million of them didn’t survive the journey. While most of these deaths were from famine and disease, many German civilians were also executed outright, or sent to internment and labor camps by the Soviets—especially those known to or suspected to have had Nazi associations. What makes it genocidal in nature was that only Germans were targeted, and that the brutal policy of forced relocation was ordered by Stalin himself, specifically as a means of retribution.

7. Partition of India (1947)

Image result for partition of India

This is one of the few genocides in history that was not politically motivated nor orchestrated by any government, but rather occurred spontaneously. All of it was the result of the partition of Great Britain’s largest and most important colony, India, in 1947. The powers-that-be decided to partition the massive state into Hindu and Muslim sections (creating modern-day India and Pakistan respectively), a decision which left millions of Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs on the wrong side of the newly-formed border. This resulted in millions being uprooted from their homes and being forced to walk hundreds of miles to their new homes; during this great exodus, however (which affected upwards of 14 million people), escalating violence broke out between the various religious factions, leading to up to one million deaths (most of it centered around the densely populated Punjab region).

In effect, many Muslims were killed by Sikh and Hindu mobs, while many Sikhs and Hindus suffered at the hands of Muslim mobs in Pakistan. It’s difficult to label this a true act of genocide, however, as it was not specifically instigated by either the Pakistani or Indian governments. However, their inability to stop what was basically a spontaneous outburst of brutality on both sides contributed greatly to the carnage. This event specifically stands out as being one of the few genocides to be almost entirely religion-based, and to be engaged by several religions simultaneously.

6. The Rwandan Massacre (1994)

Photographs of Genocide Victims - Genocide Memorial Centre - Kigali - Rwanda

Photographs of Genocide Victims – Genocide Memorial Centre – Kigali – Rwanda

While we like to imagine that genocides are generally politically motivated, Rwanda is an example in which it was mostly the result of tribal differences. The short-lived killing spree, which left between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people dead, was the culmination of longstanding ethnic competition and tensions between the minority Tutsi. It seems that the Tutsi had controlled the country for centuries, lording their position of power over the majority Hutus, until they were overthrown in a 1962 Hutu rebellion. Tensions remained high after that and eventually erupted into full-blown war when, in April of 1994, Hutu President Habyarimana died under mysterious conditions in a plane crash. This elicited bloody reprisals by Hutus against their Tutsi neighbors in retaliation.

While not specifically orchestrated by the Hutu-led government, scholars maintain that the spontaneous, and violent, reaction to the assassination was encouraged by the Rwandan armed forces and largely carried out by Hutu militias, with the full knowledge and blessing of the government, making it directly culpable. Also responsible for the massacre was the unwillingness of the UN, or other western powers, to take decisive action early on. The UN even went so far as to evacuate what few troops it had in the country, to prevent harm from befalling them! President Bill Clinton has since admitted that his lack of timely action in Rwanda remains the greatest mistake of his Presidency. How different things might have been, had only the world had the backbone to have done something.

5. The Armenian Genocide (1915-1923)

Armenians defending the walls of Van in the spring of 1915. Scanned from the Soviet Armenian Encyclopedia Article on the Defense of Van (vol. 11, p. 273)

Armenians defending the walls of Van in the spring of 1915. Scanned from the Soviet Armenian Encyclopedia Article on the Defense of Van (vol. 11, p. 273)

While they are loathe to discuss it today, the Ottoman Turks, under the leadership of War Minister Enver Pasha (1881-1922), may have conducted the first large-scale, organized genocide of the 20th century. During and immediately after the First World War, Turkey killed, deported, and starved to death as many as 1.8 million Armenians, along with hundreds of thousands of other non-Turks. The Ottomans may have also been the first to introduce the concept of the concentration camp, though most of these camps were short-lived.

Modern Turks generally refuse to acknowledge what happened to have been genocide, considering it simply a mass deportation of people who had allied themselves with the Russians (a nation Turkey was at war with at the time), and who largely died from exhaustion or neglect during forced marches. Most genocide scholars, however, consider it to have been an orchestrated effort at exterminating an unwanted ethnic group that had lived within the borders of the crumbling Ottoman Empire for centuries. Not surprisingly, it remains a touchy subject among modern Turks to this day, not to mention angry Armenians with guitars.

4. The Killing Fields of Cambodia (1975-1978)

When the Khmer Rouge overthrew the government of Cambodia in 1975, and established a Communist “utopia” in its place, its first act was to annihilate anyone it deemed to be an “enemy of the state”. This included not only former members of the old regime and military, but journalists, teachers, businessmen, intellectuals, Buddhists, and even people who simply wore glasses!

While the total number of people who died in this short-lived, but grisly, purge will never be known, it is estimated that no fewer than two million people (nearly 20% of Cambodia’s population) died at the hands of the Khmer. Had it not been for a Vietnamese invasion in 1979 that toppled the Khmer and sent them into hiding, the toll would undoubtedly had been higher still. You know you’re bad when your government is overthrown by a fellow Communist regime!

3. The Holocaust (1939-1945)

Polish Jews captured by Germans during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, May 1943

Polish Jews captured by Germans during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, May 1943

No genocide is as well-known, or as carefully documented, as the efforts of  the Nazis to exterminate not only the Jews from continental Europe, but millions of others it deemed “undesirable.” By the time Hitler shot himself in his Berlin bunker in April of 1945, some eleven million people—over half of them Jews—had died, either through mass extermination, deportation, or starvation and overwork in his prison camps. This was all part of a brutal policy that much of the world either refused to believe was happening, or chose to ignore until the first camps were liberated by the Allies in the spring of 1945.

What’s especially interesting in this case is that, unlike Russia and China, Germany had no history of such cruelty beforehand (at least on such a large scale), and was even considered to have been one of the most educated and cultured societies in the world at the time it fell under Hitler’s spell. This should serve as a warning that no country is immune from becoming a killing field under the right circumstances and with the right leader, as millions of Germans had to learn the hard way in World War II.

2. The Stalinist Era in the USSR (1929-1953)

Kulaks being dispossessed.

Kulaks being dispossessed.

While most people imagine Adolf Hitler to have been the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century (the aforementioned Mao Zedong not withstanding), the prize actually goes to Joseph Stalin, the man who turned his entire nation into one massive prison camp and extermination center. How many died under his direct instructions, or merely as a result of his failed agricultural policies, will never be known with certainty, but some estimates put it as high as twenty million. The Soviet elimination of a social class, the Kulaks, and the subsequent killer famine among all Ukrainian peasants, killed at least two million alone, while Stalin’s notorious 1937 Order No. 00447, that called for the mass execution and exile of “socially harmful elements” as “enemies of the people”, decimated the military and intelligentsia of Russia, leaving hundreds of thousands dead, and millions more languishing in Stalin’s massive gulag.

Had he not had the good manners to die in 1953 before he could institute another purge of Jews and other “enemies of the State,” the numbers of death would have swelled even more. Curiously—and despite all of this—the man was much admired by people who lived outside of Russia during this time, and the always-smiling and benevolent-looking “Uncle Joe” even made it onto the cover of Time magazine no fewer than eleven times.

1. The Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution in China (1949-1976)

Birth rate and death rate in China 1950-2014

Birth rate and death rate in China 1950-2014

While it’s almost impossible to determine precisely how many people died at the hands of the Communists when they came to power in 1949 and in the decades that followed, estimates range anywhere from 45 to 70 million people, depending on whom you ask. While some of these occurred when Communist forces finally vanquished the Nationalist Army of Chang Kai-Shek, most of them took place later and came largely in two main waves; the first was during the “Great Leap Forward”, when China’s leader Mao Zedong’s attempt at agricultural modernization and social engineering led to mass starvation between 1958 and 1961, and the death of many former land owners. While not a specific effort to eradicate a population, what made it genocidal in nature was the fact that Mao continued his policies long after they were obviously proven to be disastrous, thereby dooming millions of peasants to starvation.

The second great genocide was a result of what was called the “Cultural Revolution” of 1966 to 1976—a bloody purge of “anti-government elements” that left millions dead or languishing in prison camps throughout China. It was only upon the death of Mao that the worst of the killings ended, though the brutal crushing of the Tienanmen Square protesters in 1989 demonstrated that Beijing’s violent tendencies did not entirely die with the man.

Other Noteworthy Examples: The Destruction of Carthage during the Third Punic War (146 BCE) is often considered the first historically recorded genocide in history; The forced repatriation of the Cherokee Indians from Florida in 1830 resulted in the death of some 4,000 Indians out of 17,000 who made the trip during the famous Trail of Tears incident; Genghis Khan’s Mongol horsemen of the 13th century were well-known genocidal killers, known for wiping out entire nations in their quest to expand their empire; German General Lothar von Trotha wiped out some 100,000 native tribesmen in Southwest Africa (modern Namibia) between 1904 and 1907 in what is often considered the first organized state genocide; and Saddam Hussein’s efforts at exterminating the Kurds during the 1980’s, which included using chemical agents against Kurdish towns.

Jeff Danelek is a Denver, Colorado author who writes on many subjects having to do with history, politics, the paranormal, spirituality and religion. To see more of his stuff, visit his website at

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  1. I am Turkish who lives in Turkey and I want to say something about armenian genocide. I am not good at history at all. I always had believed that it wasn’t a genocide but a massacre tecnically. if it was a really genocide I am very sorry and sad about it. I wish it didn’t happen. Turks and Armenians lived together trough centuriesin Anatolia. We shared and developed the ottoman culture together. in ww1 the conditions were very awful and traumatic I guess which resulted like that. many people died both Turks and Armenians mostly. I wish we were together. And I call my Armenian brothers that ok you say that it is genoce but please don’t let the west use it as a politic gun. May be one day Turks and Armenians will solve this issue. I wish we were together again. I am an Alevi Turk. I hate the current culturel and politic condition in Turkey. I would want Armenians live in Turkey rather than Erdogan supporters even thry are Turkish. Don’t hate Turks not all of them are the same like not all Armenians are the same. I love you.

  2. The #1 most cruel genocide in world’s history is the Volhynian genocide, performed by Ukrainian nationalists on 120.000 Poles, mostly women and children. The methods of killing are so disgusting, that I won’t even mention them, because of the censorship on this website, however, in terms of cruelity in the methods of killing, this is the most hardcore genocide in history. Th world however doesnt want to remember this, mostly because of the Jewish-driven, anti-Polish propaganda, where there is no place for history of the Polish struggle.

  3. Richard Panico on

    We speak of the past , rightly so . But look at the present and looking to the future, we must see what’s happening in Palestine, and what may cause WWIII . A coming attraction, because we have been compromised by Israel so as not reporting the true facts as we speak . Caused by the English as most of the Genecide’s we speak of . But we have a very important one going on now ,and we pretend blindness. We should take the previous stories as a reason to stop Genecide now . Look to Palestine for a very bloody one which may take us to WWIII.

  4. Thomas Jerfferson killed 100 millions of native, Churchill about 60 millions around the world, but no one says anything about these. Typical selective indignation of who would be able to commit more massacres like that.
    without mentioning the millions of deaths made by the American global dictatorship…

  5. Elder Raymond on


  6. haha i can t see Muslims anywhere so why r they the bad people in the world ?, and they forgot the 0-The extermination of the Indians in the new world (America)

    • They also forgot the killing fields of Viet Nam where it is estimated that 3.8 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed by the USA. The fields keep killing some 500 a year because of illnesses and birth defects caused by US chemicals and unexploded bombs. The US dropped 270 million bombs on Viet Nam. .

    • They did not forget the extermination of the Indians in the new world(America). if you had read the beginning of the article it explains that the majority of the American Indians were killed by the introduction of small pox which they didn’t have the biological means to resist. As this was not intentional then it’s technically not genocide. It explained that at the beginning of the article.

    • Dingus McFlaggan on

      Armenian Genocide (Muslim Genocide of Christians) and Ottoman/Greek Massacre and the biggest are the African slaves bought by the Arabs who were tortured for centuries; most of the men died from castration at the hands of jealous Husbands who were happy to fuck the female slaves then they would die at the hands of the jealous Arab wives. Awful stuff, rarely highlighted because is dwarfs the horrendous behavior of African slaves in America

      • Muslim genocide of Christians u said ? Muslims don t kill unnarmed , women , children and old people , don t cut trees and don t burn houses so u seriously can t call that genocide even in war Muslims only kills soldiers who are actualy fighting them and don t mix arabs and muslims , and learn what does genocide means dude

        • Dingus McFlaggan on

          NO! You clearly don’t understand what genocide is, so I will copy and paste the first definition i found with no effort
          “the deliberate killing of a large group of people”
          NOT the complete purge of an entire race or creed, etc, just the attempt or the “deliberate killing of a large group of people”

          That’s the first part, the second is that asshole Muslims (as opposed to good Muslims) kill kids and women just like warmongers from any other race or creed who are ass-holes. Think the girls kidnapped and murdered in Nigeria, think the child and female suicide bombers you ignorant fuck. Not all warriors are ass-holes but every race and creed contains ass-holes. If you disagree with that, you are bigger moron than your last comment suggests.

          Muslims do not have many trees to cut in most areas but they compensate for setting oil wells on fire (think Sudan and Iraq).

          Don’t be so stupid, every horrible thing that you will find an ass-hole Christian or Atheist doing, you will find an ass-hole Muslim doing (Raping, abusing, stealing, burning etc etc) and if you say “well then they are not real Muslims” then what the fuck are they????? If someone spends their whole life as a priest then people say he is not a Christian because he ends up being a paedophile, those people are morons who refuse to accept the reality that ass-holes are distributed throughout all races, creed, social groups etc

          And I am not just talking about Arabs as you suggested, I have been to Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Pakistan and many other non Arab Muslim places and I see plenty abuse of women and children so take your rose tinted glasses off and wake the fuck up before you start writing complete bullshit again in defence of yet another stupid, pointless religion (like almost every other religion including all denominations of Christianity)

        • it s obvuiously you who don t understand what genocide is , genocide is killing a group of people because of who they are tht the first thing and there is a different between muslims who orders not kill chidren , women and old people and punish whoever does and Israel and usa who actually ask their armies to kill children which is real genocide , israel killing palestinian children is a fact it s their intention and they are killing them cuze they are palestinians , when u spoke of the armenian genocide u forgot a major thing which is that it was a war , and that muslims didn t want the others dead cuze when they surrended the war ended and Salah-Eddine freed the christians , 3- it was Usa who stole ressources from irak , Pakistan and all over the world with the rest of the developped counries so go do ur homework u ignorant , and there are assholes everywhere just the Usa is trying to make the muslims look like the ennemies of humanity while America is the real terrorist today

        • Dingus McFlaggan on

          Countries are not good or evil, people are. Countries are illusionary made up lines in the Earth. If you think “America” is evil, you are as ridiculous as someone who says “muslims are evil or terrorists”. I will agree that so much evil has occurred by man in the name of USA, UK, ROme, China, Russia, Christianity etc, but not by these countries, ideologies or religions as they are ideologies not living things.

          If you blame America (a continent) or the USA, you must also blame the 3.3M Muslims in the US. You are no better than the people you accuse because you are blaming people for who they are or where they are from instead of for their own personal actions.

          But I also agree, the current powers in US do seem to want to make Islam the blame-hound for all wrongs; but like Mugabe, sometimes leaders and their few followers have all the control but don’t speak for the people. Politics is a complex power struggle in America like it is everywhere and most people are happy to accept lies from their govt and the so-called-news media.

          It was actually the UK and Germany first stealing oil in Iraq/Iran/Syria as they fought over Mesopotamia, Iraq as a political state only exists like Pakistan, because of British interference, control and greed……..and 99% of the British people did not benefit from the plunder, as always, the 1% did.

          If you think your country or Pakistan is any different, you don’t know human nature.

          The people of the US, UK, India etc etc are as much victims of their govts as any other, but the stupid masses in every country cannot grasp this so they wave flags instead and rush off to war to make evil greedy people richer than required even by the most greedy.

        • Dingus McFlaggan on

          That was also my point…..except in a dictatorship, or those that have no rights to vote like slaves, or US citizen with a criminal record (which is why blacks always get tougher penalties than whites, asians, etc, to make sure they lose their vote against Republicans AND Democrats who are both in collusion to share power utilising carefully planned laws, rules and regulations designed to keep the status quo and give the illusion that the people have a choice by voting…..which they actually do if they research news instead of being fed new by global corporate media that used to tell them cigarettes were healthy only 6 years ago, or radiation would not harm them if they could only see the blast from afar)……but even then, the 1% get away with it because we all let them, just like in the Dark ages, during the time of the Egyptians, Aztecs, Roman empire, Japanese Emperors of old and Chinese dynasties, too stupid to see if one man like Genghis Khan can grow from a baby to a feared leader, then so can anyone as they are all just people who surrounded themselves with the protection of bulslshit laws, politics and mass psychology, …..and hence they could all take on the tyrants . Everyone is too scared to lose the life their have been assigned by the system (with obvious occasional exceptions, the people allowed to prosper to show us all it is possible, when it is actually not possible for all to prosper under capitalism as it is predatory/parasitic by it’s very definition.

  7. ” However, the overwhelming majority of those deaths were due to smallpox being inadvertently introduced into a native population that lacked the biological means to resist it which, while devastating, was not a genocide as it was not done intentionally.”

    BULLCOOKIES! It’s been documented that the American Indians were given the smallpox infected blankets of the folk who died from it, as a deliberate effort to introduce the smallpox to the indigenous population, thereby infecting and killing them. This information has been accessible for decades- do you do your own research, or do you have an intern do it, then just “phone it in?!”

    Biological warfare involving smallpox[edit]

    “Out of our regard to them we gave them two Blankets and an Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect.”

    William Trent, William Trent’s Journal at Fort Pitt

    This event is well known for the documented instances of biological warfare. British officers, including the top British commanding generals, ordered, sanctioned, paid for and conducted the use of smallpox against the Native Americans. As described by one historian, “there is no doubt that British military authorities approved of attempts to spread smallpox among the enemy”, and “it was deliberate British policy to infect the indians with smallpox”.[6]

    In one instance, as recorded in his journal by sundries trader and militia Captain, William Trent, on June 24, 1763, dignitaries from the Delaware tribe met with Fort Pitt officials, warned them of “great numbers of Indians” coming to attack the fort, and pleaded with them to leave the fort while there was still time. The commander of the fort refused to abandon the fort. Instead, the British gave as gifts two blankets, one silk handkerchief and one linen from the smallpox hospital,[7] to two Delaware delegates after the parley, a principal warrior named Turtleheart, and Maumaultee, a Chief. The tainted gifts were, according to their inventory accounts, given to the Indian dignitaries “to Convey the Smallpox to the Indians”.[8][9]

    INVOICE for 1763 June

    Levy, Trent and Company: Account against the Crown, Aug. 13, 1763[7]

    “To Sundries got to Replace in kind those which were taken from people in the Hospital to Convey the Smallpox to the Indians Vizt:

    2 Blankets @ 20/ £299 099 0

    1 Silk Handkerchef 10/

    & 1 linnen do: 3/6 099 1399 6

    Captain Ecuyer later certified that the items “were had for the uses above mentioned,” in the inventory reimbursement request, and General Thomas Gage would later approve that invoice for payment, endorsing it with a comment and his signature.[7]

    While Ecuyer, Trent and McKee were conducting their early form of biological warfare upon the Indian dignitaries at Fort Pitt, their superiors were discussing similar plans. General Amherst, having learned that smallpox had broken out among the garrison at Fort Pitt, and after learning on July 7th of the loss of his forts at Venango, Le Boeuf and Presqu’Isle, wrote to Colonel Bouquet, “Could it not be contrived to send the small pox among the disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this occasion use every stratagem in our power to reduce them.” In addition, Amherst wrote, “Captain Ecuyer Seems to Act with great Prudence, & I approve of everything he mentions to have done.” Bouquet, who was already marching to relieve Fort Pitt and Fort Detroit, responded on the 13th, “I will try to inoculate the Indians with some blankets that may fall into their hands, and take care not to get the disease myself. I wish we could make use of the Spanish method to hunt them with English dogs, supported by rangers and some light horse, who would, I think, effectually extirpate or remove that vermin.” On July 16th, Amherst replied, “You will do well to try to inoculate the Indians by means of blankets, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race. I should be very glad your scheme for hunting them down by dogs could take effect, but England is at too great a distance to think of that at present.”[10]

    General Amherst, July 8: “Could it not be contrived to Send the Small Pox among those Disaffected Tribes of Indians? We must, on this occasion, Use Every Stratagem in our power to Reduce them.”

    Colonel Bouquet, July 13: “I will try to inocculate the Indians by means of Blankets that may fall in their hands, taking care however not to get the disease myself.”

    Amherst, July 16: “You will Do well to try to Innoculate the Indians by means of Blanketts, as well as to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execreble Race.”

    Bouquet, July 19: “all your Directions will be observed.”

    Papers of Col. Henry Bouquet, ed. Stevens and Kent, ser. 21634, p. 161.

    The correspondence between Amherst and Bouquet reflected how pervasive Indian hating had become by 1763 and how far British officers were willing to go in ignoring their own soldiers’ code of warfare.[10] A devastating smallpox epidemic plagued Native American tribes in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes area through 1763 and 1764, but the effectiveness of individual instances of biological warfare remains unknown. After extensive review of surviving documentary evidence, historian Francis Jennings concluded the attempt at biological warfare was “unquestionably effective at Fort Pitt”;[11] Barbara Mann deduced “it is important to note that the smallpox distribution worked”;[12] Howard Peckham noted the resulting fatal epidemic “certainly affected their vigorous prosecution of the war.”[8]

    Nineteenth century historian Francis Parkman, the first to research these events, described “the shameful plan of infecting the Indians” as “detestable.”[13] It is likely such incidents have occurred more frequently than scholars have acknowledged, but with such actions considered beyond the pale of civilized behavior, incriminating documentation would of course be scarce. Efforts have ever since been made to reduce the stigma associated with being the perpetrators of such acts.[14][7] Captain Ecuyer’s official report, written at the time of the incident and in great detail, notably did not mention the tainted gifts. According to biological warfare expert Mark Wheelis, Ecuyer considered concealing the event and acknowledged the deed in his ledgers only after learning that his superiors were ordering the same course of action.[15] The most widely cited expert on the subject, Elizabeth Fenn, has observed, “It is also possible that documents relating to such a plan were deliberately destroyed.”[7] Peckham noted that, “oddly enough”, the incriminating pages from Amherst and Bouquet were missing from the Canadian Archives transcripts as well as the collection published by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission.[8] Likewise, Mann has described documents which have gone missing after “later sanitation”, and has documented efforts by “Amherst apologists” and others who conjecture about, minimize and even dispute the instances of European perfidy. Dixon has suggested that the attempt to infect the Indians near Fort Pitt “may well have been a failure”,[6] and Ranlet has speculated that “either the smallpox virus was already dead on the unpleasant gifts or that the presents simply failed to fulfill Trent’s ardent desire to infect the Indians.”[16] Mann has called such assumptions “demonstrably false”, and Wheelis has concluded that while there may have been several simultaneous routes of transmission for the epidemic, and the effect of each attempt is impossible to determine, “the act of biological aggression at Fort Pitt is indisputable”.[15]

    • did you not read the beginning of the article? go back and read the very beginning of the article.

  8. Don’t forget the genocide in Latin American by the Spaniards with the support of the Catholic church. Likewise, Australian indigenous peoples suffered a similar situation.

  9. You forget the native americans. The Trail of Tears and so many other genocides that were perpetrated on the native peoples of both North and South America.

  10. Tanya Hutchins on

    To say what happened to the Native Americans was not deliberate is a travesty. Blankets from people that had small pox were given to Indians deliberately and many white settlers and some government leaders have been quoted saying they wanted the Indians gone. Tribes were killed because white people wanted the land. The Indians put up a fight and families were slaughtered for it. It doesn’t matter whether it was disease, bullets or knives. When someone wants to wipe out your entire population because of your skin color, your customs and where you live: that is genocide. This is a one-sided article. I hope all who read it, continue to do research on their own. That is how I get information about my ancestors, many of whom told the truth, which is passed down from previous generations. Never assume.

  11. Salvatore Consalvi on

    Incredibly ethnocentric list. Not one mention of Native Americans? The California Mission System operated as concentration camps. And most deaths were not accidental. That is a childish belief. May I suggest reading “The American Holocaust” and giving this another try?

  12. Moritz Reichelt on

    The Mongolians killed at least 15 million Chinese, and Americans killed 19 million Red Indians. How come these top2 events don’t count in your list?

  13. Revise the list!
    Most of the comments are about the American genocide and rightly point out that it WAS intentional. Much moreso than Mao’s “continuing a disastrous social policy” or even Stalin’s direct order against subversives among his own people during a famine.
    Thomas Jefferson spoke of exterminating Native Americans. Meaning ALL of them!

    And what is the percentage of Native Americans in the USA? 1%!
    Of Chinese in China? Russians in Russia?…

  14. Manual Cordero on

    why is it that the biggest genocide ever committed on earth is always left out and that is the genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas and the Caribbean committed by white Christian European

  15. You better read more in order to clarify it genocide or not , as Americans intentionally brought smallpox with infected blankets and stuff through indigenous community

  16. There is another interesting point to make about the Irish. A lot left for America at the time of the great famine. Many irish were slaves before the blacks were slaves in America. They were worth 5 shilling each and a black man was worth 25. When the blacks came to replace the Irish, the irish were told they had to go fight for the north in the civil war to ‘free the blacks”. TO this day, there has never been a thank you. The irish lost thousands of people and were not even paid for that, but when a black slave was free they got 25 acres of land. To this day the irish are lumped in with WHITES as the racists when in fact they were slaves too.

  17. What about the American holocaust? The ‘reduction’ of the native population of North America? Does not that active process by the british subjects and later the american citizens qualify as genocide?

  18. Muslims created and did most of the killing in the partition of India.
    Jinnah the first president of pakistan forced the British to do this.
    “Pakistan” means pure land – pure of Muslims.
    Actually india should have zero Muslims…
    And Pakistan caused mass killings in Bangladesh..

    In the future genocide will just mean actions of Muslims.

    And this forgets Aboriginal people who sustained 200+ years of war against them.

    The most successful genocide in the World is against Aboriginal Tasmanian – no pure one is left and the descendents are all 1/8 – 1/16 so this is very successful.

  19. In 1971, There was a Genocide took place in Bangladesh (In that time East Pakistan). Estimated 3 million people were killed by Pakistani Army & their local collaborator Al-Badar & Al-Shams para military force. This was the 2nd most horrific genocide happen after the holocaust of Poland by Nazis. Where is that in your post?

  20. Christina Whellen on

    Mass murder of native americans was genocide. the writer over here is trying to say disease was by accident but the white settlers purposely gave the natives blankets infected with small pox so that all of them die. Do your research properly u biased author.

  21. Holy crap, I cannot believe my eyes. How the hell is the Native American genocide not listed? The US government forced MY people off their land in exchange for disease, starvation, exhaustion, and death by the most painful and slow means?! Have you heard of Wounded Knee? 300 unarmed men, women, and children were killed. The Lakota who were killed had also surrendered, and already had submit. The early colonists INTENTIONALLY gave the natives items infected with Smallpox, and then would sneak out into the night and kill them with their knives and rifles. Get your facts straight, or get new authors who can do a better job than this. You are just another person who wants the horrific acts of the US Government and early colonists covered up.

  22. Just So Damn Curious on

    How on God’s green earth, can you use the Bible to reference an item of genocide? Furthermore, one’s belief should not factor into what is known and tangible to human history. I was about to hail this article as a well written and well researched affair until I saw you made it frivolous and irrelevant. Unfortunately when I continued reading I found the piece replete with mistakes grammatically and historically. Great piece of fluff. Couldn’t use this even if i was compelled.

  23. An interested partyy on

    What point is there to make a Top10 of genocides, all of them were horrific and we’ve learned nothing from it!!!

  24. James in Tosa on

    I guess the victors write the history books & this author cherry picks the genocides from the perspective of an American victor. It’s appalling that Native American genocides aren’t mentioned & I think it’s a lame excuse to say that’s because they weren’t done on purpose. Really? Are you telling me the Trail of Tears….a forced march of Indians from the east coast to Oklahoma wasn’t done on purpose? Women & children dying, drowning as they were forced across rivers wasn’t done on purpose?
    But you did remember to mention the expulsion of ethnic Germans which was a lot milder than the ‘Trail of Tears” And you did remember to mention the famine caused by Joseph Stalin’s collectivization efforts. Wait! Wait! That wasn’t done on purpose either. Stalin didn’t intend for all those peasants to die. He was just trying to get them to produce crops for the cities. So why did the author include that part of Stalin’s killings?
    BTW, why didn’t the author include the transatlantic African slave trade & the labor plantations blacks were thrown on. 100s of thousands of blacks perished because of those efforts. White American slave owners working a person to death on a plantation is no different than Stalin working some peasants to death. But that’s not the case in fantasy land & revisionist history


    That this site refused to list the Native American genocide just goes to show how badly they fail to report the truth.

    • We don’t refuse anything of the kind. The very fact you wrote it in the comments refutes your very statement. In fact, you aren’t the first person to mention it. The author gave his reasons for his inclusions. accepts lists from many writers and sometimes people disagree with those lists. We have no agendas.

      • Shell Harris, I would like to make a rebuttal. The colonists wanted the land that the Native Americans lived on, and they did literally DID ANYTHING THEY COULD TO GET THE LAND. They would give them blankets and supplies with the Smallpox virus in exchange for knives and guns, and then stab them in the back a couple of weeks later. Have you ever heard of the Trail of Tears? Or Wounded Knee? What about King Philips’ War? Each and every time, they killed them and enslaved the survivers. There was this one Native Americn chief who liked the colonists, and as wiling to barter some of their land for supplies. One night, however, a man snuck into his home and killed his family. Does that sound like it was accidental to you?

  26. Dear “person who runs this site”,
    I would appreciate if you would consider choosing your writers more wisely. The way that Jeff Danalek deals with this topic is inappropriate and I for my part consider his definition of genocide and why it would not apply to Native Americans as quite offensive. Especially if you consider that white supremacists usually use the very same argument to justify the massmurder of the indigenous people!
    I understand that this lists don’t want to be complete, they cannot be. They don’t want to be the most accurate, they cannot be. They just want to be lists of random facts and generate interest. I know this! But this list crossed the line. It reads like an agenda to me, the author seems to really dislike communists. This list just stinks.
    So, for the future: better stick to fun facts like “Top 10 bubblegums” or something like that. But if you really want to deal with delicate topics like genocide, then treat it with dignity and get your facts straight.
    In case you wonder, no, I’m not Native American. And while I maybe cannot even imagine what they must have suffered (and a lot of them still do!) I know this: to play down their tragedy to justify one’s own conscience is a crime of its own.

  27. So the author denies that the organized murder and deportation of numerous Native American tribes was a genocide? That’s just… wow… I’m speechless. Now, there are only two possibilities, either he is just plain stupid and ignorant or he is a racist.

  28. The Bangladesh Genocide [at the time, called East Pakistan] by West Pakistani government/military with a body count of 3 million has to be up there.

    What’s even more strange is how this period in history is not very well-known despite being so recent [culminating in the liberation of said country in 1971].

  29. Well, america is probably the most long slow killing country on the planet with it’s good “capitalism” e starving and social economic differences. This is, of course, a well researched list. But Japanese Unit 731 was almost worst then nazis itself and north america (united states specific) will always be the number one long lasting killing machine.

  30. The genocide of the native american indian tribes at the hands of the european colonists should have made the top ten list.

    At least the top 15.

  31. Of course you dont even mention the worst genocide in history..which is /should be nr. 1 : the genocide of 120 million native indians in America

  32. I wonder how you failed to include the genocide carried out by Pakistani Soldiers during their occupation of then West Pakistan. Although estimates largly vary, some 300000 to 3 million people were killed by Pakistanis. They also systematically targeted and killed Prominent Intellectuals during the last months of the war in order to ensure that the country is rendered talent less.

  33. are you kidding,ya sure those were terrible,despicable atrocities,nothing compares to the genocide of the N American natives,whole nations were destroyed,over one hundred million killed in 400 years,biggest cover up in the history of mankind,historians keep ignoring that fact,why?

  34. Your list just a disgrace to those who believe that all life is important, that no one race is superior. What about the slave trade, Congo, Ethiopia etc… What about the original settlers of now America killed by Indians who in turn got killed. What about those Indians!

  35. I am appalled you said what happened to the native Americans wasn’t a form of genocide. How dare you! what the English did to us with smallpox was intentional. They were doing the same methods of germ warfare in other parts of Europe before coming to America. you are wrong. Not only was small pox purposely introduced but so was yersenia pestis, and tuberculosis. WRONG!!

  36. Technocrat on

    How quaint. the slave trade isn’t mentioned once in this list. From 1452 to 1807, European nations carried out an intentional and relentless attempt to subjugate or annihilate all nonwhites/nonchristians IN THE WORLD. But I guess that just doesn’t count, despite resulting in 355 years worth of deaths from abuse, disease, malnutrition, exposure, et al.

  37. David Zulak on

    Your initial comment claims that the small pox epidemic that killed such a huge number of Native Americans was “unintentional.” It is unfortunate that you are perpetuating a lie. There are U.S. congressional records clearly promoting and outlining the shipping of infected blankets collected from eastern locations (where Native Americans were dying from an outbreak of small pox) and shipped out west and given to Native Americans there – given under the guise of ‘donations’ or as part of treaty obligations meant to compensate these people for being moved off their traditional lands. Shame on you! Shame! You are a genocide denier.
    “However, the overwhelming majority of those deaths were due to smallpox being inadvertently introduced into a native population that lacked the biological means to resist it which, while devastating, was not a genocide as it was not done intentionally” Another apologist who claims to decry the crimes of others but wants to hide the dirty hands of their own country.

  38. What about the 1984 genocide planned by the Indian Government against Sikhs in India. Thousands of Sikhs were killed by organised mobs of Hindus and justice is yet to be served despite annual protests and marches from the Sikh community all around the world.

  39. Modern Humans started with the Neanderthal Genocide. Killing is in our DNA!

    ” The universe is hostile. so Impersonal. devour to survive.
    So it is. So it’s always been.”
    (Tool 2006)

  40. Surely the atlantic slave trade has to come at the top of this list: sure, it’s hard to quantify how many died or were displaced as a direct or indirect result of slavery, and it doesn’t often figure in this list because it happened over 400years, but it was a type of genocide. Genghis Khan (14th century) probably killed more than Stalin but slightly less than Zedong (40 million). Some maintain that more Native Americans died in the colonisation of north America than in the holocaust. A bit of a dubious list.

    • The bloodiest civilization/nation in history is…. China. few people know that. It had large scale armies, disastrous dynastic turnovers that killed millions, even in ancient and medeval times.

  41. It is true that most of the deaths of Natives were caused ny disease, but after the small pox epidemic the colonial empires and the US killed natives until 1918 with a death toll of 50 million and the killing cuntinues in Latin America and the Amazon with a death toll in the hundreds of thousands so yes, that is genocide.

    • No it is not 75-90% of the deaths were do to small pox which the Europeans did not intentionally bring over

  42. How can you not mention the Genocide on the Native Americans??? That’s typical US (better: not all US citizens, of course, but the typical stupid white christian rednecks that love their guns…), always busy pointing their fingers on others but systematically hushing up their own countless crimes. How the US treated the Native Americans was the inspiration for Hitler, btw.

    And making a Top 10 of Genocides is quite tasteless I think.

    • If you read the first two paragraphs, you will see that there is a clear explanation of why the treatment of the Indians at the hands of Euro-American immigrants was not included in this list. To begin with, although the arrival of Europeans in North America may have resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Indians, most of those deaths were the result of the accidental introduction of European diseases to which Indians had no resistance.

      Of course, there were cases of diseases being introduced intentionally, such as the British purposefully giving the Ottowa people Smallpox infected blankets during Pontiac’s rebellion. However, no one at the time could have possibly anticipated how rapidly those diseases would spread, or how devastating they would be.

      Aside from disease, the next largest culprit in the deaths of all those tens of millions of Indians was also not overt violence, but was instead the result of starvation resulting from the mass expropriation of Indian land by the governments of Canada and the United States of America.

      A key distinction is that the massive numbers of white settlers who displaced the Indians and settled on Indian lands didn’t do so purposefully in order to purposefully kill the Indians through starvation. To the contrary, they did so merely in order create better lives for themselves. The mass starvation of the Indians was just an unfortunate byproduct of it, and not an intentional result thereof.

      Of course, this shouldn’t be interpreted as suggesting that every single white man, or white woman for that matter, who emigrated to the Americas and moved west, was innocent. Right from the start there were certain white people [Christopher Columbus being a notable example] who saw genocide and slavery as being the only suitable means of dealing with indigenous peoples.

      [Interestingly, from what I’ve read, Columbus and his men were all quite hated back in Spain as well. While the Spanish crown expended massive amounts of money, and massive numbers of Spanish soldiers died, in the reconquista of Spanish lands which had been seized by the Islamic caliphate in the middle ages, Columbus embezzled massive amounts of money, spent it on himself, and was also horrifically cruel to the Spanish peasants.]

      Despite a popular misconception, people in Europe had known since the time of the ancient Greeks that the earth was round, and approximately what its circumference was. However, after the fall of the Byzantine empire to the Ottoman Turks, Europe was cut off from its previously lucrative trade routes to East Asia.

      At the time, most scholars in Europe knew the approximate size of the earth, and knew that East Asia was too far away from Europe to get to by sailing west. However, Columbus did his own calculation of the size of the earth, and dramatically miscalculated. He thought the earth was much smaller than it really was, and that it would therefore be possible to get to Asia by sailing around the opposite side of the world.

      Now, the Spanish monarchy hated Columbus because he was so corrupt, and so when he presented his plan to the king and queen of Spain, they saw it as a convenient way to get rid of him. [They didn’t actually expect Columbus to survive the journey.]

      So, they gave Columbus three of the smallest ships they could find, gave him a crew of thieves, murderers and rapists from the local jail [people they also never wanted to see again] and sent them on what was, as far as I know, the longest voyage in history at that time, [and yes, I’ve heard about the voyages of the eunuch admiral Zheng He].

      At the time, nobody in Spain knew that the Americas even existed. Essentially, Columbus and his men were a motley crew of worthless criminals who were crammed onto boats and sent out to sea in the hope that they would never return. They were thieves, murderers and rapists back in Europe, and when they arrived in the Americas, they continued to be thieves, murderers and rapists.

      Later, when other people in Spain realized that what Columbus had discovered was an entirely new world, and when they heard about all of the terrible thing which Columbus did there, Columbus was banished from the Spanish colonies in the Americas.

      The early period of European colonization of the Americas was largely characterized by people like Columbus enslaving and mass-murdering American Indians entirely to satisfy their own greed. However, if you read the actual historical accounts written by white settles during the period of westward expansion, most do not express the sort of seething, genocidal hatred which typically characterizes events such as the Nazi holocaust or the Rwandan genocide.

      In many of the original historical accounts written by European settles, [for instance: the Little House series] the writers express a certain amount of sympathy for the plight of the American Indians, and a certain amount of regret that the westward expansion of Euro-American civilization was causing so much suffering on the part of the indigenous people.

      In fact, from what I have read, it would appear that throughout the eighteen-hundreds it was primarily the white women, rather than the white men, who regularly advocated the mass-murder of the Indians. [Tell that to a typical feminist!] Nonetheless, the overall attitude of the white man toward the Indian during that period appears to have been primarily a combination of regret and stoicism, rather than of true hatred.

      Unfortunately, even though the vast majority of white settlers who migrated westward did not do so specifically in order to cause suffering to indigenous people, the continuous westward expansion of white settlers did nonetheless cause terrible suffering, largely due to starvation resulting from the expropriation of Indian lands, on the part of indigenous people.

      Unfortunately, this widespread starvation and suffering often led to immense hatred, on the part of the Indian, toward the white settlers. This frequently led to acts of horrific violence on the part of the Indians, toward the white settlers. Among such acts of violence were things such as the indiscriminate killing of white settlers, the mutilation of the genitals of the white settlers after they had been killed, the cutting open of the bellies of pregnant white women, the removal of their unborn children, the nailing of those unborn children to trees, and countless similar things.

      It is important to note that the Indian nations as a whole did not only do these things to white settlers. They had been subjecting one-another to similar atrocities since time immemorial, and they also subjected countless African-Americans, both slave and free, to the same sort of cruelty. [Many Indian nations practiced the enslavement of African-Americans as well.]

      Unfortunately, this widespread retaliatory violence on the part of American Indians toward white settlers continuously fed hatred and resentment on the part of white settlers toward American Indians, which probably would not have existed otherwise.

      Unfortunately, this hatred and resentment on the part of white settlers toward American Indians further led to sporadic killings of American Indians by settlers, militiamen, and after the illegal creation of the United States Army during the American civil war, by federal soldiers as well. Although most of these settlers, soldiers and militiamen were white men, some of them were also freed black men who either had joined the US army or a state militia, or else migrated westward to escape racial prejudice.

      Unfortunately, the frequent and barbaric violence perpetrated by American Indians upon white settlers perpetually fueled an ever deeper and deeper, and ever more and more bitter, hatred of American Indians by many white men and women, which was compounded in each successive generation by the continued violence.

      The vast majority of deaths of American Indians during the period of westward expansion were not the result of any concerted effort on the part of the white man to exterminate the Indians, but were merely an unintended consequence of the accidental introduction of European diseases, and of the perpetual theft of Indian lands.

      However, in the later half of the nineteenth century and throughout most of the twentieth century, the aforementioned hatred of American Indians, fueled by the aforementioned retaliatory violence, on the part of American Indians, toward white men and women, gave rise to numerous policies which were explicitly genocidal toward the Indians.

      Among these were practices such as the mass killings of herds of American bison [not “buffalo”] in order to purposefully reduce the populations of the Sioux tribes through starvation; the offering, by the US postal service, of bounties on the scalps of Indian children; the utterly appalling abuses [murder, rape and torture, forced lobotomies, electroshock therapy, surgical sterilizations, forced abortions and other medical experiments, and countless other atrocities] perpetrated upon indigenous children in the residential schools in the US and Canada during the twentieth century [I think Australia might have done the same things to their indigenous children, but I would have to look it up to be sure.]; and the involuntary surgical sterilizations of numerous Indian women during the nineteen-sixties and nineteen-seventies. [That’s right, the NINETEEN-sixties and NINETEEN-seventies!]

      Here’s a question for you:

      What do the American abortion industry, the Catholic sex-abuse scandal, and racism toward American Indians, all have in common?

      The answer:

      The American abortion industry started out as a way to prevent American Indian teenage girls from giving birth after they were raped [real rape, not phony statutory rape] and impregnated by Christian priests in the residential schools, in an attempt to cover up the abuses which were occurring there. Remember that next time someone tells you that abortion is about a woman’s “right to chose”!

      In summary, although the vast majority of deaths of American Indians due to European colonization of the Americas were not the result of any concerted effort on the part of the white man to exterminate the Indians, but were instead merely an unfortunate byproduct of the aforementioned colonization, the conflict between the Indian and the white man did eventually give rise to numerous individual acts on the part of white men and women which were explicitly genocidal towards American Indians.

      Furthermore, although none of those individual genocidal acts may have occurred on anywhere near the scale of something such as the Nazi holocaust, the cruelty and callousness with which they were perpetrated was in most cases as terrible if not more so than anything which the author listed in this article.

      In particular, although the abuses in the Indian residential school system may not have affected nearly as many people as many of the events listed in this article, in terms of pure hatred and cruelty, I would consider it to be by far the single most despicable act which any civilization has ever committed.

      The victims the residential school system were not dangerous criminals, thieves or murderers. Rather, they were the most innocent of children, totally undeserving of what was done to them. The Indian children did not live separately from their abusers as did the Jews in Auschwitz, Dachau or Treblinka. Rather, they lived in close proximity. Their abusers knew their names and their faces, and yet still they were brutally tortured and killed.

      The torture and murder was not carried out indirectly by cold, unfeeling machines such as the Nazi gas chambers, to spare the abusers the guilt which might arise from seeing their victims’ humanity. Instead, the torture and murder was intimately hands on, and face-to-face. It was not a sudden, uncontrolled outburst of violence such as in Rwanda. Rather, the horrific tortures and killings of Indian children in the residential school system were frighteningly well-planned and well-orchestrated, and continued for decades.

      The perpetual rape, torture and murder was not the fault of only a few evil persons perpetrating such abuses on their own initiative and without the knowledge or sanction of their superiors. On the contrary, the abuses in the residential school system were orchestrated and sanctioned at the absolute highest levels of the governments of the nations in which they occurred.

      Although other individuals have attempted to apologize by proxy for the abuses which were committed, it does not appear that any of the specific individuals responsible for those abuses has ever expressed any remorse therefore. [At least some of the guards at Nazi death camps were sorry for what they did!]

      Lastly, although a small number of the individuals responsible for some of these abuses are currently in the process of being held legally accountable, it is unlikely that the vast majority of persons responsible for those abuses will ever be held accountable for their actions, especially since many of them have long since died.

      For these reasons, I consider the abuses in the Indian residential school system to be overwhelmingly the most vile and despicable act ever perpetrated by any civilization in history.

      • I have to disagree with your comment about the Native American genocide. I’ve had the opportunity to read about the “trail of tears” and many other tricks that the white settlers did to the Native Americans. It was all about greed, they wanted what the Natives had and that’s all there is to it. They forced hundred of Natives to walk over 800 miles from their land to have them settle in an area in which they were not familiar and thats only part of it. They consistently were lied to the Natives saying that if they sign a treaty they will be taken care of. They were also killed if they were Native and another interesting piece of fact was that they were stripped of their culture. I don’t know about you but I think if another society came here and tried to change everything that we are I would have a problem with that. Genocide is a horrible thing to do to any group of people no matter what the situation is.

  43. “unlike Russia and China, Germany had no history of such cruelty beforehand”

    That’s not true. Germans committed similar acts of genocide in their African colonies during the nineteenth centuries.

  44. So where is Palestinian genocide by the Israeli? After WWII simply stating an opinion about Israeli crimes makes you “Antisemitic”. This is insane. Israel has been murdering Palestinian civilians, most of them children, in a daily basis for tor than a half century.

  45. Yeah, if number 8th are Germans maybe you should put there also extermination of Persians at Thermopiles? These blood-thirsty Spartans killed so many of them there… In comparison to whole world population, or regular army size in these time it was a real genocide…

  46. I buy into “genocide” for the Germans expelled at the end of World War 2 for two reasons:

    1) they were expelled for being German, which fits the criteria for genocide: “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group” (Wikipedia again), and

    2) this definition has nothing to say about whether the ethnic, racial, religious, or national group in question deserved to die, in your opinion or anybody else’s.

    They were Germans, and Stalin, among others, was happy to assist in the extermination of a huge number of Germans at the end of WW2, because they were the evil, hated Germans. All groups that are treated thus are the evil, hated fill in your blank here. This is genocide.

    • I thought that genocide means “killing” not “expulsion”. The deaths were mostly the result of starvation and diseases.

      Mayby it is a kind of genocide. But it should be #800 not #8.

  47. Nathaniel Wenger on

    Why don’t you like Nazis?

    Wengerocracy is a form of government where the people watch the ruler entirely amongst their reign. Wengerocracy prevents the leader of a country from covering up unlawful behavior going on.

    Why aren’t Germans writing and publishing books on the importance of instating wengerocracy after the holocaust?

    Why aren’t Germans writing and publishing books on the importance of instating wengerocracy before pol pot takes power?

    Why aren’t Germans writing and publishing books on the importance of instating wengerocracy in Cambodia?

    Why didn’t Germans write and publish books on the importance of instating wengerocracy before khmer rouge?

    Why don’t I like Germans?

  48. I’ve always considered Julius Caesar’s “Conquest of Gaul” a particularly nasty genocide toward the Celtic peoples of Continental Europe. Any thoughts or comments?

  49. There are many genocides perpetrated through out history.
    the discovery of america both north and south and the centuries of oppression that followed to the the natives including the greatest civilizations known to man on that continent.
    how the colonial era of late 19th century the death toll could be bigger than many of the ones listed here.

    • Weren’t most of the deaths actually from diseases they had no immunity from, and later on, from alcoholism? That would make the death toll tragic, but not genocide.

      There’s a really fascinating book called “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus” that makes the point that North America was not this pastoral wilderness the settlers found. The Native Americans had much more impact on their environment than was previously understood, including clearing out huge swatches of forest so that the wildlife they hunted would have more grassland and be easier to hunt and kill. Our ancestors went west and found the wilderness and teeming wildlife as it was because so many Indians had already died off from diseases and the land had reverted back to its primeval, mostly human-free state.

      • I wonder what bias author wrote this so called “really facsinating” book, 1491. You really think that the diseases were there before Americas was discovered? The sailors brought all the inllnesses. The same thing happened to Hawaiians in concerns to “being discovered” by the Europeans. Of course it was on a much smaller scale than the First Americans. Disease, along with intentional disease spreading, conflicts of interest (starting battles), and starvation caused the First Americans to perish! 70 Million is a lot of people! The thing about history is people think that it is solid and set in stone. We may never hear the truth of what exactly happened. We only have accounts and stories spread from many different people who share differernt persepctives and are from different aspects of the story. I know this much: When people discovered the first Americans, they wanted their land. They felt superior to the first Americans just as whites did blacks. When someone feels superiority, they will do things. Steal land, kill innocent people.

  50. You gotta be kidding, right? This is a JOKE of a list. Expulsion of Germans?? Medi-whosits?? Not even ONE mention of any Native American genocides….and did you ever hear of these really bad hombres from a few hundred years ago called the Mongols?? Their genocides were of such epic proportions in some cases they changed the very direction of civilization ITSELF. (Read Iraq)

    In a perfect world, you would be banned from ever writing another list anywhere ever, and at best, even holding a semi-sharpened pencil for all the thought, care or research you devoted to this so-called “list”.

  51. #8 8. Expulsion of Ethnic Germans? Misteake.
    What about Katyn? What about great hunger on Ukraine 1932/33?

    Your list sucks

  52. I am appalled by the omission of the genocide of Native Americans. It is unconscionable to look at modern history and ignore this tragedy of the population of the two entire continents. Native American population was ruthlessly exterminated over many decades. This shameful crime was methodically carried out by the U.S. military and culminated with effective destruction of the Native American culture, expulsion of survivors from their land and their total humiliation. The fact that to this day there is no official recognition of this crime and not even a mention of the admission of responsibility is even more tragic. Shame!

  53. WHat about the most recent? the ethnic cleansing of muslims from burma. the horrific murders of not only men but women and children. i encourage you to research it. it was recent, around june 2012.

  54. Number 8 seems to be kind of joke. Yeah. some may say that ordinary german families vere not Hitler supporters by 1945. But 10-15 years before, their chosen Hitler to be their chancelor. Germans were responsible for II WW. Yes, they were dying while being transported ot the west after the war, but the numbers given here are cited after some German activist (Erica Steinbach) who want to clear their responsibility for II WW and greatly enlarge number of casualties.
    BTW. Did you hear what Americans and allies did to Drezden in 1945, when almost only civilians were there? Please read “Soughterhouse no. 5” by american WW II veteran and SF writer Kurt Vonnegut. There were more causalties, than from your nukes in Japan…. It was you – american who killed innocent German families and it seems there was nothing wrong about it. While after war all the people were dying because of hunger and sickness – not only Germans. And you say that it was a genocide in case of Germans, who are responsible for II WW?
    For me, Polish, a citizen of country that lost 6-10 mln people during II WW(20-30% population) and 40% of medics, 33% of tteachers, 30% of scienits and then in 1944 in Jalta sold to Stalin by Churchil and Roosvelt, for another 44 years of communist terror, for me this 8th biggest genocide is a bitchslap. Please, reconsider this selection.

  55. It’s just a matter of typing: German crimes against ethnic Poles in your google desktop. Over 6mi deaths, average 2,800/day. More than 50% of upper and professional class of the society killed. If these numbers don’t make it a one of the top ten genocide and the number 8 that you put still does, then I’d call the whole list utterly flawed.

  56. A few points.

    1. Several of these really aren’t genocides per se. They may have resulted in the killing of a lot of people, but they weren’t the deliberate and systematic attempt to wipe out a targeted group of civilians. #’s 9, 8, 7, and 1 were all terrible situations, but not true genocides. I would also add the maltreatment of the American Indian to this list of terrible situations that resulted in a lot of death, but not true genocide. Ditto with things like the Nanking Massacre.

    2. In the attempt to add some of these mass killings, you’ve ignored some impressive genocides that would’ve made excellent additions. The attempted genocides during the Bosnian War of the 1990’s. More recently, the ethnic cleansing in Darfur. Saddam Hussein’s attempts to wipe out the Kurds. The Indonesian campaign in East Timor. Etc.

    • East timor?
      Dude, the only reason indonesian came to timor is to block communism. It was know by both british and u.s leader of the time.

      As far as I know, indonesia gave timor special otonomi to rule himself (what natural resouces can you expect from timor compared to money spent to establish civilization there and rebuild things that crushed during the civil war between communist and democratic party when portuguise leave without building a decent goverment)

      Indonesia rule timor fo about 20 years, and give referendum that finally liberate timor. No communism and australia can wash their hands and act as hero.

      So where the genocide came from?

      • James in Tosa on

        Genocide is genocide
        Just because people supported communism doesn’t give the Indonesia government a right to murdered 200,000 of them
        ….that’s a pretty absurd statement

  57. And last thing, as an American, you should consider as a genocide – the “job” Planned Parenthood is doing (you know – “helping women”), ‘cuz of them all – there is no bigger and most horrific holocaust – than that done – on children conceived. (Just look for the numbers.. then add numbers from the other countries).

    • Oh please enough of this crap about Planned Parenthood – your ignorance is sad to see. Millions of women receive all kinds of health care through Planned Parenthood, 3% receiving safe AND legal abortions. Take your religious bigotry elsewhere… it’s been the cause of the death and suffering of millions for centuries.

  58. By the way, do we think about the same “many” “scholars”?, any names, please?, and for the readers – in Germany it’s a strictly political issue, read about bloody nazi judge Hans Krüger – first chairman (1959–64) of the Bund der Vertriebenen (since 1998 – Erika Steinbach) and Rudi Pawelka from Preußische Treuhand (two biggest advocates of this issue). – What they want?, what are their political purposes? – Pawelka wants actually …money, Steinbach wants to soften german responsibility for a war atrocities, you know.. “we were not the only bad guys”, etc… – So, Jeff Danelek, a Denver, Colorado author, you have been manipulated into a real political struggle that has nothing to do, sorry to say this, with the real history. Bad thing is that you probably won’t edit your top ten – and lie will win, the reality will be dimmer and more deceitful.

  59. The Reservations in the United States could logically be considered concentration camps. Often the land was extremely poor and placing hunter/gather societies onto small areas of land without educating them about agriculture led to starvation. And of course waging germ warfare with smallpox laden materials certainly can be considered active genocide. There has been thoughts that before European settlement in the Americas the native population was on par or even in excess of that of Europe. Within 200 years estimates of up to 90% of the native population were wiped out due to war and illness.

  60. I think both comments about nr 8 are too calm. You just can’t write such things unless you’re a complete political-historical novice/ignorant or a relative to a german WW2 nazist or neonazist (like those “scholars”). Describing invaders (settlers of the NAtionalsoZIalismus) as victims is a crime on common memory and …common sense. It’s not about the balls to make such “risky” judgments, it’s about breathtaking arrogance and conceit. Shame!

  61. A Pole who cares on

    The whole top 10 doesn’t look right to me; What about 6 milion of Poles (incl. 3 milions of Polish Jews), who lost their lives as effect of German occupation started in 1939 until 1945?? Sonder Aktion Krakau, Palmiry Forest, Warsaw Uprising alone (200k civilians murdered!) and many more; Poland is now estimated to have lost between 4.9 and 5.7 million citizens at the hands of the Germans. Between 150,000 – 1 million more died at the hands of the Soviets.In total, right about 6 million Polish citizens lost. (just Imagine, proportionally losing 30 million US citizens or ~ 12,000 citizens/a day – wouldn’t you call that a Top Ten genocide?)

    The vast majority were civilians. _The daily average in Polish lives was 2,800_ as the war continued until May 2 1945. Poland’s professional classes suffered higher than average casualties with Doctors (45%), lawyers (57%), University professors (40%), technicians (30%), clergy (18%) and many journalists.

    Doesn’t that qualify to be one of the most horrific atrocities committed to a single nation?!

    Germans suffered mainly as effect of hostilies started by their own government! Please, read some more decent history sources (Timothy Snyder, Norman Davies, Ian Kershaw, Anthony Beevor) before putting anything of that kind on websites risking it being flawed.

    • Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not attempts to wipe out the Japanese Race. In fact, one could argue that the reason the bombs were dropped was to save Japanese lives by forcing a quick surrender.

      The Indian Wars also were not attempts to wipe out the Indian race, although there were admittedly some who wanted to do so.

    • Didn’t you read the note at the top? Evidently this is an opinion piece, not a researched piece. The author here doesn’t think the intentional extermination of Native American’s counts, however. There is actual documentation that U.S. soldiers intentionally gave American Indians blankets contaminated with smallpox, in addition to settling warring tribes on the same small reservations with the hopes that they would kill each other off, among other hideous “genocidal” facts. In the opening paragraph the author arbitrarily discounts this information with no proof however.

      I am terrified to ask the author, but were the crusades considered either? While those wonderful, crusading fools didn’t manage to wipe out the entire middle East, they did manage to eliminate the Byzantines completely while they were killing Jews, Byzantines, Christians and Muslims alike. Their goal was to rid the earth of non-Christians and reclaim the Holy Lands. Seems to me that qualifies as genocide via the dictionary definition of the term, and the death tolls at the hands of the Crusades is a lot higher than most on your list…

  62. 8. Expulsion of Ethnic Germans after World War II (1945)

    Somebody was avoiding history lessons… Dear journalist at first google ‘holocaust’ and then find out why Germans were asked to leave occupied and destroyed by them country.

  63. Konrad Kalbarczyk on

    All is quite fine, except number 8. “Pretty close to genocide”. Hilarious. Why not Texas chainsaw massacre?

  64. I think that placing expulsion of Germans on the list is a rather risky decision. First of all, significant amount of Germans were not expelled. It was their decision to flee. And the reason for this flee was obvious. Many Germans wanted to avoid responsibility and justice for all the crimes they committed. Undoubtedly, there were also Germans who were just victims of the fact that the borders between countries has moved. But still, many of Germans actively participated in genocides of other nations (Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Gypsies). Many “innocent” German farmers migrated to countries conquered by Germany to take over conquered farms, animals, equipments and use inhabitants as slaves.
    Germans suffered after the WWII, no one denies that. But they definitely did not suffer as much as the nations, which they enslaved and exterminated. Especially Slavic nations and Jews, which Germans considered animals, not deserving human treatment. Therefore, what has happened to Germans after WWII should find its place on the list of genocides. However it definitely does not deserve to make it in the 1st 10, secondly by no means it should appear before genocides, which Germans applied to other nations.

  65. Andrzej Kozanko on

    You must be kidding with number 8! You call the withdrawal of invader an “Expulsion of Ethnic Germans”? What about holocaust? 6 million people were murdered by these poor ethnic Germans. What kind of journalism is it?!!

    • Actualy, most of the ethnic Germans were NOT involved and any that were, were arrested (if men) or their heads shaved (if women) and I hardly believe that ethnic German children should be blamed for this. It was the German/Nazi army that was to blame and they got the punishment of burying all the people they had killed into a mass grave before getting arrested and/or shot.

      The Holocaust is there, yes, but there’s two sides to every story. Just because the Jewish (and others) population suffered greatly, doesn’t mean the ethnic German population didn’t suffer as well. I’ve talked to someone who survived the Nazi concentration camps and even he doesn’t blame the German civilian population for this.

      War isn’t good for anyone as it ruins lives for innocent people on both sides. Remember that.

      • Not “Nazi” but German concentration camps. Nazi were not aliens in Germany. Nor were German soldiers. They were Germans. I observe that the notion of “Nazis” is abused and overused. It leads a public opinion to believe that there were those nasty Nazis and poor Germans, the latter having nothing in common with the former. Nazis were Germans, moreover they were given power in democratic elections, which is a clear indication, that German population did not oppose Hitler’s ideology too strongly.

        • Most of German civilians didn’t condone of the concentration camps so it’s generally regarded as a Nazi-controlled concentration camp (despite that being a good piece of logic too). No, the Nazi’s weren’t aliens they were all of German/Austrian blood mainly but even the German population of today don’t want to be associated with them for obvious reasons. Yes, Nazi’s is overused as they weren’t the only facist country/army of that era as there were also Mussolini and King Franco and maybe some others afterwards. Also, due to Hitler wanting to be a dictator he did the smart/stupid thing of forcing the hand. Most people were bullied by Hitler’s right hand man to vote for him and no one could do anything about it. The point I was trying to make is don’t point the finger at the German civilians and say “they deserve it”. That’s really ignorant. Kids can’t vote. Are you saying it’s their fault? They deserve to die? I don’t think so. Don’t be to quick to judge what you don’t know. You weren’t there were you? Remember this: All school history books have some prejudice/propaganda and bias in them.

        • @Seascorpius
          You’ve had some good points. You are definitely right, that man cannot punish children for sins of their fathers. Also the point “You weren’t there were you?” seem to make sense at first glance, but it applies to anyone discussing historical events older then 100 years. I am assuming it applies to you as well. So in longer term it makes no sense.

          I did study some history of pre WWII Germany. It is a longer discussion of why NSDAP has won elections, but people were definitely not forced to give their votes on them. Once NSDAP grabbed the power – then, yes, they started to bully their opponents in Germany.

          I do not stand on a position that Germans are genetically murderous nation. Nor I stand on a position that they were in a large group fooled and bullied by very narrow group of Nazis. First of all, Nazis were not such a narrow group. Secondly, recent researches seem to prove, that reputed as army-of-people-of-honour Wermaht also committed many crimes on civilians and POWs.

          Germans were not expelled because they had German gens. As I said many of them were fleeing themselves, to avoid justice.

          And first of all – level of suffering, level of received cruelty and number of killed people (killed during expulsion, not all Germans killed during WWII) by no mean can be compared with that applied to nations enslaved by Germans.

          Once again – it is not about denial of suffering of German civilians. It about the fact, that substantially, Germans should not be on the list before their victims. And Jews were not the only, and not the biggest victim.

        • Ridiculous. Maybe you should research why exactly Hitler went to war. These ethnic Germans, for whom you have no empathy, were being slaughtered in territory once Germany’s, by the NKVD in Poland…which means by Jews.. The number 6 million is a ridiculous overstatement for what happened in the case of the internment of domestic agitators, not all of whom were Jewish. Deaths in the camps mirror the starvation of German citizens that resulted from the bombings toward the end of the war. All Germans were suffering, the interned in the camps suffered more than ever, and typhus spread. That’s what happened, and as soon as some of these huckster ‘survivors’ start dying off we MIGHT get popular recognition of the truth in coming years (although plenty of survivors talk about camp orchestras and cantinas in Buchenwald, a soccer field in Auschwitz, etc.). Nonetheless, all of Europe at the time was terrified of Bolshevism, a Jewish phenomenon. Everyone at the time, including the Pope, Churchill, Hitler, many Jews, YOU NAME HIM, he knew it. They killed millions and millions, in horrible ways, in Russia, Romania, Bavaria, Hungary – all brutal, all Jewish. Shame on you, for swallowing some nonsense and dishonoring the victims of history, in whose name INNOCENT Jews also suffered!

    • I agree. Number 8 “Expulsion of Ethinic Germans” should not be here. Although I have different reason on this. Number 8 is just part of 2: “The Stalinist Era in USSR (1929-1953)”. The expulsion of Germans wasn’t just a genocide of Germans, but it was a result of Stalin’s policy to many nations, and was mostly just an expulsion. In that area (and times) many nations were suffering (killing/starvation/bad conditions). There were other nations that suffered even more than Germans from Stalin’s policy, e.g. Ukrainians, Poles, and even Rusians. And some of the actions agains some other groups/nations was “true” genocide (killing by order, in case of German it was mostly starvation/bad conditions/incidental actions of demoralized soldiers). According to the text, half million of 14 milions was dead, which is 3.5% of population. This is clearly less than, for example, man-made famine (Terror-Famine) in Soviet Ukraine in 1932-1933 – the death toll is estimated as between 2 and 8 milion people. Why not put on the list the Ukrainian Terror-Famine instead of the German Expulsion (death tall 2-8 milion vs. 0.5 milion)? They both are the part of Stalinist Era. This should be just “One of biggest Expulsions” (in hard times/bad conditions) – not genocide.

    • I guess we will FINALLY have to let the German and Japanese people off the hook…

      All my life I have heard about how it was right to hold the German and Japanese people en masse responsible for the atrocities of WWII because they did NOTHING to stop the criminals running their respective states.

      Well, Americans, apparently NOW owe these people a massive apology for our self-righteous moralizing that has lasted for decades.

      For even as we sit here American Military Personnel are performing the VERY acts for which we HANGED German and Japanese Military Personnel — including torture; mass executions; reprisals, show trials kidnapping, assassinations, secret prisons, etc.

      And, the American populace daily cheers for aerial blitzkrieg bombing of civilians much as the “but I was not a Nazi” German population did…

      And what about the sanctimonious carping about how the German people should have known about the Nazi Death Camps???

      How do YOU know that the Guantanamo “detention camp” is NOT an Auschwitz?? Or are you applying a double standard that holds the German people responsible for believing THEIR criminal government; but YOU can be forgiven for believing YOURS??


      Let’s hear those apologies you self-righteous hypocrites – unless you are from the might-makes-right group that REALLY believes the ONLY German and Japanese real war crime was losing the war!

      • Benjamin Stubbs on

        First of all, you have shown no proof that the facts stated in that comment are true. Second of all, I think that you believe that if someone else does something just as bad, that completely eliminates the wrongdoings of the original offender, in this case the ‘someone else’ being the U.S.A, and the ‘original offender’ being the Nazis.

  66. This List Is Uninformed on

    China currently have the biggest population, and it was during Mao’s era that a massive population boom occured in China.

    Logic dictates that only stupid brainwashed westerners can believe that Mao attempted a massacar. When clrarly, in Mao’s era, the population of China increased dramatically, as well as the average life expectancy, and the educated populace.

      • The List Is Uninformed on

        All Chinese people… well, most, understands that it was because of Mao, China manage to do quite good, although there are negative sides (such as taking money from the rich), the positive sides outweighs the negatives.

        For example, my grandfather (on my mother’s side) was tricked off a contract and his land was taken, only to be distributed, however, there was no “killing” and he was not “thrown into pirson”. Thus, when the economy is back up and wealth are being generated, the percentage of lower class is dramatically decreased. Obviously, if you attempt to overthrow him and start another rebellion when Mao have so many supporters and China is already recognised as the sick man of Asia, that is extensively stupid.

        Now if “45 million – 70 million” are killed, how exactly do you think China managed to obtain the largest population in the entire world? Which is four times larger than the population of USA, where no massacars have ever take place, supposedly, a very wealthy country with a very high average life expectancy, adding to the fact that there was a huge wave of immigrations in the 1900’s.

        • Good point. Couldn’t agree more.
          At junior high, my history book tell lots of bad thing about dictator mao. But in geography subject, statical data and graphs shows the increased wealth and life expectacy are a lot better than most of asian country. And everytime I see mao on documentary film, it seems like his people loves him very much.

        • Stop already... on

          … are you people above (not Martin Fierro) dense, or just completely indoctrinated? Please, get a clue.

        • Have you ever actually spoken to a Chinese person about this?

          When they say that 45-70 million people died, they’re not just using the general census. These are town records kept away from the public eye. These are reports from people actually living in specific communes. Many people lost their lives and it was reported in documents and records that many people were ‘punished’ with their lives for stealing just a simple potato or a handful of grain.

          Not only that, many people lost all of their life savings and ended up with nothing. My grandparents lost their entire fortune because of Mao’s policies. Many of my friends have had relatives who’ve lost their lives because of the torture in the hands of red guards, or they’ve committed suicide because it was too much to handle.

          If you go and ask a Chinese person right now, what they think of the policies placed in the Great Leap Forward or the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, they’d tell you how messed up it was. My grand aunt literally said that “everyone there was crazy, and even if you weren’t, you’d have to pretend to be or they’d accuse you of being a traitor or having ‘black’ blood.”

          The people loved him because he projected himself as a god. His cult of personality was so great that if people didn’t own a ‘red book’ of his quotes, they could be killed on the spot.

          So yes, for a while, maybe some of them were richer because they had their own land, but if you ask around, most people would say their condition of life turned for the worse.

          and let me remind you that many of these ‘statistics’ given out by China were falsified. It was common for people to exaggerate what they had. For example, in the Great Leap Forward, each commune was supposed to make a specific quota of goods, but many could not meet it, and they still had to make it seem as if the idea was working or they’d be killed. If you didn’t make it seem as if Mao’s idea was working, there was a probability that you would be persecuted.

          Just keep that in mind.

  67. Very informative list. I’ve always researched wars and battles and I’ll admit I have learned a lot from this. Greatly researched and layed out.

  68. Good, well researched list. One correction that I am aware of is the reference to the first use of concentration camps by the Ottomans shortly before WW1. I don’t know if it was the first but concentration camps were used by the British against the Afrikaaners during the Anglo Boer War (1901).

    • Whilst not defending them, they weren’t concentration camps in the sense we think of them today. They were an effort to cut the boars supply lines by removing the farmers and farm that the guerrillas relied on. The fact many died in them was less to do with an attempt at ethnic cleansing and more to do with military incompetence. The British held an inquiry called the Fawcett Commission that criticized the conditions in the camps and lead to improvements that at least cut the death rates. The camps also became public knowledge in the UK causing a widespread revulsion.

      • What about the native Americans? 100 million were killed off.
        That’s the biggest genocide in the world.

        • The highest estimate number of Native American population is estimated at 18 million.
          I don’t condone what happened to Natives but we have Journals from settlers explaining how whole native villages had died before colonists even arrived because germs actually moved ahead of the colonist. While some like to blame colonists for giving small pox blankets, historians understand that the colonists didn’t understand how germs spread until after Louis Pasteur in 1850’s.

    • i2Shock4SwordB8 on

      Well researched my a$$, Jeff Danelek is extremely uneducated in a topic he knows absolutely nothing about. I suggest you actually doing your homework, with scholarly research, before speaking on topics that you are obviously biased about Mr Danelek. Until I would never consider any of your compositions to hold ANY MERIT WHAT SO EVER on any topics, especially not this one.

      I’ve done my homework & will enlighten you to the truth should you chose to desire to educate yourself on a topic that your ignorance is implied throughout the entire composition. Do enjoy!

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      • Thank you i2Schock… EXACTLY, ACCURATE MY ASS! Within the first few lines blatant errors. Small pox WAS intentionally given to Native Americans as Gifts of blankets which were purposely infected with the virus… Learn your history!! Shameful mistakes

        • Whats In a Name on

          HAHA, you are telling someone to learn their history while you spout false facts. You should do a little more research on the small pox story there buddy.

    • Xavier F Ration on

      The lie lives on…500 year war continues. The worlds longest genocide continues to this day in the United States. Raciest america has no room for the American Indian, we have no room for raciest america. The balance will be restored by Mother Earth, and pay back is a bitch.

    • Does this list only include recent history? because it leaves off the largest atrocity in the history of the world, the islamic conquest and occupation of the indian subcontinent, which was essentially an 800 year long holocaust against Hindus.

    • What a joke….I see you didn’t mention the Jews killing off 10 million Ukraine…. Lennon part Jewish… Jews took over communism and capitalism…

    • Lazar Kaganovich: Stalin’s Mass Murderer
      American Times Today
      Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (Kogan), of Jewish descent, was born in Kubany, near Kiev, Ukraine, in 1893. In 1911 he joined the Jewish-founded Communist Party and became involved with the Bolsheviks (Lower East Side New York Jews). Kaganovich took an active part in the 1917 takeover of Christian Russia by Communism and rose rapidly in the Party hierarchy.

      From 1925 to 1928, he was first secretary of the party organization in Ukraine and by 1930 was a full member of the Politburo.

      Kaganovich was one of a small group of Stalin’s top sadists pushing for very high rates of collectivization after 1929. He became Stalin’s butcher of Christian Russians during the late 1920s and early 1930s when the Kremlin (jews) launched its war against the kulaks (small landowners who were Christians) and implemented a ruthless policy of land collectivization. The resulting state-organized forced famine, was a planned genocide and killed 7,000,000 Ukrainians between 1932 and 1933, and inflicted enormous suffering on the Soviet Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan.

      Josef Stalin (Dzhugashvili) altered census figures to hide the millions of famine deaths when the Ukraine and northern Caucasus region had an extremely poor harvest in 1932, just as Stalin was demanding heavy requisitions of grain to sell abroad to finance his industrialization program which was on top of enforced collective farming of 1929. Stalin is conservatively estimated to have been responsible for the murder and/or starvation of 40,000,000 Russians and Ukrainians during his reign of terror, while the total deaths resulting from the de-kulaklization and famine, by way of Kaganovich, can be conservatively estimated at about 14,500,000.

      On any analysis, Kaganovich, was one of the worst mass murderers in history, and little wonder that during World War II large numbers of Ukrainians greeted the Germans as liberators, with many joining the Waffen-SS to keep Communism from enslaving all of Europe.