Top 10 Fugitives in the World Still on the Run


When it comes to people committing crimes, most fugitives try to do it in a way so that police and law enforcement officials won’t be able to find them. While some succeed, most do not, simply because as humans we make mistakes, and others will eventually pick up on those mistakes. In the world of crime, those who are caught are sentenced and usually spend time in jail or some other place that’d make the common person freak.

However, those who have not been caught, well…let’s just say they’re either lucky, smart, or just really good at hiding and escaping from the police. Or, they have some sort of high connection to those in elite places in society. Though government agencies pledge to one day catch these men, it has already proven to be much harder than anyone would have thought. Here are the top 10 fugitives that were never caught.

10. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov

Tokhtakhounov is part of a Russian mob group. Though born and raised in Uzbekistan, he looks very Asian, which is where he gets the name “Taiwanchik.” The US government sees Tokhtakhounov as a huge figure in international Eurasian organized crime. He is known to have taken part in stealing vehicles, trafficking, selling arms illegally, and distributing guns. He is also wanted for possibly fixing events ranging from beauty pageants to Olympic events. In 2002 he was captured in Italy, but he was eventually freed and has not been found since. He is said to possibly be in Russia.

9. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

Kaskar is India’s most wanted man. He is a leader of D-Company, which is a group of organized crime that bases itself out of Mumbai. He is known to oversee a criminal empire that takes part in counterfeiting, weapon smuggling, murder, and drug trafficking. Even though his father is a policeman, this has failed to slow him down.  Kaskar is mostly wanted for his association with the Bombay Blasts in 1993 that killed 257 and wounded 713. He is also wanted for his possible ties with Al Qaeda. Today he stands as a “global terrorist.” He has been able to successfully avoid having his assets frozen. Kaskar is said to be in Yemen, India, or Pakistan.

8. Matteo Messina Denaro

Denaro over the years has proven to be the world’s most famous organized crime leader. He is a big part and organizer of the Italian mafia. He is known as “Diabolic” and is often showing off his money in any way he can. From expensive cars, to women, to large homes, to jewelry, Denaro has it all. However, most of the money he has has been obtained illegally: through the use of drug sales and even murder. Today, Denaro is said to be climbing the hierarchy ladder within the Italian mafia. Denaro is wanted for his role in the 1993 Cosa Nostra campaign which involved bomb attacks. This was put in place to attempt to slow the government’s move on the mafia.

7. Joseph Kony

Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. This guerilla group of men has spent years attempting to create and run a theocratic government in Uganda. However, their plan involves using brutal means to begin this government. Under the rule of Kony, the LRA has abducted many children as well as displaced at least 2 million people. This group has the largest child abduction rate worldwide. Alone, he has been able to direct and control the abduction of 60,000 people, half of them being children. Most of those abducted were forced to fight for his campaign and beliefs. He sometimes even forces children to kill their own parents as initiation. Kony is wanted for war crimes as well as crimes against humanity.

6. Omid Tahvili

Tahvili has been the kingpin of a Persian crime family that works throughout Canada. His group is connected to the Triads as well as many other groups set up to commit crime. He is better known as Nino. Though he was once in jail in British Columbia, he bribed a guard with $50,000 in order to release him. Tahvili is wanted for torture, drug trafficking, theft, and for a fraudulent telemarketing business that scammed Americans out of at least $3 million. Today, Tahvili is still at large. He is said to have connections throughout the Middle East as well as Europe.

5. Joaquin Guzman

Guzman is the leader of an international drug trafficking organization known as the Sinaloa Cartel. He has become Mexico’s top drug kingpin. Since the 80s, Guzman has been associating himself with drug trafficking. In 1993, Guzman was plotted against to be assassinated; however, the plot failed. As a result of this, Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo, a Roman Catholic cardinal was killed by Guzman or someone in his drug ring. Though he was captured in 1993 in Guatemala, he escaped and hasn’t been found since. There is a $5,000,000 reward in the US for information leading to his arrest.

4. James J. Bulger

Bulger has been a wanted man since the 1970s. He has committed several murders, or taken part in helping kill many people during the 70s and 80s. He is known to be part of an organized crime group that deals with drug deals, extortion, and sometimes killings. This group focuses its time in places around or near Boston, Massachusetts. Bulger is known to have used 12 different aliases. The FBI is offering a $2,000,000 reward for information leading directly to his arrest.

3. Aribert Heim

Better known as Dr. Death, Aribert Heim took part as a SS officer. Though he is 94 years old, he is still wanted. He is one of the last few major Nazi fugitives that are still at large. He left Germany in 1962 and has since never been found. He is accused of killing and torturing inmates that were held at the Mauthausen concentration camp. He tortured and eventually killed these people by injecting toxic chemicals into the victims’ hearts and then performing surgery without any type of anesthetic. He is most wanted by the Austrian government for a $495,000 reward.

2. Chief Ratko Mladic

Mladic was a Bosnian Serb leader that led Karadzic’s army. He is a well-known key figure that took part in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims as well as Croats. The UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia indicted Mladic in 1995; however he has yet to be captured. He is wanted for genocide, crimes against humanity, and numerous war crimes as well as taking of hostages amongst UN peace-keeping personnel.

1. Osama Bin Laden Killed

Surely you have heard of this man. If you haven’t, get out from under your rock! In any case, Bin Laden is wanted by the FBI and has been for more than a decade. He is the main leader of Al-Qaeda and has been on the run since 1998, when he was connected to the bombings of the U.S. Embassies in many different nations. Bin Laden is wanted for murder, conspiracy, and attack on a federal facility resulting in death. The FBI has a $25 million dollar reward for any clues to his whereabouts.

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  1. Joseph Mengale the Doctor of Death during world war two for hitler is still alive in New York using the name Steven Rebal he has gained some weight but it is him. not hard to find .

  2. nanandt andrei on

    Chief Ratko Mladic think should be in the first position even though he is not as famous as Osama, but he has committed a crime that is doing a great massacre of humans.

  3. hahaha thanks for the list, now each of them is going in my death note. I am JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He was, I think he should be be replaced on the list with Semion Mogilevich.

  4. For years, people said Osama Bin Laden was dead, and then when he`s finally took out, it`s “we`ve got the Rat.” But you`re also getting people saying, “it wasn`t really him, he`d been dead for years.” “Obama killed a fake guy to boast his ratings.” “If it was Osama, why throw him at the bottom of the sea?” “Show us the body.” and everything else.

    • Umm, do a simple google image search and you’ll find the picture of Bin Laden, released by the military, and posted by CNN, with a bullet hole in his head. I’ve studied this picture, it’s clearly him. When you say “Show us the body”, what do you expect them to do? Do you expect the US to hold a funeral service for a ruthless terrorist? Then on top of that, line every American up, single file to come look at the body? Get real. They dumped his body in the ocean for a reason. The same reason they disposed of Sadam in this way, cause there is no respect or dignity in having your enemy toss you off an aircraft carrier, and rendering you to mere fish food. All while flying the American flag as high as they could. Honestly, Bin Ladens death was quick, and certainly to good for him.

  5. You need to update the list! bin Laden is, of course, very dead …
    Mladic is still on the run, but … do we want to add Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ?

    Interesting list of bad boys!

      • Hitler would be dead by now, he wasn’t in the best health and he would be over 110 years old, however I am not discrediting the probability of is escape.

  6. What Itâ??s Like to Chill with the Most Ruthless Men in the World
    Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic:Confessions of a Female War Crimes Investigator

    Retrospectively, it was all so simple, natural and matter of fact being on a boat restaurant in Belgrade, sitting with, laughing, drinking a two hundred bottle of wine and chatting about war and peace while Ratko Mladic held my hand. Mladic, a man considered the worldâ??s most ruthless
    war criminal since Adolf Hitler, still at large and currently having a five million dollar bounty on his head for genocide by the international community. Yet there I was with my two best friends at
    the time, a former Serbian diplomat, his wife, and Ratko Mladic just chilling. There was no security, nothing youâ??d ordinarily expect in such circumstances. Referring to himself merely as, Sharko; this is the story of it all came about.

  7. ratko mladic is the man responible for killing 8,000 civilians in Srebrenica alone,not to mention other places he was raging through.europe and usa know where he is,there are video footages of him,filmed in 2003,where he is celebrating his daughter's wedding,talking to people,having coffee in a coffee shop,etc.EU is just not interested in capturing him,Europe doesnt give a f about what happened to us in Bosnia,for them we are all animals here,unworthy of their efforts.

    • Jack,England on

      It’s ok sayin people don’t care about u Bosnians,wots the problem with ur own Military or Govement tryin 2 capture him? I was in the Military & wot ever opinion on British & American Military we do try 2 in general do good 4 world,every 1 has their own opinion on if we shud b In Iraq & Afghanistan? People,Govements & countries need 2 start doin things 4 themselves & stop waitin 4 the allies 2 cum & save the day! It’s been the same 4 60 yrs.

  8. funny stuff on

    osama bin laden has no conection to the twin tower attacks for anyone who would be wondering.

  9. I believe D. B. Cooper is presumed dead. That might explain why he didn't make the list.

  10. Geez look at the money on these guys heads. I'd love to have Bin Laden captured and earn myself 25million