Top 10 Drawbacks of Penis Removal


This may seem like a no-brainer to anyone born with a penis. The truth of the matter is the matter of penis removal (even by a licensed professional) can have a lot of horrifying results, as well as a few lesser-known stipulations.

10. Even Attempting To Remove Your Penis Can Lead To Lots of Bad Press


Convicted killer, and former bit actor from one episode of the Power RangersSkylar Deleon murdered Thomas and Jackie Hawks in 2004. Later, Deleon stated that he was attempting to secure funds for a sex-change operation. In jail, Deleon attempted to remove his penis with a razor blade. Deleon’s only security precaution was tying a sheet around his lower extremities. Not only did doctors undo any progress Deleon had made, he also made himself the target of national ridicule in the process


9. Modifications After Re-Attachment Is Not Exactly The Best Idea


After his famous penis removal, and subsequent porn video John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut, Bobbitt was a little self-conscious about the look of his penis. He was not self-conscious because of the scar. Actually, Bobbitt was pretty proud of that. It was the fact that his severed and subsequently re-attached penis looked more than a little puny by porn star standards. Bobbitt then decided to have an enlargement done. While the penis was indeed larger, Bobbitt’s penis was no longer as aesthetically pleasing. As a matter of fact, Bobbitt himself described the new member as looking “all lumpy” and that the penis “ended up looking like a potato.”


8. Almost Permanent Incontinence


Even if the penis is removed surgically in a sexual reassignment surgery, there are certain side effects that can crop up. For instance, years after the operation there can be the onset of incontinence. This involuntary discharge of urine can onset as a result of mild-to-no movement. Some patients also stated that there seemed to be an almost-permanent state of “leakage”. There is also an increased risk of urinary tract infections.


7. A Lot Can Go Wrong In A Non-Medical Environment


Any attempt to remove the penis can result in excessive bleeding, and death in many cases. While you may have only heard of the Bobbitt case, removal or attempted removal of the penis is actually a lot more common than you might think. Wikipedia’s page on penis removal has 26 documented cases of involuntary penis removal. Nearly every one of them do not end well, and a few end in death. An interesting point to consider is that nearly every instance of involuntary penis removal in the last twenty years takes place in Asia.


6. Re-Attachment Is Seldom An Option


Any hope of re-attaching a penis depends a lot on what was done with the penis after dismemberment. It goes without saying that time is a factor, as well as what was done with the severed penis. A woman in Thailand actually put her husband’s severed penis into a meat grinder. She then used the “meat” to make a soup which she fed to others, as well as him. There is also the case of Catherine Becker, who drugged an unidentified man. The police pointed out that the victim was conscious when his penis was removed. To make sure that there would not be a “happy reunion,” Becker put the penis into a garbage disposal, and turned it on.


5. Phantom Erections


Have you ever heard of  “phantom limb syndrome?” This would be when amputees feel like their foot is itching, after having the foot removed.  Well, try and imagine an “erection” that you have no hope of…well…relieving in any way. “Phantom erections” among those who have had their penises removed, even voluntarily so, is a very real phenomenon. Your only hope is that it either goes away, or it’s revealed to be nothing more than an “air dream.” Apparently, your penis will only come back to haunt you in a fully-erect and ready-to-serve state.


4. Hair Growing INSIDE Your New Vagina


If someone is going to undergo male-to-female sexual re-assignment surgery, many surgeons now require thorough hair removal in both the penile, as well as the scrotal, areas. The reason that this is standard, is that there is a very real possibility that both areas will continue to grow hair upon re-attachment.  This means quite simply that post-operative transsexuals need to worry about the very real occurrence of hair growing inside a newly constructed vagina. Shaving the area is not recommended. Hair that has grown inside the vagina can only be removed by another surgical procedure.


3. Two Openings Turning Into One

Hair inside the vagina is not even the worst possible side effect of the portion of sexual re-assignment surgery known as vaginoplasty. The worst would be a condition known as vaginal-rectal fistula. This is a breakdown of the wall between the vagina and the anus. Complications of this condition include, but are not limited to, a breakdown of the new vaginal cavity. This means that, in order to re-open the vaginal cavity, additional surgery may be required. Alternately, the condition is very life-threatening. In some cases, a weakening of the wall between the new vagina and the anus can cause excrement to expel from the anus, as well as the vagina.


2. Losing Your Penis Jar


The practice of using Eunuchs as civil servants in China was kept alive until 1912. These Eunuchs would often keep their severed genitals in a jar, on their belts. It was believed that dying, as well as being buried with preserved genitals, would allow them to be re-incarnated as “full men.” In ancient China, keeping your “treasure parts” was a necessary part of regular inspection. Somehow, eunuchs losing these “treasure parts” was a problem. To resolve this, many Eunuchs would have to barter with other Eunuchs to borrow their “treasure parts” for inspection.


1. Your Penis May End Up On Permanent Display


There are many legends associated with Rasputin’s penis. The truth itself may never be known. However, the mere fact that a museum would be claiming to show off your penis, nearly a hundred years after your death, is of some note. After Rasputin and his penis said their sad goodbyes, shortly before multiple attempts to kill him finally succeeded, legend states that a chambermaid could not stand the idea of Rasputin’s penis being lost to history. So, she got herself a knife and saved the member. This is where the travels of Rasputin’s penis get murkier in death than they ever got in life. It is known that a group of French women claimed to have the penis, and reportedly worshiped it. Rasputin’s daughter, Marie, demanded the penis be kept in the family. On some level, this seems more like a story out of Arkansas than Russia.

The French women were faced with a quandary. Their creative solution to the problem was to send Marie Rasputin a sea cucumber. It worked; decades later, Marie Rasputin died, still believing that the family heirloom was safely in her possession. In 1994, the Russian Museum of Erotica claimed to have secured the original penis from an elderly Frenchwoman. The supposed “Real Penis of Rasputin” is now on permanent display at the museum.


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  1. oh noes. fistula? THAT is gross. And I watch human dissections whilst eating my dinner. Gah. Also, hair inside? uh uh uh. Nononono. Imagine all the gross dischargey sweaty stuff… BLAH! Take a sex change if you want ofc, but you know. Think about how it sucks. I cant imganine how i would feel if i was a man in my womans (girls) body. But if equally bad side effects would happen, I would kind of think of embracing the fact that my body has nothing to do with my mind. You dont need to conform with you physical sex.

  2. A few years ago I read of a man in Italy who very unfortunately had cancer in his penis. It had to be removed for fear of the cancer spreading. They neuro-surgeons came up with an idea. They consulted with the man and agreed on the procedure that the surgeons were going to perform. Into the OR they went and put the man under anesthesia. They removed the penis and then they removed his middle finger from his right hand and reattached the middle finger to the penile area. When the procedure ended and a few days of observation in the hospital, the man had a “new” functioning penis that could urinate and become erect when aroused.

    • Well Paul, a face transplant was successfully done in France, so there’s some food for thought for you

      • RettaMichaels on

        Yes, when I die, I want my face transplanted on my other half’s penis! That way, when he wakes up in the morning I’ll still get all the attention I got when I was alive!…The old fugger!

    • As much as I’d like that to be true, just in case my penis ever gets removed (oh please God don’t let that ever happen), it cannot be. A middle finger (or any finger for that matter) cannot replace a penis, because… Oh, I get it, you were joking. The man in Italy. That always gets me. Everything happens to da man in Italy. My brain was so stunned and horrified by this list that it couldn’t recognize humour no mo.

      • the face transplants that have been done haven’t been fully functional. More importantly, you have a bone running in the middle of your finger, not a urethra. and don’t bother making a “boner-oner” joke, its not clever. reality is, just cos a finger and a penis kind of look the same, they’re not, and either you’re lying or the person who told you that is

        • @ Simon and @ Paul A. Please look up the following Medical term. An “Allograft” A surgical procedure was done on a 44 year old man in Guangzhou, China where he had a penis transplant where the penis that was used was from a 22 year old Brain-Dead patient. The 44 year old man lost most of his penis in an accident. The transplant was successful but he then suffered from psychological trauma. Look up the medical term “Penectomy” the removal of the penis mainly due to cancer in the penis itself. Look up the medical term “Phalloplasty” A medical procedure where the construction of a penis is done. The first man to have the procedure done was a man named Michael Dillon in 1946. The Doctor who did the procedure was a Dr. Harold Gillies and is documented in a book entitled “The First Man-Made Man” by author Pagan Kennedy. Then go to your google search engine and type in “Finger Transplant In The Creation And Reconstruction Of The Penis” hit enter and you will read a commentary by a man named R.T. Adamian and read that it is possible to have the middle finger used as a transplant for the penis that is fully functional and can urinate and ejaculate. My source ? The Wikipedia. So, with that in mind Mr. Simon, don’t call me a liar. Call the Wikipedia the liar which is highly doubtful that the Wikipedia would lie. And to Mr. Paul A. look it up for yourself. And Salut to you. Parlez-vous Francais ? Je parle le Francais facile. Mon pere etait un professeur de francais pour 35 ans.

  3. A man in Montreal underwent surgery to become a woman. When asked what was the most difficult part of the operation, he replied that it was when they removed half his brain.

  4. Handt heard some of those sex reassignment facts, very interesting. But I guess they’d be happy to have a vagina anyway. Great article though, although it made me very uncomfortable at times 😛

    • Don’t worry, its my understand that even TopTenz Master had a very similiar reaction when first reading the list.

        • lol at the above comment. But I’m very glad the article was sensitive about transgenderism but still managed to be factual and funny. I’m still in awe of John Wayne Bobitt. No idea what was going on there