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  1. Demotivation at |

    Regarding #5 – You’re only half correct in this. The first verse of the “Deutschlandlied” is not banned, and it’s not illegal to sing it in Germany. Not anymore, that is. After WW2 the allied forces banned it for a while, but as early as 1949 that was history again.

    You are, however, very much correct in saying it’s a terrible faux pas to sing it. Germany’s national anthem sort-of-officially only consists of the third verse, and it DOES reek of nationalist pride to sing the first verse.

    (Not difficult to get the illegal-part wrong, though. Even a lot of Germans think it is verboten. 😉 )

  2. ParusMajor at |

    Wagner’s music is great, I’m sure I don’t have to be a Nazi to enjoy his music, do I?

  3. Siegies at |

    Quick fun fact: In Ontario Canada the city of Kitchener was once known as Berlin (due to it’s high German population) but was pressured to change it’s name because of the Nazis.
    A smaller town up north called Swastika fought against public pressure and as kept it’s name to this day.

  4. Mark at |

    Hitler also liked King Kong.. And Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Has that ruined them? And Hermann Goering liked works of art. Course not. just because a madman like Hitler likes things, doesn`t make them ruined.

    1. FMH at |

      Hitler allegedly also made some accurate colored drawings of his favourite Disney charakters. The pictures where presented in some tabloid years ago, but I wouldn’t bet on them being genuine.

  5. FMH at |

    Wagner was a militant anti-Semite himself, so you can see his music in a bigger complex of the pre-Nazi school of thought. The music itself might be innocent, but he surely would have accepted the Nazis ideas of racial superiority.

  6. Noah at |

    Where’s the Bellamy salute?

    1. Jim Ciscell at |

      number 11, literally the last cut

  7. redstick at |

    I’m not sure that I would list Wagner’s music as innocent in this case. He was himself a rather like-warm, by the book sort of anti-Semite, unlike his lover/wife, Cosima, who was the real thing.

    It is a back-handed tribute to Wagner’s central role in modern music that he is still regarded with such dislike; other, more virulent anti-Semites, such as Chopin, Richard Strauss, and Carl Orf (an actual, card-carrying Nazi) are performed without a thought.

    1. ParusMajor at |

      Yeah, whatever, but it’s still just music. You can’t deny Wagner’s operas of their musical value even if he happened to be a Nazi (and that’s arguable).

      1. FMH at |

        Well, actually you can. There are many music fans who see his work as nothing more than kitschy historistic noise.
        And of course, you could also go with Mark Twain’s impression of a Wagner opera: “There was nothing in the present case which was an advantage over being skinned.”
        “The banging and slamming and booming and crashing were something beyond belief. The racking and pitiliess pain of it remains stored up in my memory alongside the memory of the time that I had my teeth fixed”

  8. Jerome at |

    “Either way, showing a group goose step is now a subtle thumbnail image to display the Nazi army.”

    Are you just making your own expressions up and writing them down here now?

  9. Musical_Maniac at |

    Everytime I see a Volks-Wagen, I think of Hitler. I call VWs Nazi Cars because the VW was promoted by Nazis when it was invented.

  10. Imon at |

    Excellent list, just want to add a couple of lines in support of this article.

    Hindus, Buddhist, Jain religious rituals still use the Swastika symbol. It has been an integral part of these religious ceremonies for thousands of years & is still commonly used. I am a Hindu & once a gentleman of Jewish faith, came to our house, & was shocked to see the swastika signs, he must have thought us to be neo-nazis as well, but thankfully he got the point when described about the symbol in detail. Just because some mad man used this thousands of years old symbol in his propaganda, doesn’t mean we should not be using it any more. Swastika & its usage predates Nazism, even predates christianity. So we should accept it in its original form.

    Secondly, Aryan is a very common name in India, & no they have no connections with white supremacists or the Ku klux clans. So if next time you meet an Indian guy called Aryan, don’t get concerned ….

  11. John Nevere at |

    Okay, okay, but the word gay was once a word for being happy and carefree , now its usage is now a dark, damnation of iniquity of sexual deviation and immoral behavior that is not recognized by religious bodies nor the Gospel. But that’s the truth.


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