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  • Crimson Jihad

    Sarah Palin.. PLEASE tell me this is a joke..

    • Jim Ciscell

      Not agreeing with her politics does not make her any less of a viable candidate. She is a for mayor, governor, and vice presidential candidate in addition to the vice presidential campaign. It is a longer executive record than Obama had at his run. She was also a pundit for fox News. I see no reason why she would be a joke candidate.

      • Crimson Jihad

        A Pundit for Fox news.. She definitely shouldn`t stand then!!

        • redstick

          Like JC says, not liking her doesn’t make her any less a potential candidate.

  • Dis Agree

    6 People are either unlikely to run of not legitimate candidates for 2016.

    10. 50,000 votes nationally is nothing and she failed to win her own parties nomination (see originally ran in the Green Party) losing out to Jill Stein. Roseanne has shown no ability to even effectively run a third party campaign let alone a successful run against seasoned politicians. If you were going to put a third part choice that could run in a major party primaries Jill Stein makes far more sense as she has similar views on issues and totaled 456,169 votes in 2012 election, though both would be long shots at best to even sniff the nomination.

    9. O’Donnell is another hail mary type of candidate, while true that the general public know her they do for all the wrong reasons. Her one shot at a general election had her getting completely destroyed by Chris Coons, some might argue that since it was filling Biden’s seat it was a sure thing for democrats but that ignores the polls that showed Mike Castle (the other republican choice) was winning in a hypothetical match-up with Coons. Her stances are also to the extreme right which may appeal to tea party voters but if someone like Michelle Bachmann were to run few would support O’Donnell over a more proven candidate.

    7. I like Susan Rice but once again she has made the news for the wrong reasons (even if they weren’t her fault), she has also failed to hold elected office something which is very hard to overcome when attempting to get votes on a national level. Out of the people that I don’t think have real chances she might have the best shot but is still a long shot on her best day.

    5. Sarah Palin is simply not taken seriously enough to have a legitimate shot at the republican nomination, any independent polling of her in the last two years have shown even members of her own party don’t want her to run. She will always have a vocal group of supporters but it will never grow to the point where she can pose a serious threat to other major republican choices.

    4. Age is clearly the biggest concern with Dole maybe if she was the only woman running the primary she could have a chance but with other younger choices potentially running I don’t see her having any chance of winning.

    1. Michelle is a great first lady but she has given no indication that she even has the slightest interest in being in politics herself. I do agree she could be a good candidate but if anything she has shown she can’t wait for this all to be over.

    I think there are 4 women who you left off the list that look far better on paper and are building/ could build momentum to a presidential nomination.

    Kelly Ayotte – Comes from a swing state in New Hampshire and was reportedly on the short list for Vice President this past election. She also appears to have the republican hierarchy on her side giving her big time Committee assignments in the Budget, Armed Services, Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. New Hampshire also being an early primary state could help her quickly build momentum to a nomination.

    Susana Martinez – A popular republican governor in a democratic state (New Mexico) who hits both of the minority groups that the party needs to make inroads with in women and hispanics. She is also another person said to be on the short list of Mitt Romney for VP.

    Nikki Haley – Young, attractive and a favorite of the Tea Party the governor of South Carolina could be in very good position to run in 2016. I might be repeating myself but she also was reportedly a strong candidate to be the running mate of Mitt Romney. She could also benefit from her home state being one of the early primaries. (3rd after New Hampshire and Iowa)

    Kirsten Gillibrand – Kirsten is the darkhorse choice for me, she is my home state’s senator after all. Kirsten is very popular in New York without taking any position that could be considered to the extreme left and has been on the national stage for only positive stories. Even her gun law proposal is a populist law against illegal state to state gun trafficking. She also lacks any of the negative attributes associated with traditional New York politician (the accent) and presents an image middle America could be drawn to. She might not run but if she did I think she could do something similar to Obama.

  • David

    McMahon can’t be successful, because under her watch some terrible things have happened. There was a necrophilia storyline, Eddie Guerrero’s death, Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide, etc. Anyone who is opposed to her, will make comments on her decision making. And if Obama, Bachmann, or Palin win, I’m leaving this country.

  • 5minutes

    Dis Agree has pretty much summed up what I was going to say. Those women may be candidates, but none of them are anywhere near serious, either because they complete loops (Roseanne) or they don’t want to run because they’re making too much money (Palin).

    For 2016, honestly, Hillary’s about the only candidate the Democrats have, male or female. Biden’s a joke and the only other options are only regionally exciting for the party (Andrew Cuomo, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine). I honestly don’t see Kirsten pulling an Obama – no national excitement.

    The GOP has several female candidates who could be viable. Condi’s exciting, but I don’t see her running. Nikki Haley, if she can get re-elected, could be a legit candidate – ditto with Susana Martinez. Dark horses would include Marsha Blackburn and Cathy McMorris-Rogers. The key with the GOP is finding a candidate that can satisfy the persnickety Tea Party and still appeal to the Reagan Democrats.

    • redstick

      Biden may be a joke in some quarters, but he has recently score some pretty good street cred. Don’t count him out yet.
      Palin has recently quit Fox, so she might be positioning herself for something. If she would knock off the snow-bunny hillbilly routine, she might do better,. If you catch her unaware, she is quite well-spoken.
      I do think that the GOP might be interesting. Enthusiasm for the Tea Party seems to be fading, which might open things up a bit for a rational candidate, regardless of gender.

      • 5minutes

        Biden is widely viewed as a joke by just about everyone. When he was a Senator, he was widely viewed by his colleagues as one of the… well… dumbest members to walk the halls. A lot of folks believe that Obama selected him for one reason: impeachment insurance. He knew that he was going to be making some extremely controversial moves, and if the GOP held the Congress, he would be called to account, possibly in impeachment hearings a la Clinton. By having Biden as the next man in line, it gives people who would vote to remove him a second thought.

        Bush I and Bush II did the same thing: selected veep candidates that were perceived as either too young and dumb (Quayle) or too scary (Cheney) to be allowed into the big chair.

        Even most left-wing Democrats I know fear the idea of a Biden Presidency. Most of them want Hillary Clinton because of her perceived invulnerability (forgetting that invulnerable Hillary was defeated in the 2008 primaries). I’d put Biden’s chances at getting to the Dem nomination at about 10%. Hillary, if she runs, will be around 60-70%. As for winning the big chair… that depends a lot on what Obama can accomplish (or not accomplish) over the next 3 1/2 years.

  • Jesse

    “Intriguing”… why?

    Some are pretty obvious.

  • Cole

    Michelle Bachmann will not get the ticket for the Reps. She has alienated herself from both sides of congress and she only got reelected in her district by the thinnest of margins. Surprising considering she’s won her district handily in previous years, represents one of the most conservative parts of a traditionally liberal state of Minnesota. I live in MN, and there’s no way she’ll make it to the White House, let alone another congressional term. Her Tea Party is a sinking ship, and she seems like she’s made it clear she captains that failboat.

    • Jim Ciscell

      For the record, that entire exact same argument could have been made about Abraham Lincoln right before he went on to win the Presidency in 1860.

  • Bob

    To call many of these extreme nutjobs as intriguing candidates for President is absurd. The likes of Palin, O’Donnel and Bachman have had their 15 min. The more you see and learn about them more repellent they are.

  • Ed

    “…This election will not feature an incumbent for the office with a built in advantage. This is the same situation that occurred in 1980 (Reagan versus Carter)…”

    Wha? Carter WAS the incumbent.

  • Bob

    Two Words: Elizabeth Warren

  • Politically, I think Condolezza Rice would be a very popular candidate. The Republican Party has a stereotype as being the closed-minded-rich-white-guy party, and Rice would help them overcome that image.

    I think Elizabeth Warren would be popular too. She went crazy against the big banks after the financial meltdown, and that would appeal to a lot of people. Although, I don’t know if she has expressed any interest in running for president.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a showdown between Condi and Hillary in ’16. There are so many people these days who want to see a woman president that I think both parties will be interested in trying a female candidate.

  • David

    What do you think? Will the e-mails of Hillary Clinton cause her to lose the election as the first female President of the USA and if so , I believe Condoleezza Rice will be Americas favorite to be the first USA Lady President.