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  • Regine

    Ahhhh………gooseflash……..thank you for bringing back wonderful memories with your list. Must have been VERY difficult just to choose 10 songs 🙂 .Almost an impossible task considering how many , countless wonderful songs Italy brought to the world.

    Greetings from Vienna.


    • Timeea

      Hallo, Regine!

      Du hast Recht, es war wirklich schwer diese Liste zu erstellen 🙂 Diese Musik ist Balsam für meine Seele, beruhigt mich ungemein und nimmt mir die Anspannungen des Alltags. Ich freue mich, dass dir diese Liste so gut gefallen hat.

      Viele liebe Grüße!

      Editor’s poor translation: “You’re right, it was really hard to create this list:) This music is balm for my soul, calms me down and eases the stress of everyday life. I am glad that you liked this list as well.”

      Much love!”

  • Kostas Athanasiadis

    “Quando il sole tornera” and “A casa di Irene” should definitely be in the list …

  • Ashlee

    “Nuvole Bianche” by Ludovico Einuadi is incredible.

    • this song has been added to the playlist mentioned above, too –

      • Ashlee

        Thanks! 🙂

  • Mr. Hombremann

    I just can´t believe you didn’t include at least ONE song by Riz Ortolani

    He composed the theme song from Mondo Cane (1962) which was nominated for an Oscar

    Some guy made up lyrics to the song and many famous singers of the time sang their own version, including Bob McGrath and Frank Sinatra.

    I am dissappoint

    • I’ve added it to the playlist at YouTube – I’ve never seen that movie or heard of Riz Ortolani but I totally know the Frank Sinatra version, it was actually played at my wedding 🙂

  • Timeea

    Riziero Ortolani, Ennio Morricone, Fred Buscaglione and many other prolific artists deserve to be on this list as well, however it’s only a top 10 list. We could easily fill out a top 100 list when it comes to beautiful Italian songs.

  • Ela

    Here’s another beautiful Italian song

    • Timeea

      Indeed! Is “Mio fratello è figlio unico” di Daniele Luchetti worth watching? Riccardo Scamarcio is a good actor, I especially loved his role in Italians di Giovanni Veronesi. I adore this movie! (the plot, the director, Paolo Buonvino as composer, the actors, ALL) 🙂

      • Ela

        Worth watching, it’s a good movie!

  • Some great songs and interesting info Timeea,
    Personally my favourite is Matia Bazar – Vacanze romane – 1983
    But one cannot argue over taste..

    • Listening to it right now – thanks for sharing, I’ve just added it to our playlist of Italian songs at YouTube (see link in list and comments above).

  • Richard


    I love all the songs on your list.

    There are so many great Italian songs.

    One of my favorites is from Narciso Parigi called Valzer della Fortuna.

    Check him out, singing one of his classic hits.

    • Thanks Richard, I’ve added it to the TopTenz playlist of best Italian Songs – check it out, there are 23 great songs there- many recommended by readers!

  • Alessandro

    Why everytime the foreigners think about italian music they put only old italian songs, it is like if I think about english music I put Elvis, Rolling stones, beatles, etc and forget all the other new artists

    • Good point Alessandro, I think in some cases it’s just what we are exposed to – please share links to some of your favorite newer songs so readers can listen (and I’ll also add them to our playlist).

  • Alessandro

    send me your email and I will let you know the real italian music not the stereothypized italian music…I have about 20.000 new italian songs and about 100 new artist

    • Thanks Alessandro – Please see Timeea’s comment below -she is the author of this wonderful list and explains its background. The playlist at YouTube is a collection of suggestions by readers and I will add the songs you’ve shared to the list. And thanks Timeea for this great list, that has exposed us to so much great music!

  • Timeea

    Alessandro, I compiled this list based on many factors: sales info from labels, research, the popularity charts around the WORLD (not only Italy), the internet etc. International success was a must. I live among Italians and at least 50 of them have been interviewed before posting this list. This list is about Italian songs (music, lyrics) and not Italian artists. The idea was to list some of the greatest songs (of all time), songs that will endure for generations. New songs are potential ‘candidates’ for this category, only time will tell.

    • Regine

      Exactly Timeea, only time will tell. Some of the songs postet are still listened to after 40 years!!!!! The “oldies” are the best.


  • Jose Hernandez

    Here is yet another good song:Giovenezza- the anthem of Fascist Italy.

  • Pietro
    “Se telefonando” is pheraps the best italian song ever, penformed by Mina, music by Ennio Morricone, lyrics by Maurizio Costanzo, famous anchor-man and journalist.

    • Timeea

      Lovely song!!! Sublime…I adore Mina, thanks for reminding me about this song!

  • Anand Sinha

    just started learning Italian. they say, listen to Italian music. so gonna try these songs…

  • ItalCan

    Fantastic songs and singers forever. Thanks for your post.

  • Rosemary Neilson

    Il Cielo in Una Stanza sung by Mina Should also be on the list. It was popular in Europe about the same time that Al Di La came out.
    San Remo probably 1960 to 65?

  • valetta

    I cannot believe that the great Adriano Celentano is not included on this list; Prisencolinensinaincuisol, Chi Non Lavora non fa l’amore, Disc Jockey are all classics that many people from all around the world would remember…

  • yolanda

    I love ITALIAN music is beautiful and I love the song VOLARE” great song,I CAN WAIT TO COME BACK TO ITALY ,every one have a wonderful day

  • yolanda


  • Sandy

    Thanks for the list of songs.

  • Oggisonoio

    What about the GREAT voice of Mina (Mazzini)? Just neame a few: Brava, Mille bolle blu, Tintarella di luna, la voce del silenzio.
    Giorgia (Todrani) is undobiuosly one of the Best voices today singing while Laura Pausini is probably the most known italian singer nowaday…
    Try listening also Anna Oxa (her duet with Fausto Leali in “Ti lascerò” is definitely what I call an italian tune!). Gianna Nannini, Tiziano Ferro? Where are them all?

  • Il Sire

    One of the best, yet not quoted, “cantautore” is Fabrizio Dè Andrè. Also Francesco Guccini and Ivan Graziani are pretty cool.

    I post here one song each, those I think are the best!

    De Andrè, dolcenera –
    Guccini, la locomotiva –
    Graziani, il chitarrista –

    Hope you enjoy 😉