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  • Top 10 Japanese RPGs #top10

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  • Top 10 Japanese RPGs: When people talk about Japanese role-playing games, certain images pop into mind: scrawny …

  • LucianoFortes (@LucianoFortesu)

    RT @eeordogh: #Top10Lists: Top 10 Japanese RPGs #TeamFollowBack

  • The R

    I’ll go ahead and say it before a troll points it out…Pokemon Blue was not one of the two first. That was just an American release. In Japan, which is what we’re talking about, it was Green and Red.

  • Matt

    You… do realize that this list, like any such list is bound to be, is INCREDIBLY BIASED?

  • Brian

    Japanese RPG? What a redundant thing to call it. No other country has a hand in RPG. Persona was way too cartoonish for me. I cant stand them. Final Fantasy should be 1.

  • Top 10 Japanese RPGs: When people talk about Japanese role-playing games, certain images pop into mind: scrawny …

  • Michael Beatrix

    This list is a BIT too biased for my liking. When doing a list like this, you have to weigh in other reasons for choosing the spots-popularity, critical reception, AND THEN your personal opinion. but it seems like you basically created this based solely on your personal opinion.

    i think some titles that I, personally, would’ve liked to have seen on here are

    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts (the first one)

    though this is just my personal opinion.

    • I tried to be non-biased. And I limited myself to one game per franchise.

  • dreamcatcher (@poisonlandia) (@poisonlandia)

    Top 10 Japanese RPGs via @toptenz

  • The Riddler

    I wonder if people even read the little introductory paragraph before the lists anymore…
    In any case, nice list, though some minor typos here and there. Enjoyed reading it.

  • William

    My kind of list. However, you are a little biased haha. I would have to say FF10 was better than 7. just how it is. Both will go down in history though. Chrono trigger should be higher on the list. No game will match that feel ever again…besides if all the developers come back…which they wont haha. Good list though. controversial because it goes against the grain of conventional greatest rpgs. btw ZELDA???? greatest action/adventure/rpg. It is a ROLE playing game.

    • Michael Beatrix

      I agree. Final Fantasy X was amazing. It’s my favorite video game of all time <3

      • MLK

        if its about game overall rating: my choice goes for FF VII ^o^
        but if u ask me for game plot, the one who best all of the Final Fantasy franchise for me is FF VI, lots of characters, all of them are main chars, each one with their own problems, sidequest, main history, whatever u wanna call it ^^

  • Chad

    Xenogears was great. My only complaint with it is that I was not sure if I was watching a great game, or playing a great movie!

  • Nick

    What? No shout out to star ocean 1, 2 ( even 3) or the legend of dragoon?

  • Antony

    While I liked Persona 3 lots, I have to insist that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment had way better story and characters.

  • Red

    In what universe is Kingdom Hearts better than Final Fantasy?

    • Mike Cobalt

      He did this in chronological order of release, not based on preference.

  • Melanie

    I don’t see Lunar anywhere here or in the comments.