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  • Edward Scissorhands as #1? And where were Sweeney Todd, Chocolat, and Dead Man? Great topic, just differ in opinion on the choices.

    • Billster

      Yes, it can’t everyones top 10, my number 1 would be Blow.

    • Too many good movies – I added Sweeney and Dead Man to the YouTube playlist for this top 10 – thank you for the suggestions.

  • AmH

    No Donnie Brasco?

  • MJ7

    Unfortunately, you missed out on his two best- Donnie Brasco and The Ninth Gate.

  • Bryan

    Nice list,
    I like Johnny. You did leave off one of my favorites, which is Secret Window. I thought Alice in Wonderland was good, Cry-Baby is really funny.

  • mina

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooo bad top10. SWEENEY TODD is THE BEST. 2.then edward scissorhands. 3.pirates 4. FINDING NEVERLAND( kidding? isn t in top10?) 5. public enemies 6.his other movies: brave, blow, donnie brasco, sleepy hollow, fear &loating , dead man , benny & joon , ……… but SWEENEY & NEVERLAND and my nom1 to 5 is the most SPECIAL, LOVELY movies that I can t stop watching them

    • aftab

      yes sweeney todd is best

    • molly

      agreed sweeney todd is the best film ever!!!

  • Brandon

    Sweeney Todd should have defnitely been on this list. In addition to an amazing performance, he sang. However, there’s a lot of choose from in a great body of work.

  • andy

    no way edward scissorhands is at 1. dead man for sure, you need to change that. and ed wood should be higher

  • sonny

    have you even watched ‘the brave’? brando is no “wise old Native American man”!!

  • AJ

    Dude, you can’t have a top 10 without Finding Neverland, Donnie Brasco and Sweeney Todd….just can’t be done.

  • Mike (the author)

    Two of my favorite movies period, on this list. “Ed Wood” and “Fear and Loathing.” Great work Ryan.

  • SlytherinAngel

    Where’s Cry-baby? Sleepy Hollow? Alice in Wonderland? Sweeney Todd? He was so amazing in those movies.

  • Alec

    I must point out some things concerning Benny & Joon: Johnny Depp’s character, Sam, is not mentally challenged. He is simply very uneducated. Also, Mary Stuart Masterson’s character, Joon, is not of a “similar disposition” (she is neither mentally challenged nor uneducated); she is mentally ill.


    And why is Edward Scissorhands number one? Seriously?

  • I think in top 10 ranking another two films of Jonny depp should be added one of them is ” DONNIE BRASCO” and another is unforgettable “ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO”.

  • LMMSSAV1946

    It’s hard to pick just one. But, I think I’s have to go with the Libertine. Don’t think any other actor could have done justice to this movie, Johnny Depp is the best actor of his generation. Hope, he continues acting for many more years. Truly, enjoy watching this amazing actor.

  • Canada Goose Parkas

    i like Johnny Depp very much!thank you for your collection! i will see these movies in spare time

  • Sekula

    You probably know his most famous movies but have you seen all of the best ones?
    I think their is so many Johnny Depp movies to put one perfect list together, my favourite are:
    1. Ed Wood
    2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    3. Public Enemies
    4. Donnie Brasco

  • Online Movie List

    I am fan of Johnny Depp and I liked his Secret Window, Dead Man, Cry Baby etc movies.

  • bond

    hey dude!!!!
    SWEENEY TODD must be in this list at the top

  • beth281

    I absalutly adore johnny depp, i have seen all of his movies all of which i think are great!!

  • Mark

    Sleepy Hollow and Pirates of the Caribbean and Public Enemies are my favorite films of Johny Depp. Although, Sleepy Hollow is not in this list, but for me it was the turning point when I started watching Johnny Depp films like crazy fan!

  • Salman

    Dark Shadow is No 1