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A few months ago we did a list of the top 10 most beautifulwoman’s eyes, so it is only fair that we do a similar list for ladies. Take a look at this list showing off some very famous peepers. Here are the best male eyes.

10. Paul Walker

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Look Past The Eyes:

Paul started his career modeling for Pampers TV commercials! He began acting when he was 12 , but landed his most recognized role, starring with Vin Diesel in “the fast and the furious in 2001.

9. Richard Gere

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Look Past the Eyes:

He has deep bedroom eyes, and has been featured on numerous sexiest man alive lists over the past 15 years. Richard Gere starred in 2 of the sexiest roles in Chick Flick history Pretty Woman, and An Officer and a Gentleman. He also won a golden globe for his 2003 performance in Chicago.

8. Tupac Shakur

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Tupac was a gorgeous and talented man. Not only was he an amazing rapper he was also a social activist and successful film actor. He holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of highest-selling hip hop artist.

7. Josh Hartnett

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Look Past The Eyes:

Josh is an underrated actor who has been in some fantastic movies/roles: Pearl Harbour, Sin City, Black Hawk Down. He has starred along side of Jamie Lee Curtis, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson.
Josh has has total puppy dog eyes!

6. Wentworth Miller

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Look Past The Eyes:

Wentworth is the star of Fox’s Hit Prison Break. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English, and while attending he sang for the Princeton Tigertones. He has also starred in the Human Stain, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) and as Mariah Carey’s love interest in two of her music videos.

5. Hugh Laurie

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Look Past The Eyes:

Star of one of Fox’s hottest Shows; House. Hugh Laurie was voted 2nd in TV’s sexiest doctors ever poll, made People magazines top 100 sexiest men list in 2006.

4. Cillian Murphy

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Look Past The Eyes:

Won the GQ UK Men of the Year Award for ‘Actor of the Year’ in 2006. Cillian has been known to not be a big fan of the typical Hollywood lifestyle. He does not have publicist or stylist, and he usually attends red carpet events by himself.

3. Johnny Depp

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Look Past The Eyes:

What can I say about Johnny Depp in a few sentences? He is one of the most talented and diverse actors of the past decade. And his name is Synonymous with sexiness. I think his eyes are almost black. Do you even remember your name after looking at him?

2. Paul Newman

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Look Past The Eyes:

At the Academy Awards Paul Newman was awarded the Honorary Award for his “many and memorable and compelling screen performances” in 1986. He also received a Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 1984 Golden Globes. His work has been celebrated worldwide by many university’s and colleges, and he is well known for his amazing blue eyes.

1. Jared Leto

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Look Past the eyes:

Jared Leto is a successful television & film actor, and is the lead guitarist and singer for the band 30 seconds to Mars.  After high school, He attended 2 Art schools; one for acting and one for painting.

He was twice voted one of People magazines 50 most beautiful people (1996 & 1997)
Jared received an award for Breakthrough Crossover Artist at the 6th Annual Hollywood Life Awards (December 2006)

By Amanda Little

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  1. Lauranthalasah on

    Oh Beatiful!! Of course is your Ten List, but I would put in my top ten the gorgeus and incredible expresive green eyes of Jensen Ackles and the sweet and melancholic browns (ok, maybe they are hazel) of Zachary Levi. They have that kind of eyes I can’t stop seeing and Ackles has a gift to use his to comunicate feelings whith amazing power.
    Oh, and they have realy long eye lashes, you know, the kind that every woman in the world want to have 😛

    I explain myself.
    Jensen Akcles eyes:
    Zachary Levi eyes:
    PS: I forget Misha Collins eyes, they are the most wonderful shade of blue.

    Sorry for my English!


    i mean everybody has their own opinion and all…but sexy male eyes lists are just incomplete without Jensen Ackles’s eyes…

    ‘he doesn’t have the eyes of the killer…but his eyes can definitely kill’…lol

  3. This list is a joke! A lot of people have plain looking eyes and since when was 2pac considered gorgeous????? Well even tho Jared eyes look beady here, his eyes are actually pretty big. I have to admit as a narrow/normal sized eyed gal Im a sucker for big,bright eyes. Here’s my list (IN NO ORDER) of beautiful eyes

    1) Elijah Wood (Hello! He is none for his big baby blue eyes!)
    2) Hrithik Roshan (He’s green exotic eyes are sexy!)
    3) Max George (I cant help but fall in love with his big,bright, hazel/gray eyes!

  4. For those of you who do not know number 1 on this list, let my start by saying you probably do.
    One of the reasons is for his eye being the icon on the front cover of Requiem for a Dream – pop culture people, most famous I know of.
    More evidence just look at his eyes at the premier for that film.

  5. Bill Wakeham on

    Very interesting debate, all about opinions, which is the way it should be, no one is right or wrong, it just depends on who floats your boat. I love the subject, as I get told that I have beautiful eyes very often, or words to that effect, also that they are my best feature, and girlfriends have just wanted to spend the night looking into them. They are green, but not always, sometimes blue or grey, and they sparkle. A girl in the supermarket the other day said “look at your eyes” I said “I cant”, she said “they are lovely”. Im not the most confident person in the world, but when you get compliments as often about something as I do, it does make you happy, and I am started to believe and accept what women say.

  6. sexyeyemaster on

    I think that this list was HORRIBLY constructed. The other list looked as if it had at least some thought put into it. More than half the people on the list did not nearly have has good as eyes as many out there.

  7. Good list, but Paul Walker should be second. His eyes are divine! And Ian Somerhalder should be first on this list (why is he not on this list). That man is sex on legs and has the best eyes ever. Ever! 😀

  8. shuttlecocker on

    Actors with the most mesmerizing eyes/expression. Here’s my first few but the list can be virtually endless. Yul Brynner, Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris, Jack Nicholson, Robert Shaw, Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and George Pepperd.
    YB in Ten Commandments, PO in Lawrence of Arabia (aka El Aurens), RH in Camelot, JN in One flew over the cuckoos nest, RS in Jaws, RD in Cape Fear and Analyze this, SC in you pick it, any Bond movie, CE in the spaghetti westerns like For a few dollars more and GP in Pendulum.
    There are a lot more on the list like Al Pachino, Jeff Goldblum etc, etc, etc. yet Yul Brynner I’ve gotta say is very unique to this day.

  9. The man in the picture is Mel Gibson aka The First SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by People Magazine. He is the actor with the MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES Ever. His eyes are beautiful for their color, their shape and the thick long eyelashes. His baby blues are pools of azure light! They are the bluest eyes ever and these eyes are prettier than all the eyes included in this silly list!

  10. Excuse me but….
    Benaflkjf Calidjsmfslkfm Eyes are the best
    For those who don’t understand: Benedict Cumberbatch.
    Those eyes are gemstones