Top 10 Most Beautiful Women’s Eyes


Finding the world’s most beautiful eyes was challenging, to say the least. With a list that started at 50 sets of beautiful eyes that then had to be reduced to 10, well, you can imagine the hesitation to exclude some of the many gorgeous women that were considered. Some of the lovely ladies who missed breaking the top ten were Megan Fox, Raquel Welch and, believe it or not, Marie Osmond who were all in the initial 50.

One of the most difficult tasks for this list of the most beautiful eyes was finding a large head shot that showcased their eyes. Most photos included the entire female’s body and when you look at the list of women below you know why that is a good thing – most certainly had a beautiful body to match their incredible eyes. So we did the best we could and looked for nice photography that concentrated on the face and the eyes. At least you can be sure that none of these beautiful eyes have had plastic surgery, at least at the time this list was created.

10. Charlize Theron

She’s got stunning eyes, but what else? She won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in Monster.

Image result for Charlize Theron

9. Sophia Loren

She’s got sexy eyes, but what else? She won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role
in Ciociara, La.

Image result for Sophia Loren

8. Kristin Kreuk

She’s has gorgeous green eyes, but what else? She has starred in Smallville as Lana Lang and has kissed Superman.

Image result for Kristin Kreuk eyes

7. Giada De Laurentiis

Okay, her eyes are amazing, but what else? She is a professional chef and has her own cooking program, Everyday Italian, which has been broadcast on Food Network since 2003.

Image result for Giada De Laurentiis eyes

6. Sharbat Gula

Her sparkling green eyes are mesmerizing, but what else? She is known as the cover girl for National Geographic because Steve McCurry was fortunate enough to take her photograph while on assignment for National Geographic. Her photo is the most popular that the magazine has published.

Image result for Sharbat Gula

5. Audrey Hepburn

Her eyes are beautiful, of course, but what else? Audrey Hepburn won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role
in Roman Holiday.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

Her blue eyes make the sky look pale, but what else? She won two Oscars, one for each beautiful eye. She won for Best Actress in a Leading Role in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? & Best Actress in a Leading Role in Butterfield 8.

Image result for Elizabeth Taylor

See our list of the best quotes from Elizabeth Taylor.

3. Lynda Carter

Azure blue eyes that sparkle are nice, but what else? Lynda was the superhero Wonder Woman and won the 2004 TV Land Award for Superest Super Hero for “Wonder Woman” which aired in 1976.

Image result for Lynda Carter wonder woman

2. Angelina Jolie

Okay her eyes are drop-dead gorgeous and her lips are incredible, but what else? She is the daughter of Jon Voight and won an Oscar Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Girl, Interrupted in 2000. Angelina Jolie is widely considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and landing Brad Pitt seems to affirm this.

Image result for Angelina Jolie

1. Aishwarya Rai

Her eyes are truly the most beautiful eyes in the world, and that is enough, but just for kicks, what else? Aishwarya was chosen by Time magazine in 2004 as one of the World’s “100 Most Influential People” and she is widely considered the most beautiful woman in the world and with eyes like that you can “see” why.

Image result for Aishwarya Rai

And there you have it, ten of the most beautiful eyes in the world, and without even using contact lenses to enhance and change their eye color. As with most lists, even top ten lists, there is some subjectivity, so please include any beauties you may think were missed.

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  1. My two cents are the following : The only person I would take off this list is Charlie Theron. She is an exceptional beauty but I think its her bone structure that makes her so pretty, though her eyes are noteable. I googled ” Lynda Carter has unusual eyes” and got this list. I just saw her on some random tv show and didn’t know what she did. She looked familiar. At first I thought she was from a Soap Opera but then remembered Wonder woman. Indeed she was wonder woman. The first wonder woman from the 1970’s. She is stunning at 50 or is it 60. She was on stage with all these women who up until the moment before thought were quite attractive. Then Lynda got on stage and everyone , including her daughter were unbearable to look at. She out shined everyone with her eyes, face and hair. I marveled at how this 60 year old woman made everyone else look so bad. That is how you know someone is ultra attractive, when they make normal beauties unnattractive. I think Kim Kardashian does the same thing to other people. I would add Catherine Zeta Jones to this list and some African American women. The list is kind of racist in that was. There are lots of gorgeous African American women with gorgeous eyes!

  2. Julianna 5782 on

    Elizabeth Taylor’s like, huge claim to fame was that her eyes were VIOLET, not blue. You’ve got to be shitting me, guy .

  3. I saw a prostitute on the street the other day that would put them all to shame. Why is this list only “stars”?

  4. the title looks strange a little bit. does the world gather only these eyes?no , there are many women and men over the world who have very beautiful eyes, therefore, there’s no top in this context hh.

  5. LOL! Please… black eyes are stunning…. black onyx — But of course they wouldn’t be included in the list. Typical…..

  6. #1 – Elizabeth Taylor
    #2 – Aishwarya Rai
    #3 – Vanessa Williams
    #4 – Charlize Theron
    #5 – Angelina Jolie
    #6 – Lynda Carter
    #7 – Sophia Loren
    #8 – Audrey Hepburn
    #9 – Penelope Cruz
    #10 – Kristin Kreuk

    Notable mentions: Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett, Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Scarlett Johannson, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, Jaime Pressly,

  7. Were these only females’ eyes? because if not no. 1 should probably have been Jensen Ackles for his unique candy-apple-green eyes

  8. Sharbat Gula was not a ‘cover girl’ for National Geo… yes she was on the cover but her photo was taken in a refugee camp, hours after seeing much of her family murdered…. her pupils are very small and he eyes are so wide and even a because she is in shock, thus they appear a little lighter than their natural color. … I mean it is nice to in her in the list but you make it sound like she is a model on holiday. She was a young girl who had just witnessed something awful.

  9. Where is Nadia Bjorlin? Of all eyes on the planet, you don’t have her listed here?

  10. hey… I have seen MEN with more beautiful eyes than some of these ladies… Elizabeth has the most beautiful eyes here I think. but duh ‘top 10 beautiful eyes’… why are they all women?? That’s sexist

  11. The brown eyes picked for this list are nothing special at all! Nina Dobrev’s brown eyes are much more beautiful. Also Angelina and Charlize shouldn’t be on the list at all!!! Kristen should be higher up, perhaps even No.1

  12. Blue eyed beauty on

    The reason there are no brown eyes on the list is because they are dead, dull and boring looking. No sparkle or shine like other colours. Just average and ordinary.

    • Elia my pride on

      Okay, you feel better now? Do you lack of self esteem? Seems like your blue eyes are too dull and get no compliment while your brown eyed best friend gets all attention? Cheer up girl, you don’t need to insult others to feel better.

  13. Karen Austin that played on Night Court, and the movie Summer Rental also has a beautiful set of eyes.

  14. rutessa mirabueno on

    Gosh..why are some people complaining that were no Asian in the list? Don’t u know that Ashwarya is Indian..Kristin Kreuk is Chinese..and Sharbat is Afghan? LOL..
    and Kristin’s eyes are divine…the best..

  15. I hate how out of ten people only one person with brown eyes was listed…..there are
    Lots of gorgeous brown eyes ot there that should be recognized..

  16. God says that Sharbat Gula has to be in the First Place, for the history of that photo, for her face, and because I SAY. I HAVE SPOKEN!

  17. Thank you for the offer but I don’t think I am capable of narrowing the lists down to just 10, it’s just tot hard. However, here are some of the women that came to mind (in no particular order) who did not make your list.

    For hazel or brown eyes: Jessica White, Penelope Cruz, Winona Ryder, Selena Gomez, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, Audrey Tatou, Nia Long, Freida Pinto, Amerie, Yunjin Kim, Sanaa Lathan, Ziyi Zhang, Amrita Rao, Nina Dobrev, Rachel Bilson, Eva Mendes, Devon Aoki, Carla Gugino, Keira Knightley, Thandie Newton, Kristen Davis, Natalie Portman and Rosario Dawson.

    For green or blue eyes: Denise Vasi, Stacey Dash, Paris Jackson, Zooey Deshanel, Nicole Murphy, Alexis Bledel, Evangeline Lily, Erykah Badu, Mila Kunis, Sinead O’Conner, Helena Christensen, Kate Bosworth, Amanda Seyfried, Candice Swanepoel, Katy Perry, Lala Vasquez, Heather Graham, Milla Jovovich, Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk.

    I tried my best to narrow down the lists but there are just so many pretty pairs of eyes out there.

  18. I was surprised that Alexis Bledel did not make this list. Her big beautiful blue eyes are mesmerizing! Also maybe you could do separate lists, “best blue eyes”, “best brown eyes”, etc, that way all beauty is represented.

  19. All beautiful women, but so limited. Only one dark eyed woman and she is super pale. And the only women who have darker complexions have unusually light eyes. Clearly dark women are considered to not have beautiful eyes. But is this true? I don’t think so.

    I guess it is all a matter of opinion anyway. I don’t know why they show a black and white photo of Loren either so you can’t even see her eye color. They are pretty, but it seems like this list is saying light blue, gray, or light green eyes are beautiful unless you’re Audrey Hepburn.

    Jolie has great bone structure, and the shape of her eyes is interesting but I find it strange to consider them beautiful on their own. They don’t seem like her greatest feature and if you live where most people have gray eyes, the color is very boring. Maybe this list was made by self-loathing brown-eyed people or something.

    Me? Give me deep intense dark eyes any day of the week (perhaps I should add that my own eyes are green and the closest in look to Sharbat Gula actually). But I grew up envying round dark eyes. Everyone is going to have different opinions, but to me Selma Hayek’s most beautiful facial feature are her large dark eyes. When I think beautiful eyes I think more like that. Or like Donyale Luna though probably no one remembers her now. She had really amazing eyes IMO.

  20. It should be Sharbat Gula at number 1, after that it doesn’t really matter. Her eyes (unlike all the other eyes on this list) didn’t use any makeup to accentuate them. Her eyes are so striking that they made a documentary on her called “Find the Afghan Girl”. A documentary taken trying to relocate her after the Afghan borders were opened back up to the western media.
    National Geographic single most well known photo (statistically proven) is a picture of her.

    If he hadn’t listed her than i would have dismissed it as an oversight. But the fact that she was on this list and placed at NUMBER 6… well that’s beyond ridiculous.

  21. This list is garbage, many of the women on it have small eyes, that should be an instant no vote. I only agree with Audrey and Elizabeth really. List is sorely missing Bette Davis. I would also add Twiggy, Brittney Murphy, Heather Graham, Theda Bara, Goldie Hawn, Mila Kunis, Ann Hathaway, Aubrey Plaza, Zooey Deschenal, Katy Perry, hell, even Elijah Wood!

  22. i feel the people’s eyes are not beautiful they are just scary,there are other people with beautiful eyes than this people.gross their pictures makes me wanna throw up

    • Every eyes are beautiful,if we see the expressions of eyes through the inner feeling of heart .

  23. What happened to Meg Foster, can’t believe shes not on the list,.she should be number one!

  24. I think number 1 should have been Olivia Wilde. She’s got the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen in my entire life. I love her!

  25. LaLa (Vazquez) Anthony, Gabrielle Union, Salma Hayek, Patricia Velasquez (from the Mummy), Rachel Weiss, Sophia Vergara Rihanna, Kim Kardashian (don’t hate), Cher, Lucy Liu, Madonna and don’t forget the men Michael Ealy, Billy Zane, Brian Bloom, Renee Castrucci and last but not least Tyson Beckford!

  26. really really there are no African american women with pretty eyes of course there are you just not going to post it. lol

  27. While I do agree that all of these women have beautiful eyes, I think Sharbat Gula should be at the top of the list. Her eyes aren’t just beautiful — they’re STUNNING. Keep in mind that she has NO make-up on (unlike all of the celebrities!) yet her eyes still draw you in. Imagine how much more her eyes would even pop with mascara and liner!

    What also sets Gula apart from the other women is that she isn’t a celebrity. She became that way through a photographer being blown away by her intense gaze and taking a photograph. These other women were/are famous to begin with due to their Hollywood careers. Quite frankly, I’ve seen plenty of everyday women with more beautiful eyes.

  28. You guys are stunned that it’s just celebrities?

    I’m stunned that he only put up women. I’ve seen men with eyes prettier than some of these women. Angelina Jolie is definitely beautiful, but my older brother has prettier eyes than she does. A bluish silver integrated with green and specs of gold. It’s not a specific color and it all melds together pretty well.

    I’ve seen a guy with almost cerulean blue eyes, too. Without being Photoshopped. The problem with all these above is that they are Photoshopped and the color is enhanced. Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes are NOT that intense in color. They are pretty pale, and slight has a violet hue to them now and again, not cerulean blue.

    So this goes to show.. this list needs to be titled “Female Celebrities with Beautiful Eyes”

  29. I think that everyone says that all these women have beautiful eyes but no one listed the most beautiful eyes of men. Not in any particular order:
    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Shia LaBeouf
    3. Paul Wesley
    4. Ryan Renolds
    5. Daniel Craig
    6. Sean Faris
    7. Will Smith
    8. Taylor Launtner
    9. Jake Gyllenhaal
    10. Matt Kennard

    That was just a couple and dont comment on how there are other people with more beautiful eyes who arent famous cos i know that and i dont know those ordinary people…

    • Suzanne La Force on

      All the beautiful eyes you show are women’s eyes… What? Don’t men have beautiful eyes too? I especially like Kevin Sorbo’s gorgeous bright blue eyes. He play Hercules in the 1990s T.V. series; do you remember?

  30. Check out Heather Graham, she is my #1 for beautiful eyes. None of these listed have eyes like hers.

  31. Drenver Stralk on

    Cate Blanchett should be #1 and she’s not even in the list! Her eyes are so mystically vibrant that it’s like she has to squint to contain the magic, or something.

    Top tens are so subjective and internet top tens are the wildest. 😛


  33. So basically only blue and green eyes are beautiful? There’s only white and white-mixed women here with blue and green eyes. I’m white myself but can brown eyes not be beautiful? It’s not only the color, it’s the shape and size as well. The only brown eyes here are Audrey Hepburn’s, and she’s way overrated.

  34. You got the number one right for sure…Maybe even the top two……Great list!…At least this pic doesn’t make number three valid in the list.

  35. gula – the afghan girl shld be no.1 – aishwarya can be any number from abv list.. to me originality is
    the X factor – Gula hunting eyes are such memorable one and it is not easy to forget with just one look. And of course no one can deny Elizabeth taylor beautiful eyes.

  36. Those were the eyes that look stunning after being make-up, I want to see the most beautiful natural eyes…can you make that list?

  37. Every woman of this world is unique and Attractive in her own way. Although it is quite useless to judge someone just by looking at them, judging actresses based on their fame and fan following was considerably easy.

  38. They are not the most beautiful women just because they have green eyes (ugly color for eyes) The best color for eyes is red-like brown eyes, like Nick Harris’s PFCT beauty.

    • RED-LIKE BROWN EYES!??? WTF ARE THEY? They sound disgusting! And ‘green eyes are ugly’! What planet are you living on. Green eyes are the prettiest eyes, followed by blue and then brown. No eye colour is ugly – apart from the made up colour you’re talking about!

  39. Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes were not blue. They were violet. Very rare but very beautiful.


  41. its, very surprising me, that the people who are SO CALLED educated and civilised leave a comments on the basis, of the FACE THAN COMMENT ON THE EYES ,WITHOUT FINDING THE REALITY.WHAT DO U MEAN BY BEAUTY???OR BEAUTIFUL EYES??BEAUTY MEANS THE ADMIRABLE EXPRESSION ON THE WHOLE WHETHER IT IS EYES OR ANYTHING IN THE WORLD,i think the various comments and the list in which,,,,,ash is in no.1 is questionable??? LIST SHOULD BE ARRANGE PROPERLY…

  42. peacheslovesJESUS on

    Please don’t forget JESUS CHRIST. According to the Blurpo boy who died and went to heaven in the tru book called Heaven Id For Real by Colton Blurpo, he said that JESUS CHRIST had the most amazing sea blue eyes. Look at Prince of Peace portrait by famed child prodigy Akiane Kramarik, whose parents were atheist ven as she was taken to trips to heaven and seen the glories of heaven, even the face of our SWEET SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

  43. Since i was very impressed by the discussion of blue /brown eyes running here, im gonna add some celebrities with beautiful brown eyes: shakira, anne hathaway, beyonce and keira knightly…
    I think the beuty of eyes lie not only in color but also in shape , size and its combination with the face… i agree that ishwa ray has got stunning eyse, but the reason is that her eyes are so big which catch the viewers’ eye at first glance… so is the case about sharbat…
    moreover many of the women listed here look sexy because of other features of their faces e.g. i cant find anything especial about Giada De Laurentiis’s eyes! and angelina’s eyes without make up would be really ordinary…even charlise theron would be even more beautiful if she had eyes of ishewa…

  44. AT last but not least my thought is that, every girl is beautiful even u,its does not depends on eyes its depend on the whole especially the heart.A REAL HANDSOME MAN ALWAYS RESPECT ALL THE FEMALE IN THE WORLD….F.K.

  45. beautiful eyes means the inner transerancy feeling of heart comes and express from the eyes,it doesn;t mean or depend on the shape of eyes…….list is based on the shape in correct finding…..

  46. Brown Eyed Girl! :) on

    Why are there only girls on this list? What about Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, Brad Pitt, Liam Hemsworth, etc. etc. etc.?!

    And I didn’t see a single person with eyes that are super dark brown! Those are the prettiest IMHO.

    And you have to wonder… how many of these people’s eyes would still be considered pretty WITHOUT MAKEUP?!

    just my thoughts…. 🙂

  47. Isn’t that because they were not taught to accept themselves as they were and love themselves? can we truly put the blame away from that? I agree some advertisements go overboard, but shouldnt everyone be aware that most of is is manipulated and fake by now? I just think there are two approaches to this : people realize fake is fake, and learn to love yourself for who you are, focus on changing what can be changed like your attitude 🙂

  48. Yes, I do wish more people would take it this way. I disagree with some of the people listed too, but that’s IMO, but I dont get fanatic about it 🙂

  49. Chandra Segaran Nair on

    Fareem Khan please refrain from making crude comments on any one because you yourself will not take it kindly when compared with a monkey.
    Aishwaria Rai is most beautful women on earth currently and her eyes are beautiful period.

    • chandra i only tell the truth,truth is not crude and never be changed there are many or more beautiful eyes than ash…than how she is in no.1 its not correct analysis…

    • truth is truth ……………………………………………… cannot be deleted with ur comment chandra ji

      • moreover u do not know the meaning of truth,truth are always crude………………………………………….*****

  50. faheem.khan on

    kristin has most beautiful eyes ,she should be in no.1 the is incorrect ashwariya eyes is just like monkey.beautiful eyes means eyes which expressing love and decency.

    • faheem.khan on

      ashweriya rai so silly thinking that she has most beautiful eyes i think top tenz very much like monkey eyes.

      • faheem.khan on

        There are many beautiful eyes in the world.,beautiful eyes doesn’t mean that color or circle or shape,,its totally depend on the whole, basically lovely eyes, not monkey eyes.pls change the number of list in the interest of human being.

        • boy you make a strong point! but yes its very valid, that just the eyes by themselves are blank and expressionless, whereas some eyes are like windows to the soul, and full of life and sometimes full of mischief, but just alive and lively. like angelina jolie in this pic, you can see the entire expression of her face just from her eyes.

        • first u tell me are u boy or girl?,and why u r taking so seriously its only a comment baby……………..because u r name confusing me.are u financed by ash………………..hah…ha…ha….

        • yeap if i m m…………….than u r also..mon………………..because v both r human bieng……….so miss/mrs chandra ji i think u r female………because i m confusing with ur name…dont mind na…

  51. Seriously, for brown eyes you come up with Audrey Hepburn?? Should obviously be Nina Dobrev! I’m quite fussy about what eyes should be called ‘beautiful’ and I’m not really in agreement with a lot of this list, but I’m glad you included Kristen Kreuek, she gets left out too often and not only are her eyes stunning but she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen!!!

  52. I think you should replace Audrey Hepburn with Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman’s eyes are more beautiful than Audrey Hepburn’s eyes any day of the week.

  53. The list is pretty cool. Most of the eyes there are pretty awesome. The only one I missed was Avril Lavigne, but the rest of them are incredible.

  54. My own eyes are the most beautiful I’ve eve seen and I’m a man. They are just like the supposedly #1 ones on here but a bit darker, providing higher contrast and more intensity, so this page just made me believe it even stronger.

  55. And it a top ten list of the most beautiful eyes in the World and not just Hollywood. Right? Just Checking.

    • Mark, there are lots of ordinary people with beautiful eyes, but VIPs appeal more to the public. So actually it’s people who ask for this kind of things and not for regular people with most beautiful eyes.

      Anyway, regarding this top I must say that it’s a matter of taste. While a pair of eyes might seem extraordinary to me, to other people it might be nothing special. So stating that “X should have been included in this top as well” is not fair to the publisher.

      Who I like most in this top is Angelina Jolie. Not only her eyes are great, but I also love her eyelids.

  56. How can any top ten eyes list be taken seriously without Mahlagha Jaberi. The most stunning eyes in the world.

  57. Nicola Chapman on

    I think Charlize Theron has stunning eyes and she doesnt need any make-up or contact lenses, I personally think she should be top 3, not 10th!

  58. Elizabeth Taylor definately should be number one, her eyes are gorgeous, none of the others even compare

  59. Some friends of mine were so lucky to meet in person Elizabeth Taylor and i talked even with her make up artist!! All they say never saw eyes like Liz in all their life..When the light was right they really had an indigo light..No old technicolor or tricks.

  60. Well, there’s naturally beautiful eyes and there’s eyes enhanced by make-up.

    Personally, agree or not, I find the wide eyes of Bette Davies and nowadays Amanda Seyfried totally mesmerizing and beautiful !

  61. Sooo… one should conclude that the most beautiful eyes were nearly ALL had by white women – Right?

    When when this country stop PRETENDING to be color blind and learn tp appreciate the beauty, contributions, ability, ideas, etc of all people? Lists like this send the wrong message to children. If you can’t understand that and honestly want to dialog about it further (not agrue but have an intellectual discussion) I would be happy to do so.

  62. I think Sharbat Gula’s eyes kick Aishwarya’s eyes, and everyone in this list, even when she has no makeup. Just my opinion. (sorry for my bad english)

  63. Aishwarya??? you got to be kidding me.
    check other girls in India. they got MUCH better eyes than her.

  64. 6. Sharbat Gula 100%. That is no makeup/retouching just pure beauty of the eyes!
    BUT COME ON sooo there are NO black women with beautiful eyes?! Also, I’m with a lot of posters that say WHY is LIGHT, right? I mean there are many women with beautiful dark eyes.
    I’m not taking anything away from these women but the “top 10 MOST beautiful eyes?”
    Now I love almond shape eyes like the next person but what about representing for the women with those BOLD, HUGE bright eyes like young Twiggy and Diana Ross. OMG, gorgeous. Also what about Lauryn Hill’s beautiful dark eyes and Erykah Badu’s hazel gaze?
    If you’re gonna comprise a list at least delve outside of white or indian straight haired women, please! 🙂

    • Although as I stated earlier, brown eyes are not really my cup of tea. I really like Lauryn Hill’s eyes and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ eyes! They both are incredibly shaped and they both belong on this list rather than Hepburn or Angelina (at least in that picture).

      I really don’t like too big, buggy eyes like Diana Ross’, Twiggy or Lala Vasquez –they just creep me out.

  65. why are all of the eyes light color? Are you trying to say that dark brown eyes are unattractive ? or eyes that are almost black ugly?

  66. I honestly agree with the creator of this list. That Ashwariya Rai girl. is EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE not only the eyes but her entire body..she was featured on CBS 60 Minutes.
    several times on the Tonight Show with David Latterman and on Jay Leno and numerous times on Oprah… India have many unseen Beauties by the do a comparison with Angelina is a joke Angelina had many enhanced surgeries…
    I am an American and i feel embarassed when our People think they are the gifted ones..reality is we are so immune to plastic that after a few years it start to show on us. whereby these natural women maintain their youthfulness and Aged gracefully!

    • I agree Diana Ross has pretty eyes..but Tyra Banks are prettier…and she was not on the list…but I don’t think skin color has anything to do with this stupid list..

  67. I would have thought that Lauren Graham would be somewhere on this list – her eyes are amazing.

  68. AlmondEyed Beauty on

    Sharbat Gula’s eyes are the most exotic, in my opinion, on this list. Blue eyes are just ok everyday features that you see in various people around the world. What makes eye appearances beutiful and different aren’t so much always the color but rather the eye shape and lashes that accompany the eyes – and with that the eye color could be any. But honestly, the most exotic eyes/eye-shapes that I’ve seen in my 35 yrs of life is usually owned by brown-eyed folks. Hate to say it but piecering blue eyes against pale skin has ALWAYS looked a little demonic to me and not of this dimension. I prefer very dark hair and olive complected people with very light eyes (for example that actress who played opposite on that old school show Hunter, definitely Wonder Woman – Lynda Carter, and various other celebrities like the Italian babe who was lastly on Dancing with the Stars a few seasons ago, and also in that movie Goodfellas as his coke-sniffing mistress – her name escapes me now). I also have to give props where its due with Liz Taylor because of the exotic shade of violet her eyes were. I am Black, with almond-shaped, Asisan inspired, (some say chinky NOT beatty) eyes, that are very dark brown, with natural long eyelashes – and not to brag but I know my eyes are gorgeous and mysterious, and they are only light when the sun hits them. So for all those folks who think brown/coal eyes are boring or random and in some cases ugly, think again cuz the wondows of my world are amazing! Thanks for your time:)

  69. Do people honestly not know that Aishwarya’s eyes are naturally BROWN, and it says
    ”and without even using contact lenses to enhance and change their eye color.” Totally FALSE.

  70. Really doesn’t matter about this list because Jensen Ackles isn’t on it. So it’s completely invalid anyway!!!! Any opinions are a waste of time!

  71. A big bias towards blue-eyes and fair-skinned women. The women here are by no means representative of global beauty. This choice is culturally determined and many of the eyes are enhanced with makeup and some with false lashes. If you are lucky or determined enough to go see the world you will realise that there are many very different versions of beauty some physical, others connected to grace, style and compassion. A disappointingly narrow-minded list more so as there are no men on it! Shame on you.

  72. I THINK THAT BLUE EYES ARE THE MOST GOURGEOUS EYE COLOR IN THE WORLD. <3 I dont really care what other people have to say. 🙂 Hazel eyes are pretty but blue green are flippin amazing. brown…? ehh. And green honestly kinda creep me out. not gonna lie.

  73. What about Helena Christensen, Stephanie Seymour, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington,
    Courtney Cox & Joanna Going?

    two other less known names are two former European pornstars(I think they no longer work in the business) that went by the name of Olivia De Treville and Rebecca Lord

  74. Well first of all lists that are titled “Most beautiful women in the world” or “hottest
    women of of the world” or something along those lines aren’t really living up to the
    title because such a title assumes that among the billions of women in the world these
    women really are head and shoulders above them all but in order to make that statement
    you would have to see all those billions of women enough times to make such a comparison.
    Suffice to say does anyone really believe its even possible determine who really are the
    top 10 or top 50 or top 100? Seems to me you’re asking to evaluate physical beauty(never
    mind that very subjective) in the op 0.0000001 % or so. Who the hell has their beauty
    attenna so refined that they could distinguish between say the top .01% and say the top
    0.0000001? Please. At that level its too difficult to say who is more beautiful.

    Suffice to say such lists should be called the “most beautiful popular celebrities” instead.

    Having said that of this list I think Adriana Lima,Miranda Kerr,Stephanie Seymour,Sophia
    Loren,Aishwarya,Amber Valletta, Christy Turlington & Angelina Jolie are most historically
    gorgeous(especially Stephanie Seymour Christy Turlington & Angelina Jolie).

    One name you rarely here but is absolutely drop dead gorgeous is Sarah Shahi. Countless
    other women I could mention that I would find way more beautiful, gorgeous and hotter than
    most in that list.

  75. In my opinion, many black eyes are like marbles. I prefer blue or green eyes that have flecks of colour in them mostly. And you can see the pupil properly, Some black eyes are too dark to see the pupil. They say when you lie, or are turned on, you pupils get bigger, so better to date a person with light coloured eyes, so you can see if they’re lying??? Relax, just kidding. For me, blue eyes ‘stand out’, which brown eyes dont, personal preference. Will say however that the most beautiful dark eyes belong to Kim Kardashian, and combined with her dark hair, she looks stunning .

    Chinese women specifically target blue eyed men (my friend who went there on business was chased by Chinese woman, which he found freaky – they all commented on his eye colour.) So if you’re a blue eyed man, watch out, you may end up getting caught like Hugh Grant!!! Dark eyes dominate, so I dont know why they think their child will have blue eyes, but I guess in a country of 1.4 billion people, having a child with genes for blue eyes is special!

  76. Yes, some of these are beautiful. Audrey Hepburn had the prettiest I think in this list. Some of them were rather ordinary looking and needed make-up to enhance them. The most beautiful eyes would be beautiful themselves, without make-up. Personally, I think my 2 year old daughter has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Deep, deep dark brown big eyes and long eyelashes. All natural and totally gorgeous!!

  77. Where’s the love for big eyes? All the women in the list have average sized eyes with very similar shape. Number 1 looks like a duck in profile, angelina looks like a tranny etc etc..Jennifer Connelly should definitiely be included along with Vivien Leigh. Big beautiful green eyes, oh and Rachel Weisz also fantastic eyes. For beautiful dark eyes, winona ryder and the most beautiful dark eyes ever truthfully, Monica Bellucci. No woman comes close to her bone structure, her lips, her nose her eyes are hypnotic. Blue eyes look good on men.

  78. Jolie should not even be on that list. Puffed up face with ugly bass lips takes away any beauty her eyes might have had.

  79. Tabby Zehra Cassim on

    Go check Rani Mukerjee’s eyes plz..and also Kajol..bth Bollywood actresses..
    N some ppl are rite..there r many other celebs with colored eyes in India other zan Aish..

  80. I changed my mind about brown eyes… and I apologise for my earlier posts about them. I have seen more and more beautiful dark eyes on women lately and, although in a different way to light eyes, can be stunning too. I stand corrected! 🙂

  81. I know these are all girls, but I still vote that Tim McIlrath (lead singer of the band Rise Against) has the world’s most incredible eyes.

  82. Aside from the beautiful shape, Audrey’s eyes had such kindness and innocence and warmth in them. That’s what makes them most beautiful to me.

  83. Heather Graham, Emily Browning, Katrina Bowden, Zoe Saldana, Milan Kunis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Emmanuel Chiqurie, to name a few.

  84. With all of these “beautiful eyes” on this list, did anyone think to include Meg Foster?

  85. WHY ISN’T DIANNA AGRON, AND CHRISTINA AGUILERA IN THIS LIST?! christina has the most PERFECT blue eyes in the world, and dianna has a pair of PERFECT almond shaped green eyes. they both should be in here, even if they came in 11st and 12ndt they should be mencioned in this list!!!
    Has we can see by all the users who commented, there are true beauties, and the beauty is the eyes of the person who sees it, naturally we fell atracted by the most exoctic eyes, faces, hair colors, etc… but we all have different opinions some prefer blue, olthers green, others hazel, etc… it’s impossible to choose the 10 most beautiful eyes of hollywood celebs, we all have our own personal list and it’s OK 🙂

  86. WHY ISN’T DIANNA AGRON, AND CHRISTINA AGUILERA IN THIS LIST?! christina has the most PERFECT blue eyes in the world, and dianna has a pair of PERFECT almond shaped green eyes. they both should be in here, even if they came in 11st and 12ndt they should be mencioned in this list!!! 🙁

  87. What about brown eyes? how is Kim Kardashian not included?
    very beautiful ladies with beautiful eyes though

  88. you havent seen my eyes yet im telling you i am more gorgeouse than any of them ill be up there on day rember my name is Elin Lloyd

  89. Liz Taylor, in my oppinion has the most beautiful eye out these ten. They sometimes looked violet.
    And I heard, (and watched on a TV show) that Aishwarya Ray wears contact lenses, and in fact that her eyes are brown. I dont know, it seems true since all her family has brown and in some early pictures of her, she has brown eyes.

  90. do include megan fox and jessica alba. aishawarya rai is unmatched. kristin kreuk’s eyes are lovely.

  91. The only beautiful eyes on here in my opinion, are 6,5 and 4. 10’s eyes are alright though.

    I would rate Sharbat Gula as the best out of this list because her eyes are just absolutely hypnotizing.

  92. Personally i think Paris Jackson has the most beautiful eyes. I like the combination of darker shin with light eyes.

  93. Aishwarya Rai had a cosmetic surgery to fix her crooked nose. Check out her Miss World pix.

    The most beautiful woman in the world…with the help of plastic surgery… Pathetic!

    • Why?? What’s so bad about surgery? Nobody specified beauty has to be natural, you made that rule up yourself!

  94. Is there a list like this for men? I’d love to see it, and I know exactly who should be number 1!

  95. Abdullah Shah on

    Sharbat Gula, She has got the most beautifull eyes in the list, u know y , coz no. makeup. her eyes are natural

    o yaa

  96. I have always thought the National Geographic girl had mysterious haunting eyes until my brother told me that her picture reminded him of me when I was a young girl… Now I see the resemblance and it kind of creeps me out to look at it!

      • I sent you an email response regarding the Afghan girl. While I may have a slight resemblance in color, in no way do I have the mystery, intrigue and beauty that her photo possesses!

        I love this collection of dreamy eyes! They are amazing!

  97. When I see Sharbat Gula, I see a girl with a look of hatred towards us Americans. Jealousy, too. I can feel her feelings- and her eyes are beautiful and pierces through you. Because we have warm homes- and she wears robes for clothing. In cold tempatures. We swim in pools, we get air conditioner, but she and her people sweat outside or freeze in the winter.

    She has every right to look at us like that.

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog on

      Oh my God Irene:
      1) She has that look in her eyes because she didn’t want to be photographed

      2)She and her village were attacked by russians, not americans

      3)Those are the clothes they wear over there (sorry that it isn’t Abercrombie)

      4)If there’s hatred against your country there’s always planes to do the job

  98. 4 brown eyes, penelope cruz and amelia vega hav beautiful eyes…

    othr brown-eyed beauties WITH BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES are, deepika padukone, bipasha basu, sneha (south)-indian, han chaeyoung, lee eun song-korean, meera irtiza rubab-pakistani, rainie yang- taiwanese, fan bing bing-chinese, ayase haruka-japanese…

  99. romana kanwal on

    ashita i m agree with your statements .i want to say just to all of u guys that admire the beauty always .

  100. i lvvvvv the afghan girl’s eyes and also i reallyyyyy like aishwarya’s eyes they have this soft look in them, i heard she’s gonna donate them after she dies…aww isn’t that sooo sweet 🙂

  101. TommyKnockerz on

    Really?? How, in God’s name, can you have ANY “Most Beautiful Eyes” list that DOESN’T include Olivia Wilde??????????? There is NO WAY IN HELL you can have any most beautiful eyes list without Olivia Wilde on it. It’s just not possible unless beautiful white women are excluded or something. Olivia Wilde has the most beautiful eyes on the frickin’ planet. The only thing that comes close are black women with green eyes.

  102. hey..i bet Mary Elizabeth Winstead has the most beautiful just don’t include her!! I love Mary..thumbs up for those who agree..

  103. A.J. Cook and Katy Perry not being on this list automatically makes it null and void.

    Nuf said. 🙂

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog on

      Nominating the endlessly talentless katy perry automatically makes you null and very very void 🙂

  104. LeaderDesslok on

    KATE BEAVER has the softest,MOST DREAMIEST eyes of any woman anywherePERIOD! ( = kate beaver or youtube = katybeaver ) no need to thank me!

  105. The most beautiful eyes belong to Sarah Adeel… The above merely suffice as she doesnt want the world to set itself up against a standard so high–that none other will ever meet it… And thus, be damned to depression that will last all of us an eternity…

  106. I dig eyes. You must like greenish shades…. 6 or so of them made the list. Maybe you could just pick 3 more at random, and make a separate list for women with other eye colors? I dunno who was on the top 50, but I’d suggest Tilda Swinton. Or Mila Kunis, she half-qualifies with one blue and one green.

    And Evangeline Lilly. Liv Tyler. Hayden Cantspellhername. Cameron Diaz. Jennifer Aniston. Keira Knightley. Winona Ryder. Anne Hathaway. Michelle Trachtenberg. Kristen Kruek. Rihanna. Kari Byron.

    Any old pics of Jane Curtin.

  107. Sad to see so many jealous people here spilling their bile.
    How do you know that these women wouldn’t have as beautiful eyes as they seem to have in these pictures without make up ?Have you actually seen them without make up ?
    Most women nowadays wear make up since they are 15 so why is it such a big deal when a famous woman does it ? Some people can never win, if they wear make up then they’re fake , if they don’t then all gossip mags and insecure women will tear them apart for not looking perfect !!
    Brown eyes are not boring but light eyes against a darker complexion and hair are more striking , like it or not.
    Sharbat Gula is beautiful indeed but she was 15 when that picture was taken , so it’s quite unfair to compare her with a 40 year old woman. Angelina Jolie has a strong bone structure and some people find it attractive (like myself) and some others unattractive. Each on their own but there is no reason to call her ‘ugly’. That’s just plain bullying, you wouldn’t like someone to come up to you and call you ugly.

  108. Agree with your points until the last one… what the ‘Afghan girl’ portrays is scary eyes. I would be terrified if I ran into her in a deserted street… brrrrr!!!!

  109. If you ask me the people on this list should be judged without all their make-up and special lighting and all that crap. If you took all that away from these celebs I’m sure you’d find some of them to be quite ordinary looking. It’s one thing to be beautiful after seven hours of prep and airbrushing but its quite another thing to be beautiful first thing in the morning after a bad nights sleep and that’s exactly what the Afghan girl portrays – True Beauty.

    • its not really so much about teh eye has more to do with the shape n how well it fits ur face.

  110. Think it’s funny, people keep bringing up women nobody has ever heard of and asking why they’re not on the list… but I have to agree with the post above, Googling that Daddario girl, she has got incredible eyes. But I guess she’s not on the list coz, well… who is she??

  111. Where is Alexandra Daddario??? Her eyes are AMAZING. The girls these people chose have NOTHING on her.

  112. for the most beautiful eyes, hmmmmmmm, that’s kind of a tuffy. but ithink i’d have to go with KATE BEAVER. ( = actress kate beaver ) or ( youtube = katybeaver)……not just her eyes are mesmerizing, but she truly is THE TOTAL PACKAGE!!!!!!

  113. oh and AisWiria Rai has rarely eyes and beautiful.Those grey eyes are so cute.
    But when making a Top of World most beautful eyes must select from all the world eyes not just from the celebrieties

  114. i like Sharbat Gula and Elizabeth Taylor because they have eyes beautiful and not so common the rest of them have also beautiful eyes but are too common in my opiinion.

  115. @Ishita, Because there are no such things as ‘black eyes’… very, very, very dark brown yes, but not black!??

  116. That girl needs to chill about that whole celebrities. There are plenty of everyday people who look far better than celebrities but guess what most people will never see them. Of course he’s going to use celebrities on the list. I doubt many people would be okay with someone taking a picture of their eyes and putting it online.

  117. i wonder y in the above 10 most beautiful..there isnt a single person with absolutely jet black beautiful eyes..i think black eyes are deep n soo intense…lined with kohl:)

  118. @Over9000, completely agree; Adriana Lima should definitely be on this list! Perhaps put her in place of Audrey Hepburn… not sure what she’s even doing on this list!?

    • She’s on this list because her eyes are pretty. You can insult brown eyes all you want, but it doesn’t mean they’re ugly. I highly doubt YOU’D be put on any sort of “top 10” list. From the comments I’ve read from you, you seem like an angry pubescent child who plasters his unwanted and insulting opinions everywhere.

  119. I disagree that brown eyes are boring…I have brown eyes, tanned skin and dark hair. I’ve been complimented a lot on them and I hardly wear makeup.

    For those who think brown is boring, watch Monster in law where JLo asks the guy what color her eyes are and check his answer…beautiful.

    All the eyes on the list are beautiful…I just wish there were more brown eyes after all, it is the dominant eye color. Blue, green, brown, hazel, grey, violet and all in between…all are beautiful. The most beautiful eyes are those filled with the expression of kindness and love.

    Just my humble opinion…

  120. Sharbat’s eyes are just plain scary – I’d say Kristin’s eyes are the best, but it’s not a great list!

    not that other girl. :p
    her eyes are beautiful, not just because they were violet, but they are full of mystery and as deep as the ocean. They are mezmerizing and hypnotizing. If I could have anybody else’s eys I would have elizabeth taylor’s they are perfect
    maybe it’s because she was a pisces and they are know for having deep, mysterious eyes 🙂 lol

      • Oh Nics, just shut up already. Just because YOU don’t like dark eyes doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful. Get over yourself.

        • Okay, you’re getting like a stalker now! I haven’t said anything about brown eyes, I’ve said that I personally don’t agree about a couple of women on this list… including Sharbat who’s eyes are far from brown! Wow, go and get a life!!!

        • What is your problem Nics? I agree with others who have tried to make a point with you. You write your opinions quite forcefully and they are not very tactful. Nobody is stalking you – dream on.

  122. Elizabeth Taylors eyes were not blue they were VIOLET. According to Larry King, they were PURPLE!

  123. I have said the same thing. Vivien Leigh overlooked – absurd! Vivien’s eye shape and color make her tied with Elizabeth for me. Or Vivien at number one, Liz at two. Apparently somebody has not seen Gone With The Wind. The most famous flashing beautiful eyes in a screen performance – a tour de force – ever. But I’d settle for Vivien at two and Liz at one; either way.
    A tie would be most perfect.
    Lynda Carter ahead of Elizabeth Taylor? what a joke! Aishwarya “widely considered the most beautiful woman in the world”? huh? By whom?

    Keira Knightley has some of the most beautiful dark eyes, with incredible shape and expression, as well. She should be on the list at 7 8 or 9. Her face is stunningly beautiful.

  124. Of course the late, great Elizabeth Taylor should be on the top of the list of the most beautiful eyes. Her violet eyes were absolutely unique, and they were even more stunning considering Taylor had a somewhat dark complexion.

    Others who should have made the top ten include Vivien Leigh, Gene Tierney, and Greta Garbo.

    • Vivien Leigh was even more stunning than Elizabeth. They should be at least tied. I agree about Gene Tierney.
      However I disagree that Elizabeth had a dark complexion. She often tanned because she made southern California her home, but her natural coloring was like Vivien’s – porcelain, deeply contrasting raven hair with subtle waves, and dark-lashed light eyes.
      When Liz was a little child her mother claimed that people came up to her (the mom) and said “your daughter looks just like Vivien Leigh.” She even tried to get little Elizabeth the role of Scarlett and Rhett’s child in Gone With The Wind, Bonnie Blue Butler, but did not succeed.

  125. @CatFan, your comment is not racist. I would never say that. It’s beyond “honest”, it’s angry. Would you really say to anybody’s face who has fair skin and brown eyes that their combination of colors is “horrid”? No, only online can you say something like this!
    So, I see, Keira Knightley’s beauty is “horrid.” And Natalie Wood’s. And Audrey Hepburn’s. Brown eyes are “generally ugly”. Why the need to be vicious in the name of “honesty”?
    Yet somehow YOUR boyfriend has the best color combination in the world. ROTFLMBO!!!
    Sounds like you have some self-image issues, and perhaps jealousy of your sister.
    But don’t go lumping everybody withy brown eyes into a category of plain, boring and ugly.
    That is just wrong. It may be your opinion, but I would examine why you hold it, and feel the need to say it.

    • You may construe it as angry, but it is just quite honest. I have said to several people’s faces I find pale skin and brown eyes the least attractive combination and you know what? They agree with me! Having poor colouring does not make one unattractive nor does having nice, vibrant colouring make one attractive. To be honest Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood are all attractive ladies, however, they are not stunning in the same way Elizabeth Taylor or Adriana Lima are. Yes, brown eyes (medium-dark) are not visually appealing to most people the same way lime green or turquoise are. Ask people what their favourite colour is? How many people will say brown?

      Yes, my bf does have the best colour combo. He’s been followed by people yelling “look at his eyes”. He’s known as “the man with the gaze” in fact he looks a lot like Sherbat Gula. What’s funny about him though is that he doesn’t like his eyes: he thinks they’re too light, however, he loves people with my colour combination.

      So there you go.

  126. I have to agree with Nics on this one. Brown eyes are plain, boring and generally ugly to be honest. I find pale skin and brown eyes a horrid combination. Luckily, my skin is tan, but my eyes are brown whereas my sister has nice olive skin and light green eyes. This isn’t about being racist, it’s about being honest. I’m an inorganic chemist and am naturally drawn to brightly coloured things — I love colours and I find some blue and green eyes to be so beautiful. My boyfriend has the best combo-dark skin, hair and very bright turquoise eyes.

  127. what about natalie wood??? what about ROSARIO DAWSON?!!! you can get easily drawn into shiny brown/ebony eyes

  128. i saw hazel eyes, but i DID NOT see any brown or ebony eyes! BROWN EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  129. Tough list to put together. Glad to see Elizabeth Taylor in there, her eyes are amazing.

    I think Kajol has prettier eyes than Ash though. Kajol’s eyes are just so different with her eyebrows and all which makes them more stunning.

  130. #1 is a joke, something tells me the person who constructed this list might be an Indian… lol… sure she is one of the most beautiful Indian women I’ve seen photos of (but there are more beautiful Indian actresses than this)….

    but to say she is “widely” considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world is strange indeed…

  131. I love KRISTIN KREUK eyes!!!
    i love her..she is one of most beautiful woman in the world

  132. Why are all these women’s eyes completely pumped up with make-up–except one? I think the true test would be “natural” make up just to conceal blemishes (dark circles) and maybe and eyelash curler. This list isn’t really that compelling.

  133. Hi Nics! Thanks for your reply. It’s not my intention to make you change your mind.

    I say this without intending to offend you. Your opinion is racist, not because you prefer light eyes (a very valid point), but because you believe people of other ethnic groups need to have a Caucasian ancestor to have gorgeous eyes, beauty is only possible if you have white features (light eye color, for example). This is indeed a racist beauty standard, no matter if you dislike brown eyes in any “race”.

    Don’t believe me, maybe you can chat about this issue with black or Native American friends / teachers if you have any, to know what they think.

    Just out of curiosity, what color are your eyes?

    • Well that’s rubbish isn’t it – I like light eyes, there’s no deeper reasoning there than that. White people have brown eyes too, which I usually don’t like either, so how can it be racist of me? A black person could wear coloured contacts and I would think their eyes look beautiful – in fact more beautiful than light eyes on a white person because of the contrast between skin and eye colour – there’s no racism involved at all!! I just don’t find brown eyes beautiful, end of, stop trying to read more into that than there is!??

  134. Hi Nics, perhaps you’ve never been in India, Lebanon, Spain or Morocco.

    Let me see if I understand:

    In your opinion, black people must have light eyes (they need Caucasian descent) so that their eyes are really beautiful, because their predominant dark brown is not striking enough?
    Do you think the same about all the other ethnic groups that have dark brown eyes?

  135. I.E. Black people usually have brown eyes… so that might be why there are none on the list rather than coz of racism (the colour of their skin). Is that where the confusion was?

  136. “it’s nothing to do with racism, it’s just that brown eyes are not that striking usually… ”
    XD What are you talking about?

    • Do you mean me?? I thought it was quite self-explanatory – in my opinion brown eyes are not usually that striking! I don’t know how else to say it!??

  137. To those saying this list is ‘racist’, it’s nothing to do with racism, it’s just that brown eyes are not that striking usually… I’m white and I believe people with darker skin and light eyes are the most attractive and striking! Get over the ‘racism’ rubbish!!

    Haifa Wehbe should’ve made it on this list – more beautiful than any of these women and better eyes too!!

  138. I agree with Jane, African dark eyes are really pretty.

    I thought that racism where you live had changed, I’m disappointed to know that many things remain the same. Many people who comment here are still very racist. The good news is that the world is bigger.

  139. Everyone on that list do have pretty eyes. But I have not seen anyone of african ancestry on that list. why is that are you racist? I mean I seen 2 asians and many color folks have eyes just like that. You can be racist to one group of ethanic people but not to others.

  140. Uma Maheswar Nakka on

    Dear all
    Good evening

    The real beauty is Sharbat Gula. She is a quite natural beauty withou even normal make up.
    She knows what is dust and heat. But still cherubic.

    With Best wishes,love and blessings to all.
    Uma Maheswar Nakka

  141. Kahlil Gibran wrote: “Beauty is Eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.”

    When it does, (IMHO) it sees Charlize Theron gazing back! (if not my Gina! 🙂
    As ‘beauty’ is totally subjective (which can be seen by the comments above) then allow me to input, that I think that Charlize Theron is the most beautiful living woman I have seen on this planet. She literally takes my breath away, just gazing at a picture of her! Scary! (Of course Angelina is no church mouse either!! 😉

    I must assume that this ‘Top Ten’ list is taken from celebrity, as I do not see my beautiful late wife Gina among the finalists. So here is a link to her eyes… Enjoy

  142. Hi MDOntario,
    Those dark eyes are perfect and the girl is gorgeous, she looks so pretty. THANKS!!
    I agree with you that Sharbat and Aishwarya have spectacular eyes. I love to see Aishwarya in films, God bless India!

    About Eva Green, she’s a French actress who starred star in Bertolucci’s movie The Dreamers and James Bond film Casino Royale.

    Check this out:
    I also found this video:

    Audrey Tautou isn’t on the list either. The best thing about this list is that everyone is enriching it with their comments.

  143. Joe January 4, I’m with you. Overall this is not a pretty group. Only two of the women pictured are beautiful AND have beautiful eyes (I think we’ll all agree that a less-than-pretty face can have stunning eyes)

    Overall prettiest: Sharbat
    2nd: Aishwarya Rai

    Best eyes: Sharbat
    2nd: Aishwarya Rai
    3rd: Giada De Laurentiis

    But that Eva Green I find has a prettier face than any woman here, and her eyes would be #2 in this list.

  144. All the eyes on here are blue, except for Sharbat Gula’s (green) and Kristin Kreuk (green/hazel). Therefore, I do not agree with this list; blue eyes aren’t prettier. Monica Belucci and Anne Hathaway have beautiful enchanting dark eyes.
    All I can learn from this list is that the maker has a preference for blue eyes, but there is no accounting for tastes. I couldn’t even make a list like this, because I think almost every person has in fact interesting eyes.
    As for who the winner should be, I like Ashwairia, Kristin and Angelina Jolie, but Sharbat Gula beats them hands down.

  145. I agree with you, Me. 🙂 Hello, how about Natalie Wood??!!! Keira Knightley’s eyes are stunning!!! Julia Roberts has rather unremarkable eyes though.. I wouldn’t include her.. not in a top ten most beautiful eyes list. I like her a lot actually but her eyes are not super amazing.
    But I don’t get the bias against dark eyes either.

    And the Liz Taylor picture is indeed a poor sampling. what’s up with that?

  146. Why is Audrey Hepburn the only person on the list with brown eyes? Why are they so underrated? They are so warm, kind and mysterious.
    What about these celebrities with beautiful brown eyes? Winona Ryder, Keria Knightley, Natalie Portman, Natalie Wood, Racheal Leigh Cook, Rita Hayworth, Penelope Cruz, Cindy Crawford, Anne Hathaway or Julia Roberts

    and why is Angelina Jolie on the list? her eyes are so cold and mean looking

    and Elizabeth Taylors eyes aren’t that colour, they are actually a much more beautiful violet colour, that photo of her looks like it was re coloured or something

  147. Excellent points Genevieve!!!
    That’s why Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor should be numbers 1 and 2. Their eyes were AMAZING, not just unusual color (Liz) and clarity and shape (Vivien) but in a time when they didn’t retouch as much as now, or wear contacts. People who saw them in real life exclaimed about their stunning eyes (and the rest of their features). Liz made the list but not Vivien.
    Her unusual eyes were described as changing color as quickly as her moods. Blue, grey, green, violet.
    But her husband Laurence Olivier called them green.
    The most astonishing thing to me that puts her at the top, is that even in BLACK AND WHITE, her eyes are deserving to be at the top, on sheer beauty.
    See here:

  148. WAKE UP CALL:
    #6, Sharbat Gula, National Geo cover girl from 1985, has retouched eye color. Well, the touch up/photoshop process has been used on ALL the women featured here.
    In Sharbat’s case, National Geo claims to have found her all these years later and have a photo of her now next to the original cover. Do a search and you’ll see the two together, then and now. It’s obviously not the 198 girl. It is not even remotely the same person. Similar, but she is not the cover girl from 1985. For starters, the two women have different eye color, nose shape, and philtrum length. Philtrums get longer, not shorter, as we age. Also, facial moles are not consistent and the woman they allegedly ‘found’ looks very masculine.There are strange discrepancies in the faces overall.
    The current imposter National Geo has unearthed has a much shorter filtrum than when she was a young girl on that cover….not possible at all, unless she had a cosmetic surgery known as a lip lift. Doubt she had that, being in worn torn Afghanistan, lol. Her nose is pointed flat and down, unlike the cover girl.
    The philtrum is the space between the bottom of your nose and the rim of your top lip.
    Also National Geo claims they talked her into dropping her bhurka so they could photograph her now. Highly unlikely in current radical Muslim society that she’d do that, show her face and be stoned by the villagers.
    They also make the ridiculous claim that they did a retinal scan using her in-person eyes vs. the cover girl’s PHOTO eyes. Uh uh, you have to have the real eyes there to do a retinal scan for a conclusive match. National Geo’s full of it. The cover girl’s eyes look photoshopped anyway, as do all of the women in this article except for Loren and Hepburn, although their skin is retouched heavily.

  149. that was a waste of time.. i mean, i know, their eyes are pretty, but ‘The world’s most beautiful eyes???’ seriously? all except like 1 are white, not diverse or anything. nothing special reallly. and with all the makeup and stuff, who knows how their natural eyes look like? this annoys me

    • Many other commenters have added names they feel should be on this list, feel free to do the same. I’ve always thought Bjork has the most stunning eyes – probably not everyone would agree, but that’s kind of the point with these lists. It’s interesting to share and compare.

  150. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Sharbat Gula has the most unbelievably stunning eyes in the world. I can count at least 5 colours. They’re absolutely, unfathomably gorgeous. Not one of the other women pictured are even in the same league. It’s just insane — almost unreal — how beautiful they are. I also think that overall she’s prettier than most of the others. Prettiest? Maybe, maybe not.

  151. OMG!, u forgot Martina Mariea McBride…![IMG][/IMG]

  152. i find the big brown eyes of rachel leigh cook very very attractive, oh i just love those eyes …

  153. I am glad that you aptly chose Aishwarya at the top but there are so many with much more beautiful eyes that could have made the list. I like Liv Tyler’s eyes that are the first thing that you notice on her face. More the eye colour perhaps as is the paleness of her skin and lovely lips…there is also Rena Sofer, maybe not that much of a well known actress but she has very striking eyes…

  154. Ok here’s the thing: Like the numerous amount of people before me, I strongly believe that Sharbat Gula should be in the number one slot. She seems to me like a very beautiful young lady & the best part is that she is natural. Next I’d like to point out that you forgot doe-eyed Anne Hathaway. Her lovely, warm, brown eyes are quite the thing to look at!

  155. that was a waste of time.. i mean, i know, their eyes are pretty, but “The world’s most beautiful eyes”? seriously? all except like 1 are white, not diverse or anything. nothing special reallly. and with all the makeup and stuff, who knows how their natural eyes look like? this annoys me…

  156. All of these ladies have gorgeous eyes, but my god, Sharbat Gula’s are beyond stunning! I think hers should have been number one.

  157. I dont think the eye colour is important. I can buy contact lenses that could defeat all the eye colour in the world. I can have violet or blue/green/amber eye colour anytime and anywhere if i want to show it to others. C`mon people, stop obessing with eye colour. Beutiful eyes mean the eyes structure. Aishwarya rai is the next dream girl of the millineum after hema of course(she is the most beautiful women in the world in the 1950) To those people who deny aishwarya rai is the most beautiful women in the world.
    Aishwarya rai is miss india(tie with sushmita sen)
    Aishwarya is Miss world
    Aishwarya rai is miss universe(tie with sushmita sen)

  158. Sorry, but I think that Sharbat Gula should be number one on the list. Those eyes are intriguing, in fact…I’ve never seen anybody else with them.

  159. Aishwarya is beautiful yes but calm down man ! There’s alot of PRETTIER women than her in this world, what is she ? The 8th wonder of the world ? lol By the way she’s half white, belgium yep that’s why her eyes are light,cause typicall indian people absolutely don’t look like that ! And she’s not the only one who won the miss world contest, there’s also the very beautiful chocolate eyed Amelia Vega …. Alot prettier than Aishwarya.

    I guess the person who made this list have a preference for blue and green eyes which is ok but don’t forget the dark exotic lovely eyes 😉

    I vote for Kim kardashian deep sexy look !

  160. I can’t believe Penelope Cruz isn’t on your list (???), is this because her eyes are very dark?

    Haven’t you seen any true Japanese/Chinese/Korean eyes that you like this much?
    Also, there isn’t any black person, not even those with green or blue eyes.

  161. the world is very wide and may be there are so many beautful eyes out there but there own was’nt here. I really cherish that of Ashwariya Rai, is the most beautiful then may be followed by mine!

  162. i think its too difficult to make eyes beautiful,,,,,,, because there has said that care is better than cure.. if we care our salves,, nothing can make us bad so always wash ur eyes with clean water and with naturally products………

  163. SoulinYourEyes on

    Alexandra Daddario… c’mon, any top ten list for eyes needs her intense gaze on it :]

  164. abdul sami khan sami on

    hi lovely girls lovely eyes and faces
    i like it any girls want freindship with me so contact me.i am young boy and i am want freindship with any cute girls…

  165. Good article…would really like to get a hold of the Sophia Loren picture, ideally in poster size.

    Any ideas on where it’s from?

  166. If you want to move past kindergarten, stop obsessing about colors already, like little children who just discovered that a magnet only hangs on metal.  Come on people, we should be past kindergarten, grow up.  Get to know the Creator & stop obsessing about silly things like who’s got the best color in their eyes.  You’ve got to be that stupid to obsess about colors, come on now.  Stop it already, it’s annoying hearing you all obsess about colors, it really is.  Yes, it’s the way we detect color, now let’s pack our bags & move on to the next criteria… The Being who put this all together, we call Him God.

    He not only makes receptors for colors, He makes lot’s of crazy & shocking things.  Why don’t you study what else He creates.  He makes planets, galaxies, people, and many highly complex, detailed things.  He even Has your hairs numbered in His memory.  Take that.  Could you keep a record of the number of hairs everyone’s got on their head?  You probably don’t have enough memory to store that many details on each person, right?  I didn’t think so.  This creature God, a He/She, creates many kinds of creatures, some funny looking because It’s not completely singular like us!  Is It/He?  He’s an amazing Being and colors guys, is just a dot of who He is.  God is not a dot.  His plan is a weave.  His will is not a dot.  And beauty is not a dot.  There is no dot guys.  God is not a dot.  Stop focusing on a dot that’s just one tiny bit of who He is.  There are a billion beautiful & different symmetrical things out there & vision is not the only amazing thing in the way He created us.  There’s also what we feel and sense.  If we put all our attention on a singular dot of how we see/detect colors, some people could get confused and think badly of themselves.  They could not like the color that God gave them.  They might get confused and not be thankful to God for the color they got.  You need to stop this worship of colors already.  Just stop it.  Just because people who read this will get confused.  It’s not about colors in essense.  In essence it’s about bowing down (respect/reverence) and lifting up (praise) to the woman as the Bible states.  These are the qualities God has.  It’s not about colors.  It’s about getting to know God so that we can love Him by understanding the He/She qualities that It posseses.  That’s what it’s about.  So this is where we draw the line & stop lying to people about what’s most beautiful but explain what is really going on behind the scenes.  

    Chris Tomlin wrote an amazing song about the Creator:   

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    You Do All Things Well lyrics

    Mountain maker
    Ocean tamer
    Glimpses of You
    Burn in my eyes
    The worship of heaven
    Fills up the skies

    You made it all
    Said, “let there be”
    And there was
    All that we see
    The sound of Your voice
    The works of Your hands
    You do all things well
    You do all things well
    You do all things well

    Star creator
    Wind breather
    The strokes of Your beauty
    Brushed through the clouds
    Light from the heavens
    Touching the ground

    Imagination runs wild
    And breathes the breath of life
    Across the fields
    Across the miles

  167. You lost me with #1. I see prettier women than Aishwarya every day. She is not that pretty, just lots of hype because she is Indian. Liz Taylor should be number one. No one has the violet eyes she has. I also like Catherine Zeta-Jones, very happy striking eyes and Laetitia Casta who is so gorgeous it’s unreal.

    • Ok lol its ok when u say that u see more women pretty than Aish every day, but Im not agree when u said that the media and everyone who knows Aishwarya think she is pretty because she is indian (u say that because probably is only your opinion that people like u don t like her).. i don t judge that because its ur opinion right 😉

    • Yes but.. much people are jealous of her.. she is the most beautiful of all miss world ever, one of world most beautiful women today and has been miss world in 1994.. and yes its just ur opinion that because a lot of people in India and in the world love her.. that s why she is better than her comtemporanies and she survives in the top of her career.. yes she has haters, like others actors.. its normal.. but all this are true facts like i said.. and she is not famous for herself or whatever.. ur are saying that because of your jealousy loll because that is not true.. 😉

  168. wow….why didnt you included madonna and marilyn manroe who have the most gorgeous eyes in this world not aishwarya rai!!

  169. No Vivien Leigh???? absolutely crazy. No way does Sophia Loren, or Lynda Carter, or even Audrey Hepburn have more beautiful eyes than The Scarlett O'Hara!!!

    Have you ever SEEN Gone With The Wind?

    she. has. no. equal. Everybody who knows film knows this, since you used film stars.

  170. I cannot believe Vivien Leigh is not on this list! She and Elizabeth Taylor could be one and two in either direction, although I'd lean toward Vivien as number one. Her eyes were perfection.

    And for brown eyes, although I adore Audrey Hepburn, I don't think her eyes were quite as unusual as Natalie Wood's. Sophia Loren's eyes were "bedroom" just like Marilyn Monroe's. Half-closed. No better.

    I agree that Adriana Lima should probably be on the list. Not Lynda Carter. Bor-ing! A lot of people have pretty blue eyes. That doesn't make them in the top ten in the world! LOL

    You put Lynda Carter ahead of Elizabeth Taylor? Poppycock!

    • Thats true but i dont c any difference u,y do u leave yo self, u r also beauitfull girl.

  171. I am not as pretty, but I have the same eye color as the girl in the national geographic photo, and only slightly lighter skin. Now stupid people ask me if I'm from afghanistan.

  172. i agree with the # one…but i think by far the second person should have been milla jovovich,,,,for sure

  173. Nice list. For a less popular someone with BEAUTIFUL EYES: Shae Marks (Miss May 1994). She has since retired from modeling, but there are lots of older photos, and her dark blue eyes are truly gorgeous. Sad thing they didn't get more attention.

    I especially liked Sophia Loren– Kirstie Alley also has very beautiful eyes.

  174. rai definitely doesn't have the most beautiful eyes in the world.. in fact iranian beauty claudia lynx has much more beautiful eyes.. though neither of them have the most beautiful eyes in the world.. you need to do some traveling!

    • nop, definitely Rai has been voted the most beautiful eyes: she has beaten Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox too.. Claudia Lynxs looks like Aishwarya.. but her eyes are just not better, sorry.. but its ok i respect your opinion 😉

  175. 🙁 There's barely any dark eyes!!!! Ever thought why brown eyes are so common? Well, God gave lots of people brown eyes because brown eyes are extremely beautiful. Yes, light eyes are beautiful, but it's no fair that they're considered boring just because they're so common!!! Sharbat Gula is beautiful but her eyes almost scare me.

    Please take my word about brown eyes, they are so extremely beautiful too! It's not just light coloured eyes!

    However, I would not want PINK eyes.

  176. rajakodavanti on

    Aishwarya Rai was most beautiful femalein the world

    2 to 10 their are ugly their eyes like cats!!!!!

  177. interesting list.. not what i would have chosen. and i'm pretty sure the eyes, specifically the coloring have been altered.

  178. Brown eyes are too underappreciated.

    iMO Brown eyes are the best- deep/mysterious/sexy etc. And they can shine gold in the sun 😀

  179. @toptenmaster if your wife has brown eyes than why dos'ent she put another brown eyed person on the list i mean does she hate her own eye color or something i have dark eyes but i think it would be cool to have amber eyes there so pretty

  180. simply gorgeous on

    well Leo, if Aish appeals to you , she must not necessarily appeal to me , I find her ordinary. and beauty is subjective you cannot sample it in one person and you cannot force everyone to like her. I have hazel eyes and I am much beautiful than her, besides I do not hate anyone. In the world there are unknown beauties who haven’t been into a beauty contest to be sampled as miss world or universe, so do not be so shallow.

  181. I know i respect your opinion and al people that Aish not appeals to loll.. the only thing is that first of all like i told here, we are talking about celebrities, not people that we dont know and that can t be judged of beauty or eyes beauty.. you can say whatever u want about your beauty or other people that its just NOT gonna change loll.. and it not appeals just to me but Aish has much more fans around the world, her miss world title and she have prouved it all.. its like too much celebrities, in hollywood too like her and the media has showed it all.. and all this its just TRUE.. but yes i respect all opinions right.,im just putting all what we are supposed to know about her and what they put here i think its just right.. 🙂 thanks

    • Aishwarya has light eyes but what about the loads of make-up on them? Everyone has different opinion . The one who made the list must be an Indian for sure.

  182. Eum.. im sorry to say that.. but Aishwarya is not ordinary at all loll.. i have some pictures of her when she was a kid, and she is verry cute.. dont forget that she is 36 years old and she is not like many hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie that does nose surgery for example.. everyone who knows Aishwarya she is one of world most beautiful woman.. yes sometimes they do a little photoshots, but her make up is simply perfect, that is why she has too many haters.. yes im agree unknown people has gorgous eyes too, but here we are talking about CELEBRITIES.. yes brown eyes are beautiful too, but Aish has blue-green eyes that when u take a look of her, u can ask to yourself, is she a real person? because her beauty, u can't really compare with others womans, because its a rare south indian beauty.. so, she is not ordinary loll

    • I personally believe that aishwarya rai isnt that beautiful for a south indian. She is the most beautiful women in the world for now. As a southern indian, i dont think she is quilfied for south beauties. She cant dances well. I seen better southern indian ladies than her. The reason those white said aishwarya rai is beautiful because she has a grey/green eyes which not much of them have it except some of thge white who are genetically pure blond traits. Not to mention,aishwarya rai got those cat-shaped eyes to match with her eye colour. There are more beautiful classic south beauties than all the races in the world. A perfect south beauties quality are good classical dances,a good singer,a good PR and also smart.

  183. simply gorgeous on

    I dunno why all this noise about aishwariya? she is ordinary to me, do not forget make up, photoshots and make up artists do wonders, look at her photos when she is a kid, she is too ordinary. In the world there are unknown people who have gorgeous eyes. but, what about brown eyes? these are gorgeous too!

    • aishwarya is not ordinary….even without makeup she looks really beautiful,im not her fan…but still ordinary is definitely not the word for her, coz shes miss world ,a successful actress and a world famous person and yes she does have really beautiful eyes but that doesnt mean the others r less all those ladies have really beautiful eyes….but i believe any pair of eyes with love r beautiful

  184. I love all of them. I think the girl from Afganistan ha s the most incredible eyes.

    The fact is she doesn't know all about this. We are commentingand featuring her with no clue on her side. Funny eh.

    Ciao Good job, nice compilation.

  185. loll i think yes its right.. because Aishwarya Rai has been crowned Miss World and she has been considered the world most beautiful woman.. today she is 36 years old and she tops one of world most beautiful woman yet.. Adriana Lima is one of most paied top models in the world.. but i think Aishwarya eyes are beautiful because everyone who knows her, can say that Aish is 100% natural beauty.. her eyes has an innocence and beauty of natural south indian eyes

    • dude she puts on loads of make-up to make her look beautiful #6 she does not even put on eye-liner that is most common in every girl today!

  186. all their eyes are quite lovely but only one person on the list have dark eyes. i understand that brown eyes are more common than green but that dose'nt make them any less prettier i have really dark brown eyes almost black well i think anyway i asked a eye doctor about colored contacs by they said my eyes are so dark they might not show up or be visable enough to change my color. i was thinking about getting violet contacts

  187. All those 10 famous personalities have colored eyes, i agree with that. But i can't say that only colored eyes are beautiful. Eyes are beautiful even in black, if they are big!!!! But none of the above has big eyes!

  188. aishwarya rai eyes r the first most beautiful eye ,not only her eyes all her face aish so aish is the best from all!!!

    • dude we are on the 10 most beautiful eyes in the world not 10 most beautiful women in the world.

  189. i think audery has the best eyes ever she should deffo be number one they're gorgeous!! and angelina's eyes aren't that amazing, in fact she looks kinda like a fish…. and personally while sharbat's eyes are interesting and really cool, they're kinda creepy…:/ what about some of the asians, they can have really pretty almond eyes!

    • Oh thank God I’m not alone – I don’t like Sharbat’s eyes, they scare the hell out of me. Not pretty, more like horror movie eyes!!!! 😮 And I wish I could meet the person who said that you have to be ‘natural’ to be beautiful. So many people saying that most of them wear make-up!? AND?? So what?

  190. The ELIZABETH TAYLOR's photo is a false;her true colour is BLUE/VIOLET. The photos in general don't tell the truth, but if you look her last movies: "These old broads" filmed in 2001 or "The Flinstone" filmed in 1994, you can see her true wonderful colour.

  191. The LIZ TAYLOR's photo is a FAKE…I saw the original and her eyes were BLUE/VIOLET (a foggy blue/violet cause the pic is very, very old.If you want to see her true colour looks the movie "These old broads" filmed in 2001. I have about 250 pics of her and even 2 photos EQUAL have different colours of skin,dress and eyes.

  192. I absolutely HATE having brown eyes because they get so very little recognition. I wish I had ANY colour but brown. They are so dark they look black and because my lashes are very short and my eyes are large almond in shape, they constantly look small but I can't do bugger all to open them up because mascara just drowns them/makes them darker!

    I wish I had pale coloured eyes 🙁

    I am a serious mutant, I have porcelain (like, WHITE) skin without freckles but I have naturally red hair (not that horrid carrot red, beautiful real red that I adore) and then these awful boring boring DULL brown eyes 🙁

    Sort of agree. I prefer pale coloured eyes simply because they look so much more defined when mascara is worn against them.

    PS. If I don't wear mascara, my lashes are white!

    • i wonder why you are so worried about your eyes… I think you are pretty and it is better that you must thank God for giving you EYESIGHT and whatever beautiful things your possess. Be happy and enjoy your life with your sparkling brown eyes(you know, i wish if i had brown eyes, but mine is BLACK). But i am happy that i am pretty..

      P.S If you are too much worried, try wearing colored lenses…

  193. I used to ENVY Heather Locklear. She has the prettiest light blue eyes. Cameron Diaz, too.


  195. oh i went see her pics on this webpage… she looks natural!

    i think she looks like Aishwarya Rai, seriously!!

    but people compare more Aish to Angelina Jolie loll .. 🙂

  196. Claudia Lynx looks nothing like her professional modeling pictures. Go to and go to page 36. Astonishing!

  197. well, her eyes are not only blue, but blue-green eyes.. the fact she is indian doesn t mean abslutely nothing loll.. the fact is she has beautiful eyes and no one like Angelina Jolie, megan Fox or Scarllett Johansson can beat it loll.. who u seen that has more beautiful eyes? certainly she is not a celebrity off course?! loll.. but its your opinion, i respect that 😉

  198. (rai)i don't think her eyes are "the most beautiful eyes".of course her eyes are beautiful,but people are amazed by the fact that she is indian and she has blue eyes.i personally have seen women that are far more bautiful

  199. well, u are right: they re just celebrities and there are millions of women in the world.. but here they tryed to top the most beautiful eyes of celebrities loll thats why they done this top 10.. the same thing when they top world s most beautiful womans.. its like they re celebrities too and maybe u like other milliards people are not agree too.. so.. 😉 that is it..

  200. guys, what u see is just celebrities eyes, famous…how come u say top ten???

    there are millions of women?? well every women are beautiful..dont just stick with celebrities..


  201. Alexis Bledel is not here!! Come on ppl…

    and I also think mila Kunis has extraordinary eyes (2 different colors)!!!!

  202. wait a second what about hazel,black,brown,albino,and amber eyes!( amber eyes r MORE rarer than blue eyes which makes them extra special and albino eyes!!!

  203. All right!! Joannah: if you think Aishwarya beautiful or not… not only her eyes, but she is 100% natural south indian beauty.. just take look at her, she is 36 years old today and she tops most beautiful womans in the World yet..

  204. This list only had famous women's eyes. Women are so often judged by and firstly valued for their aestetic appeal. That's why this is such a sensitive subject to many of us and I won't accept the "for entertainment" card. I agree with everything Jeunelle posted and I'm glad she had the patience to do so.

    Yes, AISHWARYA Rai is Asian but she's a Caucasian Asian, that doesn't make her all that different from the other celebrities listed. So what if she was Miss World?! That doesn't mean that everyone around the world find her beautiful. I don't, I think so many other Bollywood stars are more beautiful but opinions on aestetic appeal is subjective which is another reason why these top lists are so rediculous. Karisma Kapoor just to name one other Bollywood star has naturally blue eyes. Other eye colors than brown can be found in ALL parts of the world and among all ethnic groups. But rarity alone doesn't make something more attractive than what's common.

    I live in Denmark where blue, grey, and green eyes are much more common than brown eyes so the fact that brown eyes are more common around the world, doesn't decrease people's fascination with brown eyes here. So here in Denmark I get people pulling the "rare brown eyes are more beautiful" card and that's equally rediculous. All eye colors are beautiful and Jeunelle was indeed right to post her original post. She shouldn't have not done that just because it ruins the light hearted "fun" for some people.

    • You are so wrong aishwarya is not at all caucasian! her features are anything but that … she’s brahman and brahmans tend to be fairer and lighter eyed than other indians because of their aryan heritage

  205. Xjila Buerell on

    Aishwarya rai is not even that much of a big deal anymore. Yes, she is pretty, but like any other girl. Her eyes seem very simple shade of green/blue. Are they the most gorgeous in the world? No.

    I do believe you should take off this list because it only adds to the problem this society has with insecure women.

    Anyways, it seems to me that all the people who boast about Aishwarya being "beautiful" are the indians who see her as a god.

    Good Day.

    • I agree she is overrated there are much more pretier woman ou there only not famous. There is not such thing as most beautyfull cause there is different kind of beauty and there are so much people in the world. And Go did Aishwarya rai did something good for this planet or whatever did she saves lives common people. And if she is famous she is it for herself not for me or you guys.

      • yep im agree with you, shes overrated and my only complaining about this list is why SHARBAT GULA isn’t the numbr 1? Aishwarya rai ok she has grey eyes but i’ve seen a lot of people with grey eyes, even better.

    • u guys have seen aishwarya in her 30s and think she’s average pretty but if you saw her in her 20s u wud realize how surreal her beauty is … btw her eyes r not beautiful because of the color but rather the shape; she has brown contacts in raincoat and choker bali and yet she looks STUNNING in both the movies … and i m not indian and neither do i consider her a goddess I have seen many beautiful women in this world but there’s sth special about aishwarya’s beauty you can’t put your finger on it … hmmm it must be epic proportions or sth … for my contribution i love ana beatriz barros’ eyes way more than adriana lima’s (who is pretty but in a tarty way) … barros should be on this list

  206. It might be unrealistic to have gone out and surveyed all of the eyes in… in what? No parameters were included. The most beautiful eyes ever, anywhere, in all of history. Clearly not. A simple change of title would make it clear what set of people are included–wait, did I say "people"? Oops. Only women are included in this list of most beautiful eyes. Then, there is a separate list on this site for the top 10 sexy men's eyes. I don't get it.

  207. Great list. Every woman on this list was beautiful, most being beautiful inside as well. Oh, and kudos to your wife!

    Some particular comments, however…

    Just because you have gotten some exterior stress because of the color of somebody's eyes does NOT make this comment board your stress ball!

    The list has, as an unpublished whole, 50 people on it. There were apparently brown eyed beauties on that as well.

    This is a board to agree and disagree, but not bash on the people on the list or the people that made the list!

  208. The answer why just blue eyes and one black eyes and zero brown eyes on the top 10 is to answer the answer, who made the top list. They were or it was obvious the blue eye person/s. If the persons would be all with brown eyes, there would be a lot of brown eyes in the top ten. Thats how it goes.

    • Azureguy – Sorry, but you are wrong. The woman who wrote the list has light brown eyes, married a man with dark, dark brown eyes and has two children with medium brown eyes each. How do I know? I'm married to her.

  209. Its the shape of the eye, not necessarily the color that makes for pretty eyes. Big, wide, doe shaped eyes are whats pretty.

  210. 1) To the people suggesting Megan Fox, sorry, I see nothing impressive about her eyes. The size/shape is small and they're only noticeable because they're light and that creates contrast with her dark hair and fake-tanned skin.

    2) I agree with the person who said Angelina's eyes are overrated.

    3) Where are the dark eyes? Jessica Alba has beautiful brown eyes. There are others, but they're not famous in the western world.

    4) Stop complaining about the list being celebs. No duh it's celebs. Who else would it be? Regular women.

  211. How about not doing any list of "The most…"; So that there won't be anyone that will be surprised about the famous names/faces/eyes that appear in that list. I mean, it's funny that you are discussing and even "trying to find a way to torn our world into a less plastic society" (..especially America..)

  212. Angelina Jolie???? Please….

    I swear, I am sooooooo sick and tired of seeing this chick's mug grace the cover of every rag and so-called "top ten list".

    She doesn't even belong on this list. Wow people love to suck up to her. So obvious they tossed her name in to get hits, she's become like the ubiquitous lazy journalism fall back tactic to get some attention

    The only saving graces here are the likes of Linda Carter and Sophia Loren as far as the big names go anyway. Half of these people just have good makeup jobs and could be replaced by about a thousand other people

    But the real question is How the heck is SHARBAT GULA not #1??? Her eyes peer directly into your soul. Good Lord. Her eyes are "mesmerizing", but not mesmerizing enough apparently to outdo people who aren't dirt poor

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog on

      I 100% agree with you. Sharbat Gula has the best eyes of all the list (and Sweet Liz and Gorgeous Sophia too)
      Angelina Jolie is waaay overrated in everything, she looks like a tranny (nothing against trans women I’m just sick and tired of this talentless woman)

  213. Where's the love for brown eyes? I think Emma Watson's eyes are simply beautiful – soft, big brown eyes.

  214. Eye of the Beholder on

    These are great…but i agree with a former post…Adriana Lima should def be on here!

  215. HEY to all.. DID U KNOW THAT AISHWARYA IS NOT THE ONLY INDIAN GIRL WITH BLUE EYES WITH FAIR SKIN??? LOL!!! The only thing why she's famous is bec she became miss world.. so what if

    another indian girls with blue eyes and fair skin won that title..

    would you think that she's unique?? LOL some indian girls with blues were not really exposed…

    lol aish is full of make ups and fake eyelashes..don't be fooled….

    i know some indian celebs with blues eyes can anybody says she's unique when there a few girls just like her… funny..better search…

    If she has a perfect beauty..then she would not need a basic make up…

    if she's really beautiful…she would remain pretty with only lip balms with a little powder..

    this will show if she's really pretty…

    wake up…

    i love seeing girls without makeups..they show there natural beauty..sigh!!!

    • Yes! Finally someone who realizes that. I have heard it said that a truly beautiful woman would look beautiful just out of her bath – meaning without ANY make up. Natural good looks and natural glow. How many much acclaimed beautiful people could fit on that list?

  216. Kisses from the Netherlands!!!!!!!

    Like 3 years ago, I've had a colleague, Esra Dursun named, a turkish-dutch girl with those amazing blue eyes. When I was to observe a lesson of hers during het school placement as a teacher, I saw one of the pupils raising his hand and and saying: "Ms Dursun your eyes are so beautiful that we just cannot stop looking at it, ayy it's soooo beautiful." And he was so right. She would certainly be in the top 5. Despitable as it is, she is not famous at all.. But I remember she got an invitation to pose for a gigant make-up trade, which she rejected. I still respect her lack in and unawareness of this beauty. It is good to see these beauties in daily life rather than in magazines.

    Btw: Elizabeth Taylor is still my favo but I am not sure if the color is real? Contactlenses??

  217. Sharbat Gula deserves to be in the number 1 spot. I have never seen eyes like hers anywhere and I have traveled all around the world. I don't believe anyone else will have eyes like hers, ever. Incredible. She looks so amazing on the cover of National Geographics.

  218. I also have a pair of beautiful eyes, I guess. I treat them well, and they are my asset.
    Nice post. I like this very much.


  220. It should be "famous"ladies, since there are prettier eyes that aren't famous. I think Adriana Lima should be number one. I'd say the shape, size and color should be considered. Sharbat has a dull eye color and they're small. Charlise doesn't have the BEST eyes. Alot of ppl have pretty color, or startling large eyes, or a pretty shaped eye. i think the most beautiful would have all three.

    • agree! look at her eyes.. perfect..

      and you also forgot megan fox. i thing she has more beautiful eyes than the no. 1 of your list.

      hes eyes are amazing… no words to describe!!

  221. What gets me is, people often refer to 'celebs' when they cite examples of 'Beautiful Eyes'..well girls, let me just say you don't have to be a celebrity, and you don't have to be rich or famous, or have endless sessions of plastic surgery. It's not like that, because nobody is better than anyone else and beuty is subjective.

    I think most celeb's classed as good-looking are, in my book, vain and arrogant. They can have nice eyes, nice figures it makes no difference. The person inside is ugly, and it shows. So don't emulate them, just be yourself and you'll effortlessly project a beauty that is priceless.

  222. Since no love was given to American black women ( and no, while Aishawyra is drop dead gorgeous, she's not black . . if that's the case, Jessica Alba is black ), here are a few with beautiful eyes:

    – Tamron Hall ( MSNBC anchor – beautiful brown eyes )

    – Toni Braxton ( puppy dog brown sexy eyes )

    – Stacey Dash ( movie: Clueless – always know for her hazel eyes )

    – Beyonce ( one of the most photogenic women on the planet )

    – Jill Scott ( R&B singer, a big woman with fantastic brown eyes and smile )

    – Jayne Kennedy ( 70s model, seen on NFL Today on CBS and was a Playboy centerfold )

    – Nicole Ari Parker ( TV Show: Soul Food – great hazel eyes )

    – Keisha Knight-Pulliam ( Rudy from Cosby Show – almost 30 but looks 20 )

    – Halle Berry ( her eyes are what keep her in any top 10 beautiful list )

    – Janet Jackson ( her eyes are what keeps her looking young )

    – Ciara ( extremely sexy eyes with a body to match )

    – Florence Griffith-Joyner ( star of 1988 Olympics in Track & Field who died a few years later. Fantastic eyes to go with that rock hard athletic body )

  223. I noticed some people made comments about not enough brown eyes included in the list. Well I have some for you: MARISA TOMEI (gorgeous big brown eyes), Catherine Zeta Jones (lovely eyes and framed well by her eyebrows which is half the beauty in my opinion), Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder and ANY ITALIAN, GREEK, SPANISH OR OTHERWISE MEDITERRANEAN WOMAN ON THIS EARTH. But I'm also greatly shocked that you didn't include Brooke Shields as she has eyes about as beautiful as Sharbat Gula's!!! XX

  224. sharbat gula s eyes without any make up are gorgeous,beauty of the face is what looks natural not using colors or make up

  225. hi…….

    how could u forget NADIA BIJORLIN eyes…..

    they are so beautifull

    even without make up…………..go take a look at her shes incrediblle


  226. I agree mostly with passerby comment and also i noticed that eyes that i consider beautiful have some similarities as the other parameters of beauty. If you look a little deeper in it you can practical come to conclusion what do you find as beautiful on other people, to know what makes for you that factor x

  227. Hey, how can u guys forget Madamoiselle Audrey Tautou????

    With her large, expressive long-lashed peepers….excluding her fr the list is a very BIG crime!!!!!

  228. Aishwarya is no match to elizabeth taylor…. elizabeth her dazzling violet eyes…

    Elizabeth taylor ARE VIOLET period

  229. Elizabeth Taylor has a violet eyes and aishwaray have blue eyes that can be seen on another indians…

    Aishwarya eyes is no longer unique at all.. but Elizabetth taylor is a real violet that even aishwarya can never have… i dont think aishwarya blue – elizabeth taylor dazzling extarordinary violet eyes…

    I would only admire aishwarya if she has elizabeth taylor eyes which is truly rare…

  230. my eyes is the most beautiful in this world if you see me you will melt no no am just kiding machaà lah

  231. Arabs have more beautiful eyes,black and honey eyes are special.i hate blue eyes or green eyes,they have no expression

    • Yeah that is also my opinion there is no warmth in them so cold and nothing mysterious. Sure if you have a little color and light eyes it is obvious but that doesn”t mean it”s beautyfull or that there is something speaking about them.

    • why because ur Arabian and have black or brown eyes and you wish you had blue or green eyes, i think that light brown hasel or eyes are the most pretty

    • not only arabs but most of the middle eastern women have got large, dark eyes with fairly white skins… i suggest google some of the most beautiful celeberities from arabs, iranians and turks just like: gansu dere, ezra akin, golshifteh farahani, googoosh, behnoosh tabatabai, …

  232. Yeah, passerbly is right…every woman in this world are beautiful…what matter s most is the inner beauty…telling who’s the ‘there is no such thing as the most beautiful woman in the world” it like over rating on some one you like and beside, it’s sounds like the rest are… LOL …
    you know in celebrity world… so what if they are celebrity with beautiful eyes?

  233. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody see's beauty differently and usually people like someone that look's like themselves. So cheer up now everybody, and don't take this to heart, remember, the person who composed this list has HIS or THEIR own taste. Just as a writer of any book says what THEY BELIEVE to be true, so does the person who chose this list. Now calm down now, true beauty is on the inside, do we have to go back to Kindergarden everyone? There's nothing more nasty than someone who looks the part and has a nasty attitude. Now cheer up now because on and on people come across this one irreplaceable phenomenon, the inside beauty of the person and who they really are, not just their appearance. So why don't we move past this eye color nonsense already, brown, green, blue, hazel whatnot, who cares already. Does it really matter what color you get since when you live with the person you come across their attitude and character on a daily basis and that's what really counts, OK? Now stop trying to think that you are not beautiful, YOU ARE, you are just judging yourself by the wrong criteria, appearance. You will never have every different eye color or hair or body all at once anyways, so what's the big fuss already?

    You are only not beautiful when you believe that your true assets are on the outside. So look within yourself, guys gals, you are beautiful, you just need to stop focusing on outer appearance and instead be a warm, friendly person so people can FEEL your beauty. I honestly have always liked brown eyes, most everybody has them, so what's there to fear if almost everyone is just like yourself? True beauty is when you can sympathize, just find someone that looks like you and you should be alright. That's all that counts. Don't deslike or try to change something about yourself because you deslike yourself. You are beautiful the way you are, you just need to wait until the person who sees that beauty in you finds you. Don't chase after people won't think you are beautiful, there are other options out there you know, you just overlooked them. Look on the inside, look beyond skin color, eye color, hair color, height, features, etc. Why don't you put your focus on who they are, the unseen person of the heart, the depth of who they REALLY are. Learn to do that and you'll see the real beautiful ones, the ones that hide in their skin and body hoping that somebody thinks them as beautiful and worthy. Thinking to themselves, "Am I good enough?" You are. Am I pretty? You are. Am I beautiful? You are. I believe you are. Just look within yourself. Don't you think that is beautiful, when you can see the thought process going through the head, thinking so humbly, Am I GOOD enough, AM I worthy? You can be if you stop believing lies people spread about true beauty.

  234. All gorgeous eyes but I doubt they're the most beautiful eyes in the world, they're just celebrities who have nice eyes there's billions of people in the world:)

  235. and pls include Vanessa williams..she also blue-green and grey and she's black american here skin were just like aishwarya…hai..WHAT ah…

  236. Elizabeth taylors eye are so she should be no. 1 though at this time..Violet eyes are rare in this world..And aishwarya eyes is not the only indian who owns blues eyes…better go and research for indians..the only things is that they are not celebrity, famous a model etc…and they are beautiful without make ups…Fair skin with colored eyes? LOL there are some not only aishwarya…hai there what a tsk tsk foolishness….

    • I totally agree with you, and as i said in the past the photo above of Liz is “photoshopped”..Her eyes haven’t that shade of blue(even if you see ” The Flinstones” on youtube you can see her incredible blue/violet irises)!

  237. I think that Sharbat Gula's eyes are the most beautiful I've ever seen. It's insane.

  238. Aishwarya Rai is soooo beautiful inside and out with the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen.I knew she was going to be No.1 I mean she's known as the most beautiful woman in the world.

    • And have you seen all the woman in the world please. Look how she looks w/o makeup and in simple clothes. And with so much attention she should look greater. There are mothers who have to work hard and have childeren who looks better in there age.

  239. Bibliomaniac on

    I have to agree with some of the other posts–no beautiful eyes list is complete without Vivian Leigh and Alexis Bledel.

    Might I also suggest Zhang ZiYi–she has beautiful eyes. And don't forget Veronica Lake's bedroom eyes!

    Also, Elizabeth Taylor's eyes are violet, not blue.

  240. Hi all, it's me again. Yes yes, her eyes are like big pearls. Big puppy-dog eyes make me wanna huggi.

  241. man that Aishwarya is really beautiful… even w/o makeup sh looks so voluptuous

    btw @ Antonio on March 3rd, 2009 7:56 pm

    Sharbat and Aishwarya both are black women 😛

    • dude sharbat is not black she is tan go and check out Afghan people on Google they are fairer than Indians or paki’s

    • While some indians are pretty dark, Ashwarya isn’t black.
      Niether is Sharbat. Afghans are Eurasian people. It’s not uncommon to see Blonde/Redhead/Ginger Afghans. Ands its very common to see Afghans with green & blue eyes.

      P.S: I know this because a friend from the US military told me that afghans are fair, and that he would often see kids with Blonde/Ginger/Red hair, and would ALWAYS see kids with blue/green/hazel colored eyes.

  242. Guys just give it a break… its TOP 10 not TOP 100! But still that Ashwariya Rai in top spot is unfair.. rather have Sharbat Gula’s eyes first or Angelina's..and you seriously forgot Marylin Monroe and the famous HAIFA WEHBE for God's sake..u know what?! how about an extended list in the bottom… contact me anytime I'll help! Haifa Wehbe how can you miss that??!!

  243. Thanks for hardly including any brown eyes…

    I think all eye colors are beautiful, including brown, and the fact that you didn't include many is insulting.

    Examples: Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Kim Kardashian (I know…but she has nice eyes), Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes

    • Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful woman. She’s also a mom, and has had humble beginnings. Despite this, she’s still a down-to-earth REAL person. You know?

  244. :sighs: whats the big deal with blue eyes? especially on white people(no offence) in seventh grade this guy was mixed, like me, and had blue eyes, and it was super cute, but there are just so many blues eyes out there, and no one ever remembers that there are other eye colors! Kiera Knightely has beautiful eyes, and guess what? they're brown! its no fair that whenever i try to explain why brown eyes are beautiful, people always pull the 'blue eyes are more rare' card! hairless cats are rare, but no one says they're more beautiful then a calico cat, and there are tons of those! and there only seem to be two shades of blue eyes. so light its like looking at water, or the color of the sky. brown ranges from almost yellow to black, like mine. the only way you can tell my eyes are brown is to shine a flashlight in my face.

  245. Vivien Leigh should definitely be on this list. Also, Elizabeth Taylor should be #1. Her eyes are beautiful and were beautiful when she was a child.

  246. The eyes of Kate Beckinsale and Josie Maran were also beautiful and just by looking at them as if you want these girls to marry for a lifetime

  247. hmmm I think sharbat Gula has the most beautiful eyes; her eyes are just amazing [a mix of 7 colours] wow!

    I reckon she shouldve been first and aish shouldve been 2nd, even tho I think aish also has got gorgeous eyes ^^.

    I wonder how Sharbat Gula would look like, if she had as much make-up as the others??

  248. you forgot Fan Bing Bing (just kidding, but search her name on google) ….. is this in the world or in America?….

  249. sharbat gula on

    sharbat gula should be no 1 as some 1 already said she has mesmerising eyes an all natural i cant stop looking at them, good bless them,never seen eyes as beautyful as them

  250. So…only light eyes are beautiful???? because with the exception of Audrey, the rest are the same, boring, light-colored eyes, they all blend together with the exception of Angelina's (cat-like) Elizabeth's (violet) and Airwashya's (big).

    • I would have agreed with you, except that she wears contact lenses. Accordingly, I would propose Mila Kunis. They almost have the same eyes and face. Anyway, one can definitely not deny the stunning beauty of these two women, which I believe is attributable to their perfect jawlines, lips, and noses, besides their beautiful eyes.

  251. Abdul Majeed Khan on

    Ashwariya Rai has donated her eyes to eye bank;so some one can see this beutuful world after her. So sundas I am already in queue, your turn is after me. (I AM BLIND I CAN'T READ YOUR COMMENT!!!!!)

  252. As Brad Pitt would tell you: “Angelina Jolie has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever come across.”

  253. Okay Sharbat Gula had no make up on plus she has a dity face and still had beautiful eyes to me she has the most beautiful eyes all others need make up.

  254. Wow Number one and me have the same color eyes and eye shape…she is a beautiful woman..

  255. alexis bledel has the most gorgeous blue eyes. they are unnaturally bright and absolutely amazing, especially considering the fct she has dark brown hair, alabaster skin and hispanic heritage. simply gorgeous

  256. there should be top10 list for unknown people……i have a friend who has the mostttttttttt b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l eyes in the world. but u forgot Jennifer aniston she should be on No#1 or Alexis bledel or the Olsen twins…

    not aishwariya rai….

    • rajakodavanti on

      hey kevin me jennifer aniston was miss world Aishwarya Rai is miss world in 1994 her eyesbeautifulyou never eyeslike at and also she donate her eyes some hospital after she died!!!!!

  257. Why also you pick on popular people to judge for the most beautiful, beautiful eyes? There are people which are still unknown in this world which has very beautiful eyes. I have seen whiwh are not popular, unknown with very beautiful eyes.

    Why are your judgement so unfair?

  258. jessica alba has amazing eyes and smile should be in top five, that one chic is just damn scary lol

  259. This is a pretty great list, but I'd have called it the Top 10 PAIRS of Eyes for the sake of precision. With any list, there are faves omitted, but the omissions here didn't bother me because the list was so diverse. Still, the comment about missing the lovely brown-eyed gals is one short coming. (Heterochromes are cool, but I wouldn't call the freakish trait beautiful in and of itself.)

  260. Sharbat Gula, She has got the most beautifull eyes in the list, u know y , coz no. makeup. her eyes are natural


    • Not beautiful, just strikingly weird. You who are all voting for Sharbat Gula should look up the word beautiful in the online dictionary before applying it to something that is not.

  261. I have exactly identical pair of eyes as Aishwarya (may be not face) so shall I believe mine to be the best eyes in the world ?? lol:)

      • well i am from afghanistan and a pashtoon (just like sharbat gula) people always tell me i have eyes like her exept mine are hazelish when its usmmer and depends on what im wearing…they can also be brown 🙂 so i should sonsider myself the number 6 eyes in the world also?? hahah.

        • people also say we look alike (same skin tone, eye lashes, face structure, etc.) lol i guesse it just runs in the pashtoon blood 🙂

  262. when you see a girl with blond hair & blue eyes it's almost like looking at a ghost, almost like you see nothing. when you see a girl with darker features you almost have to look at her because her feautures pop more. stevie nicks, gwen stefani, tori spelling, and kristin kreuk have the most beautiful eyes.

    • I can see what you mean if someone has very light blond hair, pale skin and very light eyes, but some blonds have brownish golden hair and tan, so not all of them look ghostly. I think that it depends on the shade and color combination. Anyway, we all know that looks are not what really matter in the end.

  263. shubhabrata chakrabo on


  264. this list is truiy amazing.but i have a also beautiful eyes.but i'am black-eyed.aishwarya rai is perfect for the list.

  265. All these women have very beautiful eyes, but where's the love for brown eyes?

    (I'm green-eyed, but I've always thought brown eyes are under-appreciated! They can be stunning too!)

    • Jessie Diamond on

      I was thinking the same thing. granted someone like Jessica Biel's cheekbones and color-coordination (all of her is some shade of golden brown). But, take away her bone structure and her make-up (which she hardly uses) and you'll still see that her eyes are a close second to Shabat Gula's.

  266. I will write the list for men!!! email me

    This list was great btw but I would have swapped Angelina Jolie for Megan Fox ;D

  267. Had all these women photographed without make-up whatsoever just for these list, Sharbat Gula would have been in the top spot without doubt. That photograph of her is 100% natural and still made it to top 6. Piercing and haunting sea-green eyes.

    • I´m agree with you, Denise Vasi´s eyes are the most beautifull eyes in the world, and she´s the most beautiful girl in the world

  268. What about Diana Ross? Her eyes are so Amazing.

    How about Alicia Minshew? She plays Susan Lucci's daughter on Daytime Tv Soap All My Children.

    Beyonce has Beautiful eyes too.

  269. Alright I agree with your top 1 most beautiful eyes, Aishwarya Rai's eyes is enchanting looks like you're in never land every time you see her.

    • people she can’t have the best eyes i am talking about none of these people except for sharbat gula has the best eyes because they just put on lots of make up to make there eyes look good. if you ever see there celebs without makeup even your or my eyes would look better then theres. and sharbat gula has the no1 best eyes in the world as she has not put on any makeup what so ever and her eyes are completely people who are saying aishwarya rai’s eyes are the best they suck!

      • totally agree- Sharbat Gula’s eyes are piercing and they don’t seem to be natural- it may sound stupid but her eyes are like the backs of CD disks and she by far has the most natural face

  270. There is always one more to add, and these eyes are absolutely beautiful…Vivian Leigh.

    Shabat Gula has the only not loaded with tons of make-up. Her eyes are piercing to the core.

  271. Shall I tell you what the most beautiful eyes are? The one's you see on the street everyday, the one's that cross your path and remind your heart why it's there 😀

  272. There is no problem creating beautiful eyes with the right makeup. Ever seen this Angelina Jolie without it?

    It would make you running away!

  273. the difference between all of them is the no. 6 Sharbat Gula is that it's all natural. no make up. no that is natural beauty!!!!

  274. No Evangeline Lilly from Lost? Girl has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen, easily topping anyone on that list.

  275. No asian eyes – how about Gong Li? And I would have thrown in Isabelle Adjani somewhere in the list.

        • LOL. What the heck does that even mean? “she’s asian but her eyes are not?” You know she is from India? India *IS* an asian country. Indian people can have eyes all colors/shapes/sizes….but a lot are known for those big almondy shaped eyes. Which is what makes Aishwarya’s eyes so gorgeous! She has very Indian looking eyes. So her eyes are not asian you say? makes absolute no sense.

  276. Since they are all women, how about beautiful eyes owned by men? I'll start with Jude Law's.

  277. As soon as I saw the title of this list only 1 name came to mind right away and you nailed it!

    Aishwarya Rai

      • what do people see in that AISHWARYA chick? she is pretty, hardly even that. on the other hand angelina jolie makes aishwarya look like a speck, compared to the brightest star. aishwarya has a nice COLOR of eyes, but her face is average, only with a professional makeup job. angelina jolie could wear no makeup and a nun suit and she makes anyone compared to her look to shame.

        • Sorry but i disagree with you there Rachel. Aishwariya Rai has rarley worn much makeup. Shes commonly know because she stars in many of her films with only eyeliner and some blusher. How often have you heard of celebrities that do that! Compared to the many face lifts and plastic surgerys that have been done on Angelina Jolie, its huge. Both actresses are naturally pretty, but Jolie wears more make up, and it isn’t required. She might be the prettiest in Holywood, but im sure there are people prettier then her. Some people that know better to show themselves up that way, so you can’t just say that we should all be in shame.

        • You are a liar. Jolie has not had surgery. She was born beautiful. It’s common knowledge to everyone that aishwayra wears colored lenses but Jolie is all natural.

        • agree…and if you look at her face flat on, its pretty dumb looking, even with the make up on

      • BALLS, BALLS, AND BALLS AGAIN. I have not been influenced by the media and believe her eyes are the most beautiul. I have my own mind and opinions.

  278. You forgot the chick that played Xena, "Princess Warrior" – can't remember her real name, but her eyes were amazing! Otherwise GREAT list…good job!

  279. Ken, I did consider Marilyn. She was probably about 15th on the list. But too often her eyes were half-closed, hence the bedroom eyes. Very sexy, but not top ten in beauty.

  280. What about Marilyn Monroe? Nice body, but she had bedroom eyes that could wake the dead. You missed that one.

  281. I can think of other features I might have rated for these ladies as well. 😉 I might have swapped the top two, but still a decent list of some great peepers!

  282. Sharbat Gula's eyes almost look unreal. I would cry "photoshop" but I don't think National Geographic would allow that. And yes, Megan Fox should have been here too.

    • The picture was taking in the 1980's so there is a SMALL chance that it could have been "photoshop"(dont think photoshop did even exist in that time) or fixed.

      • Well Gabby they could have photoshopped the picture after it was taken and also going around and finding beautiful eyes around the world would have been a good idea instead of just famous people. its not really ten most beautiful eyes it ten most beautiful celebrities eyes

      • Not photoshopped or fixed, there was a small special on the Nat Geo channel about finding this girl. They found her and the eyes were a match to the Nat Geo magazine with some small variation due to age.

    • Have you watched the recent episode of National Geographic which they went to Afghanistan to look for Sharbat Gula after 10 or 15 years and they found her and she still have these great eyes..

  283. The Eyes Have It on

    I like the idea that you went old school and new school. Focusing on all the newest faces or eyes would have been too easy. I love that Lynda Carter was on this list.

    • These are famous people!!!!! What about beautiful eyes that have not been made up by artists, pictured in great lighting and live in some small town in USA. There could be thousands and thousands of absolutely beautiful eyes who have not been in a magazine or a movie…

      Who are you kidding? Just famous stars have "the most beautiful"?

      Kinda of dumb in my humble opinion.

      Saw a man the other day with the most piercing blue eyes and he was raised in an orphanage…never got into acting or modeling..(did not know the "right people) Do a David Lynch and go out to find the most beautiful.

      How plastic this is!

      • Ronald McDouchebag on

        well, duh, because that would be boring, celebrities sell, now everyone all together DUUUH!!!! In fact Cathie, why dont YOU make a list and quit your crying

        • well ronald mcdouchenbAg why dont you just stop making people feel bad and why dont you make a list you would be suprised at how many peple have way prettier eyes than these people. My sister happens to have eyes more or just as beautiful than the people on this I dont know about you but thisl ist is horrible and its just celebrities. You most likely just like the list because they are people you like and your eyes arent pretty if they are post a picture and people on this site will be a judge of how pretty your eyes are . have a good day mcdouchenbrg

        • I'm sure that if the people who had made this list had known about your sister, kat, or indeed any other thousands of "non-famous" people there are with more beautiful eyes, they would have included them.

          However, the fact of the matter is, using people the public will know and recognise on name alone, allows them to easily relate and form opinions.

          Besides, i don't know about you, but i sure as hell wouldn't like to read a list that looked like this:

          "1. My Mate Rachel"

          "2. My Aunie Margret"

          "3. That girl behind the counter in my newsagents"


        • Erm, Sharbat Gula is not a celebrity FYI… And Gaz is right… People others can relate to should obviously be in that list, not someone no one knows cause that will be BORING!

        • Sharbat Gula WAS not a celebrity. She is now cuz she got the cover of Nat. geographic Magazine! quite something isn’t it? She was just some random Afghan girl. But people know and Identify her from her picture, right?

        • And? We don’t know who the heck your sister even is, that’s why she isn’t on this poll so just stop whining.
          I think Marilyn Monroe should be entered in the top 5.

        • some people wouuld love it. I loved the fact Sharbat Gula was on here, and would have been furious if she wasnt. Celebs would not be boring, i’ve seen people just walking around or downtown or anywhere really that some people would kill for. audrey hepburn is gorgeous, but they’re thousands of eyes all over the world that are much more gorgeous.

        • yes you right i respect ur words so i see all girl walkin around downtown doing this stuff

        • “well, duh, because that would be boring, celebrities sell, now everyone all together DUUUH!!!!”

          Well DUH, then maybe you shouldn’t have called them “the WORLD’S most beautiful eyes”.
          How difficult can it be to add “among celebrities” or something to that effect?
          Does your blog host make you pay per word?

          And BTW, even among celebrities there are many more much more impressive: Ava Gardner, Francesca Annis, Michele Morgan (not at all my type, but she was famed for them)… etc.

          And no featuring “anonymous” eyes would not be “boring”, not AT ALL.
          Recycling celebrities is.

        • what about mila kunis?cher loyd?miley cyrus?
          but the list is all about top there is not enough room……..

        • I so agree with you. And I disagree with Aishwarya’s eyes being listed as the most beautiful. Beautiful yes, the most, certainly not..
          IMO Madonna should have featured somewhere on this list, but I sure don’t know who would qualify for No. 1.

        • Cat I am with you, but I want to take it one step further. Clearly the authors of this list are both star struck and color blind. Are their no asian, latinas, or black women with pretty eyes, give me a break.II guess this is the same good old boy committe that created the image of Santa and Jesus.,

        • Dre’YOU are the one who is blind. There are actually 3 ASIANS there.. Sharbat (Afghan), Kristn (Chinese) and Aishwarya (Indian). Happy ?

      • So, he’s supposed to make a list of every single person in the world, go around collecting pictures & then make a top 10 list? What, in 30 years after spending thousands of dollars traveling? How is that even remotely reasonable?

        How about you write that article and I’ll be happy to read it.

        • actually sharbat gula isnt really a celebritie so shes not unreal or plastic, I actually think she could be #1, but thats just my opinion

        • Sharbat’s photo is most striking as she is in her natural element..a green eyed Afgan..very rare in itself..the clarity of the photo..blems..small abrasions..tossled hair..that piercing look..startled..almost fearful…its almost cat like..ive gotten simular reactions when looking at wild animals caught in telephoto..fight or flight..totally wild …you are close enough to feel the chill up your spine…

        • @keyez.I totally agree with you..She really has the most striking,mind blowing eyes with that rare double shade.And the way that color stands out against her olive complexion is peculiar. But infact there are thousands of other eyes like hers in Afghanistan and among pathans. But its rare to have a photograph.

        • “So, he’s supposed to make a list of every single person in the world, go around collecting pictures & then make a top 10 list? What, in 30 years after spending thousands of dollars traveling? How is that even remotely reasonable?”

          It is not at all reasonable.
          Which is precisely why his phrasing, “the world’s most beautiful eyes”, is so ridiculous.

          Phrasing it appropriately – “most beautiful eyes among celebrities” or something like that – would be more than reasonable.
          In fact, it would be the most logical and elementary thing to do.

      • I agree with Cathie. While these eyes are gorgous, we should look at other people no one really knows. I knew this boy, really dark skin, bright turqouise eyes. Absoulutley beautiful.

        I also kinda agree with Gaz tho. It's easier to pinpoint who these people are.

      • Hannahlicious on

        Well, everyone on this list obviously has beautiful eyes, but I totally agree with you. I am so sick of these lists they have on TV and in magazines with the “World’s Most Beautiful Women”, it’s so completely stupid. There are probably millions of undiscovered beauties in the world, they just aren’t famous actors, models, singers, etc. It’s just ridiculous.

      • hey guys….look around u…..there are many good looking people with catching eyes……and these celebs….how many plastic surgeries and things have finally made them up…..let them come free of makeup….then we could make out… …only coz they are celebs that they are noticed…no one can judge anything like this just by counting some people on their fingers n finaliz that yeaah this is the most………”whatever”………..even i have a neighbor who has got stunning eyes…. n i feel that her eyes look more prettier than all this…..

      • This is so much beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But excluding the girl who works at my local supermarket I dont agree with this celebrity list either. And neither would I, this topic was being discussed probably sa soon as man could discuss, which is a little before the internet. 🙂 Me… my mum had the most beautiful big brown eyes so for a womans eyes to look exceptional to me they have to be brwon,, (unles syou are Charlize Theron)

        How long is a piece of string…. silly poll. Although did you know very dark brown eyes simulate very open pupils which are attractive to all… google it 🙂

      • I think that they could only choose famous eyes but what about beautiful eyes like Vanessa Williams or Tyra Banks, if colored eyes are what you’re wanting… I’m surprised that not one black woman could make the list

      • famous people are on the list because people know who they are. do u think people would have been interested in reading it if it was full of everyday joes? plus if they are not famous then how is the writer even going too find these people if he/she doesnt know who they are or where to find them in the first place im not saying you are wrong or that i dont agree with you because both of my brothers should be on this list(one has striking blue while the other has green ya i got brown) its what makes sense in this world i guess

    • What about Paget Brewster? She has gorgeous eyes, so brown and deep. Truly stunning.

    • You should put Brooke Shields on the lists she is the most beautiful woman in the world she has the best eyes perfect.

      • Thank you Common Person for agreeing with the list. This list is simply a fun little thing to read and get your mind thinking about who you think has the most beautiful eyes. It isn’t like anything is set in stone…. come on people?

    • Most of the girls I’ve been out with had nice blue eyes as well as blonde hair and Liz Gascoine was one of them but before her I had two ex-girlfriends by the name of Sarah whose surnames were Leary and Young, before them I used to go out with Claudia Gaynor who was three years younger than me and so on and so forth