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  1. marcus
    marcus at |

    now i can understand some of the rage karaoke killings, wow! listening to that all night with alcohol in one of the states where you can carry a gun i'm suprised america hasn't had it's own string of karaoke violence.

  2. Lizaio
    Lizaio at |

    As a former karaoke host, I can attest that all of these are very popular on karaoke night. Another ten would be:

    Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice. Stop, collaborate, and listen…to it EVERY WEEK.

    Baby Got Back – Sir Mix A Lot. Usually sang by a gaggle of very drunk girls who giggle the whole time.

    Eye of the Tiger – Survivor. Most of the time, the people singing it only know the chorus.

    Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks. Good for a whole-bar singalong every time.

    Don't Stop Believing – Journey. Even before GLEE made it popular again.

    Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi. Because everybody likes to belt out the Richie Sambora part.

    Picture – Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe. The perfect drunk duet. I bet, as host, I had to sing this song with 100 different drunk dudes who couldn't find a drunk girl to sing it with.

    Strokin' – Clarence Carter. Disgusting, but VERY popular.

    At This Moment – Billy Vera and the Beaters. Every now and then, some dude can really sing this. Most of the time, uh uh.

    My Way – Frank Sinatra. Most of the time (thankfully) it's done by a karaoke veteran. Sometimes, you're not so lucky.

  3. Ben
    Ben at |

    When I was deployed to Macedonia we had the UN civilians visit our Officer's club and I did "Living in America" for one hot Belgian chick. She loves this country and wanted to visit us one day. I hooked up with her later… THANK YOU JAMES BROWN!!!

  4. Todd
    Todd at |

    I think that the cover of Under the Bridge was Killer… That dude can sing.. & that dude singing "Living on A Prayer" was really good too… more info on the videos please….

  5. 12_mjac
    12_mjac at |

    What a nice list…
    I was just practicing singing the song of Bonnie Tyler..

  6. atomic
    atomic at |

    Whaaat? No mention at all of…. “Sweeeeet Caroline” BAH BAH BAH! That one is a crowd pleaser 100% of the time 🙂


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