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  1. Defender
    Defender at |

    You just displayed that you don’t understand Penguin’s character basically, he’s supposed to look the way he is to be deceiving and it adds to the character greatly. Penguin is one of Batman’s greatest foes second only to the Joker. He’s a great villain and has been a series staple for decades, not to mention how iconic he is.

  2. John Graber
    John Graber at |

    Penguin should not be on this list in any way. In fact, he should probably be on the top ten of Batman villains. The “Gentlemen of Crime” is actually far popular because he in some ways represents and older mobster with a sense of class. Keep in mind that will most of these villains have fizzled out the Penguin hasn’t.

  3. skywatcher
    skywatcher at |

    All this talk about lousy villains and no one mentioned “the Outsider?” At least someone besides me thought to point out that Eraserhead was just ludicrous. There was another villain whose name I can’t remember, but it may have been Hugo Strange. He wasn’t ridiculous so much as pointless. And let’s don’t forget the Signalman.

  4. The Batman Freak
    The Batman Freak at |

    The Eraser and Dr. Double X should be on this list, instead of Penguin and Killer Moth.

  5. Rock
    Rock at |

    Calendar man is in arkham asylum videogame and he’s actually cool because he’s a deranged lunatic that just keeps talking about days in the year.

  6. The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh
    The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh at |

    This really wasn’t a great list. There are many, many crap Batman villains to choose from.

    However, several of these villains are actually interesting and compelling characters.

    Firefly is a genuine threat, he’s not an alien or a monster, but a guy who starts fires just to watch them burn. That’s scary and interesting in equal measure. Read ‘Knightfall’ and ‘Hush Money’ for more.

    Humpty is also an interesting and unique character. He’s not evil, nor is he malevolent in any way. In fact he’s genteel, clumsy and rather charming. Its just that his obsessions can be lethal for those around him. His appearance in ‘Arkham Asylum: Living Hell’ showed his pathos and the brief part he plays in ‘Leviathan’ is genuinely heartbreaking.

    Anyone who writes off Calendar Man clearly hasn’t read ‘The Long Halloween’ or its sequel ‘Dark Victory’ because he’s both creepy and effective in those stories.

    And Penguin is an iconic character who has been selling books since the 1940’s. He’s actually a part of the American pop culture landscape. That hardly makes him lame. There are many, many great Penguin stories to choose from.

    The truth is that a lot of these villains were created in the 50’s and 60’s, an era where comics were heavily censored and forced to rely on gimmicky villains and silly stories.

    There was once a Woman who turned into an Orca for goodness’ sake. Start there.

  7. mick
    mick at |

    Don’t think the Penguin deserves to be on this list. He’s been around a long time. There are much lamer ones. I personally can’t stand the Ventriloquist.

  8. PJ
    PJ at |

    Firefly, Penguin, and Calendar Man are all excellent.

  9. Mellen
    Mellen at |

    I can think of at least 10 other villains who should be on this list way before Humpty Dumpty, Firefly, & the Penguin. For one thing, the Penguin is iconic, & Firefly is awesome. >>

  10. RalphPfromHoboken
    RalphPfromHoboken at |

    I agree with “JACK”. The Penguin DOES NOT belong on this list. I personally rate him #3 of MY favorite Batman villians. My favorite 5 villians are 1) JOKER, 2) CATWOMAN, 3) PENGUIN, 4) RIDDLER and 5) MR. FREEZE. Call me old-fashioned, but I have loved these characters since my childhood (the 1960’s) and yes, I liked the “Tim Burton / Joel Schumacher” films as much as the Nolan films (THE DARK KNIGHT being my favorite to date). So, I strongly DISAGREE with this list!!!

  11. Jack
    Jack at |

    Penguin does not belong in a Worst list for Batman villains.

  12. Harvey J. Satan
    Harvey J. Satan at |

    Y’know…it’s funny , in the Penguin diss , Lex Luthor & Kingpin are mentioned…do the math.. Penguin was first! ( If nothing else ,they are knock-offs of him! Especially given that Lex Luthor EVENTUALLY became all GQ . )

    But seriously… no Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum? Alley Babble? Raven? Queen of Hearts? The Ventriloquist? Catman?

    There’s a ton of 80’s-00’s villains that top out the lame-o-meter. ( The idiot in the Killer Whale costume comes to mind! )

    The Penguin is not the greatest Bat-Villain but in the Valley of the Lame , he’s far from it.

  13. Victor the Crab
    Victor the Crab at |

    How can you have a top ten list of lamest Batman villians and not include Cavalier?

    And the Penguin is on the list? The only thing lame here is the author who came up with this list!

  14. Batmanfan
    Batmanfan at |

    You think the penguin is lame? Hah, play Arkham City, he’s one of the baddest villains considering Arkham City is canon to the Batman series (it’s a comic too). He was remastered with an end of a glass bottle stabbed in his eye, being confused a monocle and a coat and suit that defeined bad ass. Penguin is a manipulative villain, he was made to be underestimated, Batman would never take the Penguin likely! And the Riddle is not lame and neither is mr. freeze! The riddler is a complete narcissistic villain who always tries to prove that he’s smarter or better than Batman by leaving clues of riddles at his crime scenes. And Mr.Freeze is driven by love and hatred that a lot of readers can sympathize and understand, the guy was cut from his research in order to cure his wife, got trashed and nearly killed in the process, and was turned into a frozen freak that no one wanted, only to be pushed to his wife who was suffering and couldn’t help. He’s the very definition of loneliness, only to resort to crime because he had to cure his wife. That’s true love! And Catwomen is not lame, she is darn sexy (especially in Batman Arkham City) and sometimes an ally to the Batman. Catwomen is the only sane villain in Batman!

  15. Sir
    Sir at |

    His appearance in the animated series was awsome, he could predict everything batman coudl do casually.

    Firefly is just awsome. A flamethrower and a sweet suit…. Not lame.

    Penguin: A classy, if somewhat underated, villain. No idea why he is here.

    Ventriloquist: Some versions of this guy were just awsome. And seeing a deranged insane man talking through a 50’s style gangster is epic.

  16. Sir
    Sir at |

    I agree with the majority of this list. A few things though..

    Clock King

    These four have been brought up as lame.. I love Clock King (Except when he weres that stupid clock helmet).

  17. ifthen
    ifthen at |

    Great list, with one major flaw.

    Penguin, if written correctly, is one of Batman’s greatest villains. Easily in the top ten, and mostly likely in the top five.


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