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  • Delinda

    Poker and chess are games, not sports.

    • According to the World Chess Federation, chess is a sport Jay Lovinger over at ESPN argues that poker is a sport….

      • ed

        Errrrr…. sorry, but the dictionary says a sport is, “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.” ( Holding a few cards does not require athletisism, nor does chess. I love sports, chess, and poker, but sports are sports, chess and poker are games.

        • I agree with you completely, but not everyone feels the same way (including the writer of this list and the World Chess Federation).

    • joe

      are you tried to play some game here delinda?

    • Peter Boucher

      I believe that I read in a magazine or periodical that Chess is now requiring DRUG TESTING for the participants………go fidure

  • Kim

    What about ultra-runners who do 100 mile runs taking as long as 20+ hours? I guess those aren't individual events though 🙂 still crazy long though.

  • nikka


    • kasaa

      don't read top ten list's about sports then

    • jackdaniels63

      So apparently is spelling.

      • ed

        I support you, but you don’t support grammer. “So, apparently is spelling” would be correct.

        • Careful, Ed – you show strong support of grammar but your spelling is a bit shaky…

        • Also ed but a different one

          *So, apparently, is spelling.

  • Jens

    Why is boxing listed twice? 🙂

  • greg palmer

    What about the Tour de France, it goes for 2 weeks

    • Peter Boucher

      To Greg. That’s absolutely true about the Tour de France. Plus the fact they have to climb the Pyrenees Mountains which results in thinner air and then coming down where that can be dangerous. Excellent choice !!