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  1. joe jim
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    About the organ harvasting, the organ needs to be matched to the person recieving it. You need to test the donor to the organ first.
    You can’t just steal the organ first then find a person who needs it second. They do not last that long.

    The harvasting of exotic woods is not the major cause of deforrestation, most of the land is stripped for farming and most of the wood is burned on the spot it takes time to get vehicles to most of these isolated remote spots so its burned.

  2. dave
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    Blood diamonds anyone

    1. Henriette
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      Agreed Dave – blood diamonds

  3. 666
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  4. Peter Boucher
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    How about “mail order brides” especially from Russia, The Philippines and many other slavic or far eastern nations. Go to the search engine of your computer and look up the term “Fiance Visa”. You will be amazed how many men get suckered into this.

  5. Peter Boucher
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    “Mail Order Brides. Especially Russian, Philippines, Slavic and far eastern countries. Go to the search engine of your computer and look up the term “Fiance Visa” you will be amazed as to how many men fall for this scam

  6. Colin Hall
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    Doesn’t it make you proud to be human … how far we’ve come 😉

  7. dominic
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    most of these are illegal to do only because your not letting the govts mooch off your transaction


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