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  1. Marvelite
    Marvelite at |

    I cannot believe Stan Lee would have called Spider-Man Superman. I guess the House of Ideas was looking for better ideas. 😉

    1. Spidey 123
      Spidey 123 at |

      Actually, in essential Spider-Man Vol.1, “Peter Palmer” and “Super-Man” were edited out.

  2. shearyadi
    shearyadi at |

    well, maybe at that time there's a prize for anyone who discovered the mistakes from their comic? 😀 who knows?

    1. Augusto
      Augusto at |

      Yes, there was, It was called No-prize by Stan Lee

  3. No-Prize
    No-Prize at |

    People who found mistakes were awarded the infamous Marvel No-Prize by Stan Lee himself!

  4. uh
    uh at |

    #1 was on purpose

    1. liam
      liam at |

      It wasn't on purpose. Stan Lee even admitted that it was a mistake and the hyphen was the only thing that stopped DC from suing him.

  5. Uh 2
    Uh 2 at |

    I think uh^ is right, when you look at the comment Doc Ock made there is a hypen between super and man. The good ol' doctor was just referring to the fact that spiderman is indeed super. It seems as though the comment was intended especially since the word is in bold print.

  6. ulysses
    ulysses at |

    well there was a superman vs spiderman comic, maybe it was just a little hint or foreshadowing in whats to come and was intentional. this definitely shouldnt be number one

    XUSNLT at |

    This was a fun list. Was the author named Peter Palmer because I can't imagine that anyone who actually knows women would be so conversant in comics that they'd know of all of these errors! At any rate, I recommend that the author memorizes that Cap'n America line in case he ever faces a fight…

  8. shawn
    shawn at |

    The coveted Marvel "No-Prize" was indeed an empty envelope with a return address to Marvel and small Hulk picture in th eupper left. On the outside it proclaimed "Congratulations! This envelope contains a genuine Marvel Comics No-Prize which you have just won! Handle With Care". It was sent to fans who caught bloopers like this. The story goes that this was initially a smart-ass way of shutting up the readers who took comics too seriously. But of course they caught on as an actual award and became sought after. When Stan Lee finally moved on completely, the prize was retired.

  9. Ed
    Ed at |

    It makes sense, the Peter Palmer reference..

    Peter Palmer (the actor) played Lil Abner in the 1959 movie/Broadway musical. Lil Abner also became an icon in Sunday comic strips across the nation.

    Given that Spiderman was created circa 1962(?) by Stan Lee (who worked in New York City where Broadway is AND was closely related to comic strips through his chosen profession), the either intentional or unintentional transpostion begins to make sense!

    (I for one am glad that Spiderman did *not* grown up in Dogpatch, however) 🙂

  10. Deadman Wade.
    Deadman Wade. at |

    The biggest flaw in #9 is Jean refers to what is clearly a screwdriver as a pair of pliers. Oy vey, mayhaps the beast was being sarcastic, about such an error?

  11. s.oliver
    s.oliver at |

    A periscope usually allows for binocular view, so

    #4 is not really a blooper, since the guy has one

    good eye. I always thought #1 was intentional and

    I remember reading the Avengers issue #7 happened

    in and thinking "Now, hold the &%$# on!". 🙂

    Very nice list, thanks.

    1. simon
      simon at |

      except that the periscope is not drawn accurately and only have one hole. You can clearly see that his left eye is not looking into anything.

  12. Twin Tiger
    Twin Tiger at |

    There was one goof that a lot of people caught in one of the X-Men books during the X-cutioner's Song story. Wolverine gets hit with a blast and when a teammate asks if he's okay, he replies, "Ribs shattered… punctured a lung… healing factor kicking in…" First of all, his rapid healing won't reset broken ribs; they'll just heal inside of his lung. Second, his bones are laced with adamantium… they can't be broken anyway!

    Marvel's response was, "What can we say? We goofed!"

    1. Jhon
      Jhon at |

      “Ribs shattered… punctured a lung… healing factor kicking in…” …obviously a smart alec comeback ha ha ha, whats the goof in that. like what 58% of what Wolverine says is just smart back talk lol

  13. marc
    marc at |

    mr. fantastic doesnt have two left hands! thats his right hand! thats not a blooper..

    1. Jay
      Jay at |

      What planet are you from? that is a left hand dude…

  14. Fred
    Fred at |

    I was the person who pointed out the topological impossibility of Mr. Fantastic’s two left hands in FF#88 (back in ’69). I received a “no-prize”, and my letter pointing out the problem was published in FF#92. The no-prizes were empty envelops as shawn describes.

    1. Batcommander
      Batcommander at |

      I'll be looking for this when/if I read through early FF stories

    2. Jhon
      Jhon at |

      i dont see 2 left hands. i can understand the confusion but it looks like a stretched out right hand lol its not a tumb, its his muscular palm and his pinky streatched funny.

  15. Brickyman
    Brickyman at |

    No, epic fail. mr fantastics "Hand foot" Is clearly the back of his boot, fools.

  16. Some Guy
    Some Guy at |

    i cried laughing, this is so funny…

  17. Jay
    Jay at |

    One of my ALL-TIME comic book bloopers I actually blogged about is X-Men #138 – When Cyclops leaves the team. John Byrne makes a hilarious anatomy blooper 😛 Check out the super-sized appendage!

  18. Comic Cat
    Comic Cat at |

    The Captain America one was the funniest for me. I was rolling.

    Did you find all these yourself? There is no why I pay attention that much to spot some of these.

  19. Fred
    Fred at |

    And to think a hyphen would save #1 from a lawsuit. Super-Man?…. rorfl

  20. billabong673
    billabong673 at |

    But to get a no-prize, did you not need to come up with a legitimate reason why the blooper appeared? Theres no possible way you can get away with explaining these! haha Well done.

  21. The Arachnid Adventu
    The Arachnid Adventu at |

    The Captain America one's my favourite. It's close to genius.

    By the way, I don't think it's been mentioned here but all the way through Fantastic Four #25, Bruce Banner's mistakenly referred to as Bob Banner. A mistake that forced Stan Lee in later issues to rename him Robert Bruce Banner.

    PS. Was that Savage Sword of Conan story inked by Neal Adams? It looks like it was.

  22. CF1
    CF1 at |

    I don't get the "Captain America" blooper. Probably going to get it later, but what does it mean?

    1. Danman2015
      Danman2015 at |

      he basically said only one of us is going to leave here alive, and it won’t be me

      1. CF1
        CF1 at |

        Lol, yeah, I got it after rereading it a few times. That cracked me up! 🙂

  23. CF1
    CF1 at |

    Never mind. I figured it out! That's funny!

  24. Darci
    Darci at |

    Here’s a two-fer: In Marvel Premiere #42 (June 1978), Tigra reminisces. about her mentor, Dr. Tumulo. “She had risked a lot when she gave me, Greer Garson, the powers of the Cat.”

    Then in West Coast Avengers #6 (March 1986), the doctor herself (who up to then had been known as Joanne Tumulo) was mis-remembered. Tigra reminisces, “I had participated in an experiment run by an old friend, Dr. Marie Tumulo”.


  25. Bobby
    Bobby at |

    I got a blooper that was much later.

    On the New X-Men comic of #18(I think), Omega Red is shown with his tendrills grabbing Wolverine. Problem is they have three ends amidst all fo the tangled tendrills. It may not be #18 but is within the first 20.

  26. Shaun
    Shaun at |

    This is total rubbish, most of these such as Dr Oc calling Spiderman, Superman and Peter Palmer were mistakes made on purpose in the special edition print comic called NO-PRIZE it was a comedy comic full of bloopers as a tribute to the NO-Prize award handed out to Marvel Readers for spotting errors and writing in to Marvel.

    1. Joseph
      Joseph at |

      @Shaun – Wow. I bet you can’t wait to kill Santa and the Easter Bunny, either! The bit was entertaining and that’s more than I can say for 99.9% of everything on the internet.

      1. Shaun
        Shaun at |

        Oh no there real. Who do you think brings my presents every Christmas? Any way there not all from NO-PRIZE, just a majority. Dosnt stop the funny either. Just saying.

  27. Tillman
    Tillman at |

    I’ve recently began reading Marvel comics from the beginning of their creation. Mistakes like these are rampant. It sometimes makes me laugh. Other times it’s just downright confusing! Take Tales of Suspense #82, for example, where Iron Man keeps referring to Titanium Man (Boris Bullski) as “Ivan”. I had to do a double-take on that one. For awhile I thought his name really was Ivan!

    1. Mojo
      Mojo at |

      Not saying that this is what they were doing, but “Ivan” was a common, somewhat derogatory slang for anyone Russian. Like calling any Mexican you see “Jose”. It’s pretty rude and wouldn’t fly in today’s PC environment.

  28. Modulator
    Modulator at |

    There’s a better original X-Men blooper where The Beast is in the hospital for some reason, Prof X is visiting him and tells him telepathically to keep his mask on so that nobody will suspect his secret identity, then out loud calls him “McCoy.”

  29. RobertoDaCosta
    RobertoDaCosta at |

    i just loved all of them!!!! lol
    i remember a little one from X-Men Schism #1, the man in the UN pointing at Cyclops has 6 fingers
    good job!

  30. JFill
    JFill at |

    I mean, Mr. Fantastic can shape his body into whatever he wants, so while the hand mistake was probably unintentional, it’s still explainable. As for the foot, I would totally want my right hand to be what is holding me up when my life is on the line. With the eyepatch/periscope, it definitely seems like his right eye is RIGHT UP on the periscope, but if there was an inch or two of space between his good eye and the lens, it would look the same from that perspective. Captain America saying only one of them would walk out under their own steam could mean he wasn’t going to walk out without fighting…

  31. Daryl
    Daryl at |

    On Amazing Spider-Man #98 Spider-Man is missing the Spider logo on his back. Tut tut Gil Kane.

  32. Goldenbane
    Goldenbane at |

    If you notice, Captain America’s punching hand is completely wrong. His right arm is holding the shield…and he’s punching with his left…but it’s drawn as his right. Perhaps that’s just Reed Richards again, disguised as Captain America?

    1. Goldenbane
      Goldenbane at |

      Excuse me, I meant his left hand is holding the shield and he’s punching with his right…which is drawn to be his left.

  33. Jope
    Jope at |

    Uhm, the Reed Richards two right hands is incorrect, the foot became a left hand… Note the curve. Idiocy.

  34. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    Wonder why they changed it from Peter Palmer to Peter Parker? Probably the name was too sexual…..

  35. Andy
    Andy at |

    “Laying the groundwork?” Did you just say classic comics only “laid the groundwork” for today’s super-excellent comics? I’ve got news for you, a lot of comics fans think the stuff that gets published today is just an embarrassing parody of the fantastic stories of the eras that came before. I can’t believe any long-time reader would so carelessly dismiss the work of these legendary creators as nothing but a foundation for something superior. Comics today are no less rife with errors, but they sure are a lot less fun.

  36. Yo Mama
    Yo Mama at |

    This list is garbage. Half the things on here aren’t even bloopers, they’re just things you think are stupid. Pulling islands around is what Hercules does. Beast acting like he’s from the 1960s in a story from the 1960s? Blooper! Out of context panel from Conan that doesn’t have any sort of error in it? Blooper!

    Also, Mister Fantastic can twist his body into whatever shapes he wants. If he wants his right hand to be his left hand, he can do it. I’ll allow that those probably were actual errors, but since so much of the rest of your list was garbage, I’ll mention that, too. There are plenty of examples of actual bloopers you could have used, but you didn’t bother to look outside the silver age because you look down on it and think it’s lesser quality. It’s fine to not know about comics, it’s a niche hobby, but don’t then write lists like this and act like you know what you’re talking about.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      Stan ‘The Man’ Lee admitted they were bloopers. I will take his word over yours.

  37. magusxxx
    magusxxx at |

    In hindsight, the strangest mistake Marvel every acknowledged was about two construction workers. It seems a coloring mistake was made so it looked like two white guys were talking like African-Americans.

    Obviously, this was years before Vanilla Ice….

  38. Moi
    Moi at |

    Hercules pulled Manhattan in backwards. The south side of the island goes the other way towards the water.

  39. Daddy D
    Daddy D at |

    Although it is found in replies to comments, in the interests of full disclosure you really should give proper attribution to the original source of all of these.

  40. Alyce
    Alyce at |

    I appreciate the humor with the Hercules thing, but I don’t believe it was an actual blooper, knowing them Greeks myths, Hercules could have very well placed a “chain” around himself, and a piece of land, and “pulled” it back in place. Greek Gods aren’t exactly people, or even tangible beings, but when told in stories they take on human form, Hercules became a full god when he had received the name “Hercules” so he’s allowed the same mysticism. So I can imagine that scene as the magical demi-god magically brought back Manhattan, somehow, and for our human brains to comprehend, it would appear as if he wrapped a chain about himself. Of course, I’m just making up stuff here, and by all physics and logic, that picture makes absolute no sense, I’ll agree with you on that.

    The “blooper” with Beast and Jean, however, is not actually a blooper, nor is it the offense you’re trying to give it. One, with Jean calling a screwdriver a “pliers”, it’s obvious that she has no idea what she’s talking about, meaning when he said she was a “credit” he said it sarcastically, meaning that if he wasn’t being satirical and witty, he would have seriously said “You’re an insult to the female gender”, but that comes out a bit more harsh, and less joky when speaking to a friend; that means he insulted Jean, not the female gender, in fact, he’s praising the female gender, because he could have very well said “just like a woman”, with the common misconception that women don’t know squat about tools. Now, you’re blunder should be on why the most intelligent, all knowing, telekinetic woman in the whole entire universe would not know what a screwdriver is, yet harbor the word like “pliers” in her vocabulary to begin with, and not be able to remember what pliers look like.

    Also, with Beast reaching for the screwdriver she’s offering, I’m sure that is the tool he wanted, and for him to before hand tell her “hand me the screwdriver”, and she picks it up, but calls it “pliers”, means she’s even stupider than the ditzy, never handled tools, woman this script writer was trying to portray her as. How does a mentally advance psychic mutant with the future to be an all knowing being when the mind and thoughts are concern not remember Beast said “screw driver”? These script writers were obviously trying to make a crack at women, and they chose the wrong one to do it with, making this sexist scene more outrageous than it had to be if it was done by a different female.

    In case you didn’t get it in my rant, what I’m saying is the bloopers is the writers were being sexist by making Jean say “pliers” not Beast in his teasing comment that insult _just_ Jean, and not women. Even if he said “You’re a credit to your race”, he’s not insulting humans, he’s not insulting mutants, he’s not insulting white people, he’s insulting Jean, full sail.

  41. AmAvocet
    AmAvocet at |

    Marvel Comics published an issue of (some of) these and other mistakes back in the 80s. I remember they included a panel from an early Amazing Spider-Man where his eye-spaces had pupils. I cannot for the life of me remember what the issue was called.

  42. AmAvocet
    AmAvocet at |

    Ah, TopTenz beat me to it! The Marvel No-Prize Book!


  43. Vaticus
    Vaticus at |

    Agreed, pulling an island with chains is ridiculous. But it seems to me the real Hercules blooper is suggesting that one of his 12 labours was what was instead Atlas’s punishment.


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