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  1. John Cleveland
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    Ray Witte, Jacqueline Woodrow, Lauren Mergel, Hannah Mae Berlund, Kelsey Lauer

  2. tevin knerr
    tevin knerr at |

    So glad I don’t live in medieval times , I wouldn’t be playing any of these games.

  3. Jeffrey S. Johnston
    Jeffrey S. Johnston at |

    Shinty and Hurling are related but they are not the same game. They have separate rules and evolved separately. Another great one is the viking game Knattleikr, very rough and by tradition ended when there was only one player left standing, either passed out from drink, exhaustion, or from being battered on the field.

    I wrote a book about such games Past Times: Sports and Games of Medieval Europe

  4. chris brousseau
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    Hello – can we use image 3 – hammer throwing in our Highland Games Brochure – Dufftown Scotland

    thank you


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