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  1. Noelle Chorba
    Noelle Chorba at |

    I picked the song “My Girl” by the Temptations. It reminds me of my dad!

  2. Trisha Harvey
    Trisha Harvey at |

    I would have to say that I like the Song Stand By Me by Ben E. King. When I was younger my sister and I watched the movie Stand By Me and this way one of the songs that played in it and it reminded me of that movie and that time with her.

  3. Lynnette Bosley
    Lynnette Bosley at |

    My favorite from the list is “I Feel Good” by James Brown. It is such a catchy song.

  4. Shelby Rolland
    Shelby Rolland at |

    My favorite song from the list is “My Girl” by The Temptations. I just think it is such a fun song!

  5. Lauren Salyers
    Lauren Salyers at |

    David Ruffin of the Temptations- My Girl
    Out of these songs, My Girl is my favorite. My mother sang it to me when I was young and I sing it to my daughter now : )

  6. Adam Beckwith
    Adam Beckwith at |

    My favorite song from this list would have to be “aint too proud to beg”. Ive always liked that song, and it’s a song that can get you in a good mood every time you sing it! i also picture the scene from remember the titans where one of the linemen sings it to the other guys.

  7. Brent Fickel
    Brent Fickel at |

    My favorite song has to be “Feel Good” by James Brown. It is a really catchy song and I have heard it in movies so I like that it is a familiar song.

  8. Jillian Shultz
    Jillian Shultz at |

    My favorite song on the list would have to be “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. I think I like that song because it has a catchy tune to it and listening to it just makes me want to stand up and soul sing!

  9. Alexandra Dunn
    Alexandra Dunn at |

    My favorite song on the list would have to be “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King . No matter what type of mood I am in, even if I am sad or angry, this songs always puts me in a good mood and brings a smile to my face !!

  10. Brooke Keber
    Brooke Keber at |

    My favorite song from the list is definitely “My Girl” by The Temptations. I love singing along with this song!

  11. Kelly Fruth
    Kelly Fruth at |

    Out of these choices, the song I like the most is “My Girl” by The Temptations. This could be because it is the one I am the most familiar with, or just because it is a really catchy and timeless song.

  12. Christopher Bierman
    Christopher Bierman at |

    If there is a group that every generation would hear, but not know the artist, it would be The Temptations. Obviously, the one that sticks out is “My Girl” and to describe this classic does not do the song justice. Then again, despite his troubles (just learned about that) James Brown’s “I Feel Good” is up there too.

  13. Katie Redmond
    Katie Redmond at |

    I’m going to have to choose David Ruffin of the Temptations, “My Girl.” I remember watching the movie My Girl with my grandma when I was little and I think of it as a classic. This song always brings back fond memories of my grandma.

  14. Breann Gindlesberger
    Breann Gindlesberger at |

    My favorite artist is James Brown with “I Feel Good.” This song is very catchy and it makes me want to get up and dance. This is one song that I have heard before while I was growing up and it will continue to be a favorite of mine.

  15. Nathan Craig
    Nathan Craig at |

    My favorite is I Feel Good by James Brown. Everytime I hear it I just want to dance. I guess that is why it is my favorite of these songs.

  16. Ethan Rawson
    Ethan Rawson at |

    My favorite is definitely Spyder Turner’s “Stand By Me” because it’s fun and easy to sing along to. So this one is definitely my favorite out of the list.

  17. Alexander Byers
    Alexander Byers at |

    my favorite song from the list is Ain’t To Proud To Beg by The Temptations. In my opinion this song just has the most emotion as well as the grooviest beat.

  18. Chelsea Martinez
    Chelsea Martinez at |

    The song that really captured my interest was ‘The greatest hurt’ by Jackie Wilson. Although this song shows a hurt side of this singer, his voice is very beautiful at the same time!

  19. Kate Knapp
    Kate Knapp at |

    My favorite song would be that of James Brown, I feel good. I can’t listen to it without shakin’ to the beat.

  20. Carie Edwards
    Carie Edwards at |

    My favorite from this list is Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me”. It’s beautiful and very romantic.

  21. Robyn Siburt
    Robyn Siburt at |

    My favorite in the list of songs is “My Girl” by the Temptations. It always makes me think of my childhood and hanging out with my Grandfather in the summer. He used to work a lot in his workshop and he’d always play these songs, and sing and do little dances to them to make me laugh.

  22. TMK
    TMK at |

    I would have to say my favorite song is “Stand by Me”. After 50-60 years and some longer these song can still be heard on the radio, at weddings and at night clubs. All these songs have truly with stood time. I am sure no songs of today will ever be played 50 years later like all these songs have.

  23. RFonseca
    RFonseca at |

    I would have to say I cannot pick any favorites from this list. When I was growing up, I would wake up to my mother cleaning the house and jamming to all kinds of music. I guess you could say I grew up listening to these men (and some women) of soul. Now, my neighbor and I will sometimes sit up till the break of dawn, you tubing the songs and videos from “back in the day.” I love it all and depending on my mood for the day, I will listen to this music and dance or clean, just like my mom did and still does.

  24. Samantha stein
    Samantha stein at |

    My girl has to be my favorite out of all these songs. to me the meaning is as long as he has his girl he’s happy because she makes everything better. My favorite song by far.

  25. Wm. Ty Rodgers
    Wm. Ty Rodgers at |

    Is it a bad thing if I only know 2 of these songs. I must not have a soul. Anyways, if I had to choose between the two I do know (My girl and Stand by me), I guess I’d choose Stand By Me. Mainly because I like the movie.

  26. Titus
    Titus at |

    Ben E King’s Stand by me, by far the greatest!


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