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  • 5minutes

    Franklin’s beer quote is close. What he actually said was about wine: “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”

    Oh, and the Bush quotes may have been made up, but at least he knew there weren’t 57 states.

    • bj

      Who cares who said it. Truth is still valid. Be positive my friends.

  • Irritated Scot

    Your WInston Churchill entry is incorrect. England did not declare war on Germany, in fact England ceased to be before Germany came into being. One of the most misquoted things on the internet is to label all things British as English. The country Winston Churchill led against Germany was the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. By saying he led England to victory in the war you have disrespected my grandfather who fought in the war and who is Scottish like me.

    • Brack

      Calm down.Don’t get all pissy about it.When people say England that’s what they mean, the UK.England is the largest part of that right?.America is TWO whole CONTINENTS.But people say “America” in reference to the United States of America.It’s no need to get angry.

      • Tony Bedford

        Actually it’s not, ‘The americas’ refers to both north and south america as two large continents. Using ‘America’ in the singular form has come to reference solely the USA common english and in this form has never represented ‘the americas’. The UK and England are not even close to the same thing if you knew anything about the history of the british isles, of which tension and political conflict still exist today.

        • Brack

          Did you even read my comment? I said America is 2 continents(even put it in caps sheesh)When someone outside of England or says British, they mean for that term to encompass England. They are not being specific.Canada is part of America, so is mexico and Brazil.

          So until English or British people, or whatever the stupid term you want to be called quit using the term”America” to describe USA, we’ll stop saying British when we it’s English.

          But even still there is no reason to argue this as they are close enough.It’s must make you feel smarter to split hairs and rub it in.

    • terminallylame

      Just another butthurt Scotsman who is all too happy to take English taxpayer money whilst belittling the English. All good Scots moved out of Scotland (I know this to be true as my glaswegian grandfather moved out of that hellhole to find greener pastures down south)

  • Peter Boucher

    But I would like to add about quotes of these famous people who ACTUALLY said what they said. No.10 Winston Churchill on June 4, 1940 gave a speech when he said “We shall go on to the end, whatever the cost may be……..” You can find that speech almost anywhere on your computer. And No. 5 Yogi Berra when he was quoted “It ain’t over til’ its over”. That is the one that is so compellingly true especially when it comes to the sport of baseball. Being a Boston Red Sox fan, I will go to my grave remembering Game 6 of the 1986 World Series with the Red Sox against the NY Mets on October 25, 1986 when a certain easy routine ground ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs and giving the Mets the win and the World Series the next day. The Red Sox we’re just one strike away from winning the title and they blew it. Yes, even Yogi himself has said publicly that he said only have the quotes that he is attributed for, But don’t you just LOVE Yogi ????

    • Peter Boucher

      HALF the quotes* I just want to correct myself

  • “Anyone who hates dogs and children can’t be all bad” is usually attributed to W.C. Fields. But it was actually said about Fields by the late Leo Rosten (possibly best known for “The Joys of Yiddish” and his Hyman Kaplan series)

  • John

    God, I miss Dubya and his Bushisms.. “I know the human being and fish can co-exist peacefully.” “I`m the Decider.” and my personally favourite, when he said to the Queen, “You helped celebrate our bicentenary in 17-1976.” How he was President is beyond me..

    • Peter Boucher

      Hello John, and I cant agree with you more !!!! I am sure that you have this book, but if you don’t, try to get a copy of “The Quotable George W. Bush, A Portrait In His Own Words” by Bill Adler. I bought it in a hard bound copy and the price tag printed on the inside flap of the cover was $12.95. Where did I buy it ? At a Dollar Store for .99 cents. I guess it was also a “BIG” seller as well. It leaves me indecisive, Should I keep it to get a few laughs every now and then, or just make a fire in my fireplace and just burn it in disgust. Because that’s what that man did to me, DISGUSTED me !!! I am with you 100% on this John. Thank You for sharing your comment.

  • Peter Boucher

    Here is another one of Mark Twain. “I just love work, I could sit down and watch people do it all day”

  • A6M4

    Its fun that you say that it takes an intelligent man to get elected to an office of high importance, but then still call Bush a moron. Didn’t agree with many or most of his work, but its well, moronic, to call him an idiot. The man got himself elected twice, hard to call someone who manages that a moron don’t you think.

  • Ratgirl

    The scariest thing in the world to me is that right now, as we speak, George W. Bush is being canonized by the right! His legacy is being “Reaganized”, so that if you were to read a history book in ten years, you would see him portrayed as being the best president ever, next to Reagan. When in fact, both of them sucked dung. I know, I (barely) lived through their respective reigns of terror.

  • Liam

    Who didn’t love Mother Theresa? Try Christopher Hitchens. And for good reason.

  • HateBlindLiberals

    It’s funny that you, a writer for a brainless website, have the nerve to insult the most educated president in American history. Please, remind me, which other presidents had an MBA?

    Bush obviously had a speech problem(which he admitted multiple times), but liberals usually just pointed out his Texan twang in a pathetic attempt to make him look ignorant and backward. Also, you close-minded folks are very quick to forget that your beloved Barack Obama is the first president to ever use a teleprompter for press conferences.

    Now, someone is probably thinking, “but Bush put us in debt!”… The recession was actually predicted back in 1998. Look it up. Also, it was not an easy time to be president by any means. 9/11 and false reports (from England, not Bush) about Iraq’s WMDs obviously had to result in increased military spending.

    I really, really don’t like blind liberals.

    • Iamian314

      MBA? You’re kidding right? Woodrow Wilson was a PhD. Several other Presidents also had (have!) post-secondary degrees.
      If you want to love W., go ahead. You will always be fighting an uphill battle, though.

      • scr_north

        Woodrow Wilson was also a racist who re-segregated parts of the the government as well as supporting eugenics laws long before Hitler and the Nazis. The Dems are constantly trying to whitewash (yeah, it was intended) Wilson racist history.

    • zo

      Isn’t Bill Clinton a Rhodes Scholar?

      • @ zo……….Yes He Is…….

      • joeb

        William Jefferson Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar (qualification requirements are pretty subjective), however he apparently did not make much of himself while at Oxford. Exhibiting poor academics and poor attendance, he spent most of his time protesting the war and partying. He was asked to leave after his first term. If Clinton did not have the liberal (I use the word pejoratively) media completely in his corner, he never would have rose to the position he did.

    • Ianadaya

      Well said! Bush was an amazing president.

    • Jamie Jones

      He is pretty dumb though… BTW school is not difficult. Just because someone has an MBA or any higher degree does not make them smart.

      Source: MD/PHD in Medical Physics

  • Charles Darwin

    I never said “survival of the fittest.”

  • Peter Boucher

    The actor Cary Grant never said : “Judy, Judy, Judy”

  • scrappy

    I alwasy thought it was whipped cream in those fake pies…..shaving cream?!

  • ST

    Wow. Winston Churchill led ENGLAND to victory? Way to disrespect every Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish soldier in the war.

  • Paul

    I should mention that it has come out recently that Neil Armstrong’s famous quote “one small step for man….” was actually “one small step for A man, one giant leap for mankind” but with the background noise you didn’t hear the “A”

  • Rose

    I don’t care to know if the John Lennon quote is fake, and I don’t think anyone els does either. The entire point of that saying is to say something about life. That a good way to live is to strive for happiness and in happiness come’s content. I’m sorry but when I saw that it kinda pissed me off, so I really had to say something about it.

  • Nicole

    Missing a big one here, Marie Antionette never said “Let them eat cake.”