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  1. Zaknven
    Zaknven at |

    The range of things on this list hit every sub culture of nerd and I love it. The Mario stuff? Totally bought by those people who live in a room covered in wall to wall fat plumber swag. The figurine would be something any fevered collector would strive to have.

    However then you get to the pillow and lingerie and you start crossing some lines. As a nerd myself I say we cannot push this image of our inability to find a women. It needs to end!

    However the WoW stein and the after shave are pretty cool *shifty eyes*

  2. kaneone
    kaneone at |

    avid fan of the site.

    Anyways i have to say the only thing ‘baffling’ about this list, is how it got published!
    Not only are many of those items very ‘unbaffiling’ id say several are a damn good idea.

    Womens lingere is never bad, regardless of theme. Video game char role play is prob pretty common and those outfits were hot.

    The ‘grub’ is a good idea nit onky from a marketing standpoint but from a practical and health standpoint as well.

    Cross stitching? Unless you have something against children learning arts and crafts while associating them with thier fav game char. Sounds like a great gift for my niece, as long as they sold luigi or yoshi, shes 4

    The hoodie, not sure your really qualified to give fashion advice nor do u seem to be hip to whats fresh now-a-days… Ever been to the magic convention? The full zip char hooodies are slick and useful in the cold. $88 is actually a lil cheap. The jason vorhees one i own retails over a bill and is manufactured by ecko unlimited. Whom ive been sponsored by for 5 years

    1. SnarkyPete
      SnarkyPete at |


      Well said Kaneone.

    2. Melanie
      Melanie at |

      Really Kaneone?.. I don’t care about the point your trying to make but I hate you becuase you just HAD to say…. ‘ECKO – WHO I HAVE BEEN SPONSORED BY FOR 5 YEARS….’ Why did you have to say that? It had no relevence to your argument and just makes you sound like a douche with a giant ego. Which im sure you are.

    3. jawa
      jawa at |

      1. I seriously doubt your point on video game role playing being common. More like kinda weird. And if you seriously think those are hot, you should check out… I dont know, pretty much any other store that sells lingerie. Those just look weird and awkward.
      2. Yeah,whats healthier than artificial things pumped full of artificial vitamins. Hopefully they don’t have fiber so you get maximum time between trips to the bathroom so you can raid more.
      3. Why is your 4 year old niece playing Mario games? Theres a thing called the outside… Check it out sometime with her. Its good for you.
      4. hahahahahahahahahaha. Excuse me. I wasn’t aware that “Magic Coventions” were the place for fashion advice. In fact, that sounds like just about the last place I would want fashion advice. Basically, if you couldn’t get into a decent club without a huge cover or being surrounded by attractive girls (which I’m assuming is something you haven’t experienced), I don’t think you yourself are qualified to give out fashion advice.
      Congratulations on your sponsoring. You and your family must be so proud of the many accomplishments you have accomplished for this. If you’re buying $88 hoodies and calling it cheap and fashionable then you clearly have no idea where to shop or what to wear. But hey, at least you’ve been sponsored for 5 years.

  3. JH
    JH at |

    Dude, my next crochet project is Bobbery from Paper Mario 2. Yes, some girls like both video games *and* traditionally girly things! Gasp!

    DCLXVI at |

    I actually have one of the Piggsy figures. The thing is still in the box and if anyone is actually interested in it I would totally be willing to sell. It has been sitting in a closet for the past 5 years or so I am guessing.

  5. Rapido2311
    Rapido2311 at |

    If you still have it; what’s the unit number?


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