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  • foohy

    I'm surprised that there's no mention of the road that goes over the Guallatiri volcano in Chile. It's the highest road in the world. People crossing it must take a Viagra or use an air tank to prevent altitude hypoxia. The air pressure is so low that vehicles are affected as well.
    During the climb, they used a pulse oximeter to read their blood oxygen saturation, which sometimes was down to 84%, a value which in normal life would recommend admission to hospital.

    • That road would be under top 10 roads to suicide. Amazing.

    • Brandt

      Wow, that does look crazy! I didn't see that one during my research. Thanks for the link!

  • Allison

    With about two feet of snow on the ground right now, I think my road, Northshore Drive near Bloomington, IN, needs to go on the list! Coming home from the store yesterday we got stuck trying to drive up a hill.

  • l

    I saw that road in Bolivia on Top Gear

  • Anie

    The road of Bolivia seems to be the most dangerous.

  • Tareen

    Really very nice & very dangerous pics.

  • Pankaj Sharma

    what about the road from Srinagar to Leh and Leh to Manali

    these are also most Dangerous Road

    Pankaj Sharma

  • San

    Some of the roads are dangerous due to difficult natural terrain. In India, Grand Trunk Road built on plain is dangerous due to hazardous crowded traffic without any strict traffic regulations. Accidents on this road kills more persons than really dangerous roads in Himalayan mountainous region.

  • jkgki


  • K K Bachhil

    you may consider addding roads in NE region of india like one from gangtok to lachung and there will be many more in sikkim and leh laddakh.

  • Michael

    I’m from Philippines.. and yes Halsema is one hell of a road.. one mistake and your dead.. also Bitukang Manok in quezon is somehow looks like this but a little bit wider.. but the L turn is so stiff and the degree is kinda high…

  • sandip

    If you guys really wanna see one of the most dengerous road, you must come to Nepal. I hope that you will get really good examples. Nepal is hilly country and roads are so dengerous so I think roads in Nepal should be the top ten dengerous roads in the world.

  • Karthick Raja


    This is a great list of dangerous roads in the world. But add some more pictures as possible like the site

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  • Yash Agrawal

    i saw the road in the mountains of Kolhapur(Maharashtra). This road is also very dangerous. You must upload its biography and pictures….

  • pri vo

    I don’t know how cld u tell or select Kennya on 2nd place. Rest roads are good but should search more roads I m sure there must b more dangerous roads in world.

  • IBeatTheDeathTrip

    The old Yungas road is the most dangerous because it is a one way road which is used in both directions, there are a lot of trucks, buses and particular drivers across the road and if you have to give some space to one o them you are tested to the limit because one minimal fail and you are done, besides fog and frozen asphalt make it very difficult at the beginning, the weather is incredible tricky and landslides are a common thing. When you finished the road you feel alive again.

  • PhilFact

    The Lowari Pass Road (Hells Road), a stretch of 240 km from Dir to Chitral, in Pakistan is really gruesome. AlJazeera aired a 25 minute video of the road in its show ‘Risking it All’.

    The most dangerous stretch are the Death Tunnel and descent from the top of the mountain. Due to sludge, truckers cant even apply breaks properly. They just have to prey that the truck will gain traction. Even Jeeps encounter problems there.

    Note: There are plans for a 8 km Tunnel (shown in video) that will reduce the time by half making it much easier. Unfortunately, the work has been abandoned due to multiple problems. Interestingly, the work on the tunnel has been ongoing since 1975.

  • PhilFact

    I may take a trip on Lowari Pass and Yungas , but never on the 650 km stretch on Lubumbashi to Bukama. Here is a report from Aljazeera.

    Note: Almost everyone will agree with me. (Ask the Top Gear drivers to take a truck ride here, and we may not have another episode of Top Gear….)

  • Edinho

    Hello! The photo below the video on the road “Halsema Highway” is actually the “Serra do Rio do Rastro”, in southern Brazil. Another Brazilian road, little known even among Brazilians, is the “Serra do Corvo Branco”, which is near the Serra do Rio do Rastro. Below these two Brazilian roads. Great post, congratulations! And sorry for the English…

    Serra do Rio do Rastro

    Serra do Corvo Branco

    • Ambot

      Yes you are right,the picture is not from Halsema Highway,the road has a much better look and the bus is of different design/looks. No aircon bus is normally use in this area. But anyway Halsema is not that dangerous if you stay awake and less alcohol in your blood.

  • belel

    try to include road from Mambilla plateau of northern Nigeria too

  • Raghbendra Patel

    i think that the researchers about worlds most dangerous road mentioned in this are like frog living in well. They should better once visit the roads of nepal specially of the hilly n mountain region. The documentary about nepal’s road have been recently made by BBC HD and shown in its program worlds most dangerous road. Lol :p:d

  • yudhe


  • ahmed

    1)Grand trunk road also located in pakistan.
    2) where is Karakorum highway between pakistan and china?

  • Faysal Ameer

    Ferry Meadows… I have traveled ……

  • richard

    Good observation. No. 3 – 8 and 1 look quite treacherous. As for no. 2 that is a typical example of Kenyan roads. Very dangerous, not by design but due to driver negligence and sometimes lack of repair (potholes)

  • marto chelsea

    those of Pakistan and Bolivia need to be closed. they are the worst

  • liliUS

    Where is ‘Chaloos’ in Iran that goes through forest?