Top 10 Not-So-Surprising Facts About Valentine’s Day


While most women consider Valentine’s Day to be a celebration of love and intimacy, many men consider it nothing more than an artificial holiday cooked up by the floral and greeting card industries. While the reality might rest somewhere in between, a few interesting statistics prove that February 14 is a significant day. However, exactly what makes it significant may surprise you.

10. Women Spend Half As Much As Men

Although women tend to make a bigger deal about Valentine’s Day than men, when it comes to money spent, they are only half as committed to the holiday as their masculine counterparts. Last year, on average, each American male spent over $150 dollars on Valentine’s day gifts on his respective love interest. The average woman, on the other hand, dolled out only 85 bucks.

9. Condom Sales Are Highest on Valentine’s Day

According to condom giant Durex, prophylactic sales are about 25 percent higher than usual on Valentine’s Day. This interesting fact may help explain the statistics reported in fact ten. The reality is that men become awfully generous around February 14 and fact number nine seems to reveal why.

8. March and Pregnancy Tests go Hand in Hand

This interesting fact seems to follow naturally from number nine. Statistically, at-home pregnancy test sales reach their zenith in the month following Valentine’s Day as the consequences of all those romantic couplings are realized.

7. Florists Make A Killing Around Valentine’s Day

It may come as no surprise to learn that florists tend to jack up their prices around February 14. However, the actual dollar amounts are eye-popping. The cost of a dozen roses skyrockets as much as 30 percent around the romantic season reaching as high as $100 when individual stocks run low.

6. Millions Purchase Valentines for Their Pets

You may think the day of love is only for those in romantic relationships. However, single people need love too, and when a suitable human is not available, they turn to the next best thing. According to several surveys, as many as nine million people purchase Valentine’s Day presents for their pets each year.

5. Women Don’t Need Men on Valentine’s Day

If you’ve ever seen women comparing Valentine’s Day bouquets at the office, you know size does matter. However, as far as many women are concerned, anything is better than nothing. Surprisingly, as much as 15 percent of American women send themselves roses on February 14 to save face in front of their judging co-workers.

4. Romance is Only A Tiny Part Valentine’s Day

Although it may seem like the greeting card industry relies on the promise of sex for much of its sales, romantic encounters have nothing to do with the majority of their profits. Statistically, most Valentine money is spent on teachers, followed by children, moms and, finally, wives and girlfriends.

3. Women Prefer Cards to Flowers

When it comes to Valentines Day, women are relatively miserly compared to their free-spending husbands and boyfriends. However, they do appear to rank higher in sentimentality. Of the one billion valentines purchased every year, females are responsible for over 80 percent of all sales.

2. Flowers Are A Man’s Best Friend

While women prefer to express their romantic feelings through a carefully-selected greeting card, men seem to prefer the traditional means. Husbands and boyfriends buy over seventy percent of all the flowers bought on Valentine’s Day each year.

1. In Japan, Men Receive More Valentines

Just as mega-jeweler De Beers used clever marketing to cultivated the traditional presentation of a diamond as an engagement present in the U.S., Japanese companies have forged a similar campaign to encourage spending on Valentine’s Day. Except their marketing ploy is aimed at women. Thanks to a powerful campaign by the Japan’s chocolate industry, Japanese women are now traditionally expected to purchase chocolate for their men every Valentine’s Day.

by Ryan Lawrence

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  1. None of those facts surprise me and flowers definitely are man’s best friend! They get you out of bad situations.

  2. I think you should treat your partner like it is Valentine’s Day… 365 / 366 days a year! — DAVID WARDLE

  3. I don’t see the purpose of Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it far more important to show love to your partner every day, in big and little ways, than to reserve it all for a particular day?

  4. another fact is that more babies are born in September than any other month, so we must be more careful–hence the condoms–for valentines day than new years day. in fact, i would suspect the pregnancy tests in march are more women not forgetting their auld lang synes than being someone’s valentine, march still being early.

  5. To explain Valentines Day in Japan a little…The woman buys a valentines day gift for a guy on V-Day. If the guy likes her, a month later on White Day he buys her a gift. If not, he doesn’t. He’s got a month to decide. That was the traditional way, but obvs it has evolved now. Just thought I’d add some insight from Japan.

  6. One thing you missed is that Valentines Day in Japan has a Male-to-Female counterpart. It’s called White Day, and falls on March 14th. Just as women are supposed to buy chocolate for the ones they care about on V-day, Men are expected to buy white chocolate on White day.

    Fun Fact: White Panty sales jump right before 3/14 in Japan each year. Look it up.

  7. Indonesia Hits on

    anyway, i dislike to celebrate the valentine day, no matter what I'm.

    love not only showed in 14 February, but in every days, every hours, every minutes, and every seconds

  8. "While most women consider Valentine's Day to be a celebration of love and intimacy, many men consider it nothing more than an artificial holiday cooked up by the floral and greeting card industries."

    Seriously. There are plenty of women who consider Valentine's Day to be a bunch of commercial BS, thank you very much.

  9. Presents for boyfrie on

    Nice sum-up, enjoyed reading it! Actually didn't know most of these Valentine facts 😀

  10. #'s 2 and 3 kinda mess eachother up first girls prefer cards to flowers very next fact flowers are a mans best friend?! skeeetchy

  11. Actually, I think one of the reasons for #1 to be true is White Day in Japan.

    I think it's in March or April, but it's the day that the men give their gifts to women.

  12. This list would make more sense if it didn’t have “surprising’ in the heading. None of these facts are surprising and most of them tip off other facts, such as condom and pregnancy test sales, as you pointed out. And it’s not only unsurprising that women buy more cards and men buy more flowers, but that also explains why women spend half as much.
    And florists do a brisk business on Valentine’s Day?!? There’s a shocker. And I seriously doubt most Valentine’s money is spent on teachers and children with wives and girlfriends coming in last.

  13. I found #1 interesting – North American women have it pretty good right now, we aren't really expected to spend a lot of money on our men yet we get lots of goodies… Of course, we do carry babies around for 9 months and then give birth to them so I think Mother's day should be a big deal! And, let's face it, guys have an ulterior motive for buying Valentine's gifts.

    • “And, let’s face it, guys have an ulterior motive for buying Valentine’s gifts.”
      Yes, unfortunately most women feel their affection must be bought. In my time I’ve bought valentines gifts for nothing more than just to say “I love you”. Sometimes I hope you love me back, and maybe you’re attracted enough to me that I can spend some time with you. Sometimes I simply want to give a gift to the woman who makes my life bearable. Women like you unfortunately feel entitled and thus must be bought gifts first, else your courtship is doomed from the start.

      A very typical “girl” response there indeed Tanya. You might carry the child around for 9 months, and I’ll even agree that those nine months are a literal pain culminating in labour pains (my wife and I have ha dfour kids, I was there every step of the way). Thing is, you expect us to be serfs for the next five decades in return.

      “Honey, I need a new car, I really didn’t see that wall. Yeah, I wrote the last one off too, tough I carried the baby for nine months.”
      “Honey, we need to rewallpaper the house. Do it yourself, I carried the baby for nine months”
      “Honey, well done for getting those shares worth 25k from work. Now sell them and buy me that diamond ring worth 20k. Nine months, kids, birth, do it”

      Don’t get me wrong. It’s a wonderful thing, being the mothers of our children. Using it as blackmail over the next 50 years of serfdom gets stale pretty quick.

      • I think you are taking my comments to the farthest extreme. I said that Mother’s Day should be a big deal not that motherhood should be the foundation for 50 years of blackmail. But, I should have said “many” guys have an ulterior motive – there are some good guys out there, I married one so I know 🙂

  14. Mothers Day , Valentines day and then Xmas ans Thanksgiving are the way the cost factor goes for holidays as I was a florist for many years.