Top 10 Wacky Holiday Observances


We all know of the traditional holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day, but did you know there is a special holiday or observance for just about any day or month of the year? Some of these holidays are really funny or just plain bizarre. Decide for yourself.

10. International Talk like a Pirate Day


Talk like a Pirate Day is observed on September 19th every year and it’s always a fun holiday to celebrate. This holiday encourages you to talk like a pirate all day. Refer to your friends or others as maties. Or throw in random pirate language in your everyday speaking like ahoy or aye aye or arrrr!!! There is a whole new vocabulary to learn when talking like a pirate so make sure you are prepared by going to the official talk like a pirate day web site. They even have a countdown to the next Talk Like a Pirate Day. They take their holiday very seriously!

9. Go for Broke Day

Go for Broke Day is always observed on April 5th each year. Go for Broke Day is the day to put it all on the line, take a chance, place a bet, roll the dice and take a risk. It could be money or love. It could be taking a new job or initiating a risky project. Many of us go about our daily lives playing it safe, just floating through life and not really taking that many big chances. If you are overly conservative or hardly ever take chances then this is the day to let loose and put it all out there. You just might have an exhilirating experience if you take a chance on something. If you can get up the courage to take a risk, then put it all out there and go for broke!

8. National Sarcastics Month

National Sarcastics Month is observed for the whole month of October. You can observe this wacky holiday by being as sarcastic as you can be. Go ahead and try it out! You will also be made aware of how sarcasm can affect others when you are being sarcastic with others or they are sarcastic with you. Some people take this type of humor nicely and others really don’t care for it, so be careful who you choose to be sarcastic with.

7. International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

This holiday is observed on October 12th every year. On this day every year you can share your frustrations with all the citizens of the world. You are encouraged to go outside at twelve hundred hours Greenwich time and scream for a solid thirty seconds. Screaming can make you feel better when you are frustrated. I’m seriously thinking about observing this holiday every time I get frustrated from now on! This holiday was created by Thomas & Ruth Roy under the name of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs.

6. National Whiners Day

National Whiners Day is observed on December 26th each year. As you can imagine this is the day to whine about anything and everything in life or whatever. If you’re already a whiner this will come easy for you. For someone who’s not usually a whiner, find something that’s annoying you and whine incessantly about it. You may not be able to change it, but you can gripe and whine your heart out about it today. Go ahead and whine because no one can blame you for whining like a baby today.

5. International Panic Day


International Panic Day is always observed on June 18th and is a day for everyone to be worried and concerned. There is no one reason that is provided for the panic, just that this is the day to observe widespread and mass panic. There is also a Panic Day that is observed in March.

4. Blame Someone Else Day


You can celebrate this day on the first Friday the 13th of the year. This is the day of the year where you can take every mistake you’ve ever made and put the blame on someone else. Go ahead, blame the Democrats, the Republicans or anyone in between. Find someone to blame for everything you’ve ever done poorly or started and never finished. Be careful though because remember others can blame you for their shortcomings this day too. Once this day passes it’s all your fault again, so remember to use Blame Someone Else Day wisely!

3. Have a Bad Day Day

Have a Bad Day Day is always observed on November 19th each year. Have a Bad Day Day is observed by encouraging people to wish other people to have a bad day. Instead of saying have a good day all the time, this is the one day a year when it’s okay to instead say “Have a bad day!”. So, I hope you have a bad day!

2. Get a Different Name Day


Get a different name day is for people who do not like their name or the name that was given to them at brith. That’s okay, because you didn’t have a choice at birth, you had to go with whatever your parents gave you. If you like your name that’s great. But if you don’t like your name, then this day is definitely for you. Take advantage of the day and change your name. Get a Different Name Day is actually a copyrighted holiday. Even if you like your name you could still changed it up on this day just for fun. Get a Different Name Day is observed on February 13th every year.

1. National Inane Answering Message Day

Observed on January 30th every year, this holiday encourages you on this day to bring an end to all of the mindless and endlessly long answering machine messages that annoy and waste the time of callers. Or, you could leave a long, drawn out, insane message on your machine this day. The choice is up to you.

Written by Amanda Haddix

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