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  • 5minutes

    McCarthy was many things, but a propagandist was not one of them. He was an anti-communist politician who ended up disgraced, not because he couldn’t produce any evidence (in fact, when Joe Welch demanded he provide a list of names, McCarthy immediately provided the name of a lawyer in Welch’s own law office), but because of pure politics. His mistake was in using the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations as a bully pulpit to intimidate communists and communist-sympathizers.

    Incidentally, most of the people on his list were actually communists – a fact confirmed by things like the Venona Project. The “findings” of the Congressional Committee that found they were not communists was highly political in nature, with the Democrat majority issuing the finding. Interestingly, most of the people on the list… were registered Democrats, some of whom had close ties to past Democrat administrations.

  • Interesting the photos you chose for Gore and Moore vs. all the other photos.

    • Bayhuntr

      Exactly, in fact using picyures like that, is a type of propaganda. Also, Al Gore never claimed to be an accredited expert. Also, the overall science is sound, make that .01% that might be wrong, to disqualify everything else, gain, is propaganda.
      What this list is, is pure propaganda.

  • Charles

    Several in your list are/were not propagandists. Perhaps you should look up the word before building a list around it…

  • Dennis

    I sincerely don’t believe you know what a propogandist is. It is someone who feverently wants to change social beliefs and governments to what they think they should be. Most would willingly die for their cause. Beck ,Limbaugh, Gore,and Moore are nothing more than entertainers and blowhards in it for the money.–Not important enough to be considered world propogandists. Certainly, Marx and Goebbels should be on the list as well as Lenin and Engels. But having served through the hottest part of the Cold War,I would say number 1 on your list should have been Mao Tse Tung.

  • randymarsh

    Well you can tell the author of this list is right winged….the michael moore and al gore photos pretty much say it all…where you fire and vomit coming from Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck? If anyone on the list deserved the vomit photoshop it would be Goebbels. Afterall, that was his job to justify to murder of millions.

    • 5minutes

      So, the author of the list chooses an anti-communist Republican as the #1 propagandist… and you call the list right-winged because they used 2 fairly funny pictures of Al “2nd Chakra” Gore and Michael “I Support Unions When They’re Not Working For Me On My Films” Moore?

      • K8sMum

        well D”UH! fairness would have been picking a less-flattering photo of rush l; it isn’t as if they are hard to find…maybe chucking down some pills or something…….

        • 5minutes

          Yeah. Because if they don’t your loathings, they’re obviously not fair and balanced.

      • joe jim

        I was waiting for this type of paranoia, no matter who would would of been #1 someone would complain about the politics.
        If it was a “no order” list someone would still see a pattern.

      • RandyMarsh

        woa woa woa Mr. Republican, I by no means disagree with Al Gore or Michael Moore being on the list. Personally I don’t care for either (like everyone else on this list). I’m not at all even arguing the order, because arguments could be made that anyone on that list could be #1. But why put the photoshop on those 2? Because you disagree with their politics the most? What about killing Jews? No photoshop for Goebells? I’ll get no response to this because there is little to argue from this point. Sad.

  • TriviaFan

    It was nice to ‘balance’ this article out with individuals from both sides of the political spectrum. We can’t have people crying about those ‘liberal loonies’ here lol.

  • josh

    where the hell is stalin

  • 5minutes

    Stalin would have been a fantastic choice. So would George Soros Whatever you think of his politics, he has a truly impressive propaganda machine that he’s not ashamed to use for his own political ends and personal profit.

    The same could be said for Rupert Murdoch.

    • David

      Comical Ali? Saddam Hussein`s infomation minister?

  • tim

    I like the list……the only thing I don’t agree with is that Josef Goebbels should have been number one. This guy manufactured the blueprint by which all modern propagandists’ operate. Glenn Beck seems to directly rip off the tactics used by goebbels, to great success i might add. Perhaps i am biased but when I think of the word “propaganda” Goebbels is the first person that comes to my mind.

  • BJ

    Well, most of this list is pretty much stupid. Marx had nothing to do with the Soviet Union. He did have a lot to do with every modern democracy but in America people usually have not the slightest clue what socialism or communism is. But he was more a theorist and philosopher and if you include them there are a lot more people who deserve mention before any of those radio and tv guys(how about Jesus or Mohamed?). In fact it was Lenin (who really belongs on that list) who destroyed about everything the real socialists in Russia created (many of them were later killed by him and Stalin). He called himself a communist but he was pretty much the opposite. And where is Leopold II? He was the incarnation of evil before the second WW but fooled pretty much the entire world. He made people believe he was creating a wonderful state in the Kongo when in fact he was on his way whiping out more than half the population.
    (There is no country in history that has been the victim of the amount of brutality, genocide and slavery as the Kongo in the last 150 years and all for the greed of very few. It is a really important lesson for every one and should be taught at schools. You think the economic crisis is the worst thing uncontrolled capitalism is able to do? How about murdering 10 million people for a handfull of people to get rich? The worst nightmare you can possibly have does not come near to what has happened there. Cannibalism, Children chopped into pieces, limbs of people crippled for fun getting carried around in basckets and that is not close to the worst that has happened there.

    Michael Moore and Al Gore might often not be really correct in everything they say but Limbaugh and Beck straightout lie. They are so talking such extreme crap that they have become the face of American stupidity all over the world. Seriously, people in other countries watch them to laugh at how stupid Americans are for believing what they say.
    Few people outside of America know who O’Hair or Martin are. It’s just stupid to put them on a list of who is famous. The US has less than 5% of earth’s population so if you make a list you might want to have some basic knowledge about what you are talking about. Maybe there is a Guy who is famous in China or was famous in the Soviet Union. Bin Laden is pretty famous. And he was pretty famous decades before the WTC. Hitler himself was a very good propagandist, too.

    • Louis Alexandre Simard

      Re read the first statement of your comment and tell you don’t have a liberal bias. And by the way I’m am far of the charts to the left. Both the american left and right lie. Calling it ” not always corect ” doesn’t change the fact that its untrue therefore a lie. You can’t call it an unintentional omission coming from documentarists who have the burden of proof and research. If they omitted or skewed some fact you better believe it was intentional.

      • Louis Alexandre Simard

        Sorry not the first statement of the comment but the first statement of the third paragraph.

  • Dennis

    This list was about propagandists, NOT cruel dictatorships. Idi Amin was one of the wost but he was not a propagandist–Moore and Gore may be the biggest morons that ever lived with Beck and OReilly coming in a close third and fourth.

  • jojo

    what a crappy list…didnt even have the “father” of propaganda …Edward Bernays

  • TomK

    Good list overall but Walter Duranty deserved a spot:

  • Peter Boucher

    Pol Pot from Cambodia and his “Khmer Rouge” of the 60’s and 70’s ???

    • Nick Fecteau

      Is Ed Barnays chopped liver or something???

      Look deeper my friend… You’re only at the surface…

      • Peter Boucher

        To Nick Fecteau : I just looked up Ed Barneys on the wikipedia and found out that Barneys uncle was Sigmund Freud,………..very interesting !!

  • Mike

    Fredrich Nietzsche doesn’t belong here at all. He was a philosopher, first and foremost. He disliked German nationalism, and disliked Christianity much more than Judaism- but he disliked all religion. He broke off the friendship/mentorship with Wagner because of Wagner’s amti-semitism. He had little real influence in his day (surely that has to the definition of a propagandist??) and his sister, a member of the Nazi party, discarded or edited a lot of his work. I’m not saying I like all of Nietzsche’s work, but to say that he directly Nazism is a stretch.

    Hitler borrowed from whatever sources he needed- theologians like Luther and philosphers like Heidegger and the example set by pre-communist Rissian pogroms are much accurate targets.

    • jayo

      Right, but this lists are somewhat strange sometimes… one of the greatest minds of our times is being called a propagandist…wow
      It’s clear that whoever wrote this list does not have a clue about Nietzsche and his philosophy. I really do like Nietzsche. Most of his work and his thoughts have been revolutionary. Well, they still are. For example, how many people know that Nietzsche was an outspoken feminist and actually voted in favour for the acceptance of women at his university? And this was revolutionary back then. But few know because nobody takes the time to actually READ. Most people only know that the Nazis adopted parts of his philosophy and think he was a Nazi… But Nietzsche said exactly the opposite of what the Nazis interpreted. The Nazis perverted his work. He clearly was neither a Nazi (he died 1900…) nor a fascist. Far from it, I would say his philosophy is anti-authoritarian and leftist.

      You mentioned Heidegger and yes, you are right, he should be mentioned here. While his philosophy is interesting he at least sympathized or arranged himself with the nazis. There are stories of him actually wearing Nazi-boots while teaching his students at university.

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Rush Limbaugh is the most listened to talk radio host in the world with 14 to 30 million people listening to him. Quite a build and unverified statement considering India has a population over 1 billion and radios are everywhere. Also China with a population of 1.3 billion with state run propaganda radio stations.

  • merl

    Do you even know the meaning of propagandist? Take the money you made from this article and buy a dictionary. Glen Beck is not a propagandist, he is a con man. A very good one.

  • Dredd

    Without a doubt Edward L. Bernays is the number one American propagandist (“The Father of Spin”) and was extolled by Goebbels and other NAZI propagandists: “It is impossible to fundamentally grasp the social, political, economic and cultural developments of the past 100 years without some understanding of Bernays and his professional heirs in the public relations industry”

  • Dave

    This is dumb and uninformed.

  • Yep it is me

    I would urge you to add Piers Morgan to this list.

    • Shell Harris

      Oh, good call!

  • Bob Buhler

    I came here looking for information. All I got was propaganda.

  • Philippe

    It was the Top 10 Most Famous Propagandists in “USA” History lol. I don’t blame the guy who posted this for knowing nothing then USA propagandist and some european old face but I would have very appreciate to see Bernard Henry Levy a French propagandist who did pressure on France governement to attack Kadafi. He is a strong supporter of war in Syria and many recent conflict in Africa. He pretend to be a philosopher but this guy is a real fraud.

  • Laurie

    And Donald Trump . . .

  • StephanBib

    This is a silly list in random order. It’s like i was drafted on the back of a cocktail napkin.