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  1. Bob
    Bob at |

    Oh andHan empire WAs more advanceed and civilized than Roman empire. Tang empire was far more advanced and civilized than ANY Islamic thing in the medieval times.

  2. Bob
    Bob at |

    Han empire was WAY bigger than Roman empire. And you must remember, the Tang empire, too.

  3. deepak
    deepak at |

    ancient indian empires like the Mauryan and Guptas were most IMPORTANT in terms of knowledge and education…such large population even then ,they never had the time to move out of the subcontinent.

  4. jacare
    jacare at |

    Yes, what about the Austro-Hungarian Empire – if we talk about “Important Empires”. The author of the article made some mistake here, if we talk about important – not biggest, longest etc. This looks like a highschool article with a touch of “hollywood history”.

  5. Zenorsa Haile
    Zenorsa Haile at |

    ‘1. The Roman Empire (27 BCE to 1453)’

    The Roman Empire did not last from 27 BCE to 1453.
    The Empire was split into two parts, the dates usually given for this are either:
    285 AD, under Diocletian and the Tetrarchy or
    395 AD, when Theodosius split the Empire between his two sons, giving one the Western part, the the other the Eastern one.
    The Western Roman Empire was mostly made up of modern day England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.
    The Western Roman fell around 476 AD after several pressures, including the Huns at the Sack of Rome and various ‘tribes’ at it’s doorstep.

    The Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire fared a bit better. It was even able to reunify Rome and Constantinople, though not on the scale of Rome. However, as time marched on, their power declined and they fell when the Ottomans took Constantinople in 1453.

    To conclude,
    The Roman Empire (27 BCE-285 AD)
    The Western Roman Empire (285 AD-476 AD)
    The Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire (285 AD-1453 AD)
    The complete unified Roman Empire ceased to exist in 285 AD, instead there were two parts. You [the author] have made the slight error that the Roman Empire was the Byzantine Emperor, those are my two cents on this.

    Best Regards

  6. babac
    babac at |

    someone forgot Austro-Hungarian Empire.


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