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  • Eddie

    The guitar gods shined on ‘the blonde bomber’ Michael Schenker when he was playing for UFO. Almost everyone else sounded like a whanker at the time. Even Paul Chapman brought his A-game to fill in.

    • Eugene

      Oh heck yeah, UFO, what a band! The only problem with Michael Schenker is that when they were about to be really big, he would bugger off. They should have been a [snip]load BIGGER than they were. That maniac bass player, Pete Way, wore the most hideous trousers, but almost everyone went out and bought a pair. Yes, I’d say this band was very influential.

      I can see how Page Hamilton could’ve made someone want to give up the guitar.

  • jotto

    1. Dave Mustaine END OF.

  • SS

    Tony Iommi number one!!!!!!!!!

  • andrew

    No Dave Mustaine automatically discredits this list.

  • hicham malki

    Man if this is a real “Top 10 Most Influential Metal Guitarists” then jimmy page is number 1. and please where is Richie blackmore of Deep purple and Angus Young of AC/DC.

  • marvin


  • mike

    wow… where to begin here, i have seen converge live and they are truly awful, they got booed vehemently by the crowd. There were few riffs, mostly over distorted excuses for riffs and certainly not a guitar solo to be heard, the fact that they are on list over other musicians like Dave mustaine, Chuck from Death, Buckethead, or anyone else with a drop of talent is shameful. Also, why is slash on here, he is very over rated, ask anyone who knows about guitar playing and they will tell you what he does, including solos, is pretty simple. He has even admitted to not being as musically adept as other guitarists. everyone else on the list looks pretty solid really, Eddie at number 3 is a bit high for my liking but at least he was talented.

  • Bryan

    ZAKK WYLDE and Dave mustaine most certainly need to be on this list. even Satriani and Petrucci were snubbed

  • Peter Boucher

    Well, I have a few to make mention of. The people who inquired as to Yngwie Malmsteen, Thumbs up to you guys and there was also mention of Buckethead, also a good choice. Here are some others : Tony MacAlpine, Joey Tafolla, Steve Howe (of YES), Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush), Steve Morse, Richard Thompson, Marty Friedman, Alex Masi, Jake E. Lee, Steve Vai, Vinnie Vincent, Matthias Jabs (Scorpions), Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest), Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Watson, Ted Nugent or any guitar player who is signed and contracted with a recording company called Shrapnel Records. They record albums for the guitar “shredders”

  • Not A Squirrel

    Influential to the genre, or from within the genre? I’d say, if its the former, then you have to include Ritchie Blackmore, and if its the latter you gotta remove Jimmy Page, they’re not metal. Also Jeff Beck was one of the first (pre-hendrix) to use a fuzz box.

  • Scott M

    KK Downing and Glen Tipton from an influential standpoint should absolutely be there.

    EPIC FAIL on this list….

  • Evident

    Can u stfu?! This is Metal…it’s diffrerent than those funny music. Don’t u listen to these new albums of metallica(death and beyond magnetic)?? Is this what dave mustaine teach them?!? U’re wrong man,wrong…

  • Tyler

    Kerry King?

  • Tyler

    Scott Ian?

  • Myl

    Eh….. where is Synyster Gates… .. ????

  • marius

    WHAAT? the real top is this :
    1. DAVE MUSTAINE ( kirk hammet is only famous because he plays the riffs and solos Dave wrote when he was still in metallica)
    3. KERRY kING

  • Ed Lawrence

    If your really wanting talk influential, you have to look at the genre of music your reffering to alot of the guitarists that many people mentioned are great guitar players, but without guys like Mustaine, Schulinder,of death,Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy.Page, these were the guys who, influenced so many of the great.players mentioned these are the guys who helped lead players like Paul Gilbert, Slash, Tony McAlpine, Greg Howe to become great players and yes their influential to many out there but with out the genre originals like Tony Iommi,etc you.wouldnt have all these players and genres of guitar players.

  • Justin

    Ritchie Blackmore without a doubt. His solo in Highway Star is one of the most influential solos for metal, ever. Nobody was playing guitar like that in rock music. Also, the album, In Rock , has some awesome heavy riffs and straight up rocking out to the point that it becomes metal. You can tell Metallica was HEAVILY influenced by Deep Purple. Highway star sounds like something from kill em all and parts of ride the lightning, especially in the solos. Anyways, I find it surprising that he’s never mentioned in these types of discussion..

  • John

    Why the hell are not KK Downing and Glenn Tipton in this list? They were the pioneers of Dave Murray/Adrian Smith´s guitar style that is heard all over heavy metal!!