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14 Responses

  1. Jezzika at |

    Haha, i enjoyed this one =] thanks!!

  2. BK at |

    Hilarious! eHow and WikiHow content would make excellent SNL skits.

  3. z at |

    I like how in the picture of the “pick-up artists”, there’s no women at all. If you’re going to stage a douchebag extraordinaire shot like that, you might as well pay some models to at least pretend to be interested in you.

    1. Toes at |

      I am pretty sure all of those guys in the picture you are referring to are gay, hence the no women.

  4. nicoal at |

    All stuff I need to know in my day to day life. Appreciate it!

  5. dotmatrix at |

    There’s an easy and foolproof way to win any knife fight: bring a gun. Or, failing that, do what Butch Cassidy did.

  6. Text Your Ex Back Review at |

    You’re correct about Ehow’s guide on having an affair. It’s something genuine, and simple.

  7. Luke at |

    I don’t know if you are a conservative person or just closed minded… your judgments about men and women seems to me quite moralistic

    1. CBomb at |

      Or… they’re not living up to boring stereotypes and not an a**hole.

  8. Alaric at |

    This list had me seriously lol’ing. Great job.

    I believe several of these how-to guides are quite useful though. If someone truly believes they can win a knife fight or juggle chainsaws from internet guides, I encourage them to go for it. Hopefully they won’t have kids and their surviving relatives can appreciate the family’s new Darwin Award.

  9. Ahmad at |

    Hilarious list. what about that how to enhance/enlarge your manhood guides 😛 they are such loosing things internet is filled with as well as irresponsible because they will also deprive you of manhood 😀

  10. Chris at |

    This is a good list, but most of these are kind of far fetched scenarios, that you’d have to be an idiot to think you’re going to learn on the internet. What’s even scarier is the horrible advice they give on how to do normal everyday tasks. I just read an article on how to wire a breaker on a boat, that would most likely eventually cause a boat fire.

  11. Waylon at |

    Hopefully the how to have an affair guide suggests deleting your history and not leaving this page open

  12. Kristi at |

    What about How to Start a Motorcycle Without a Key? It may not be poorly written, but the only thing stopping readers from stealing a motorcycle is a small warning on the bottom of the page: “Do not attempt this is the motorcycle does not belong to you”. Gee, thanks.


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