Top 10 Scary Santas


No wonder so many children are terrified of Saint Nick. If any of these Santa Claus characters were part of my childhood I would be screaming and crying not to sit on his lap too. You may want to take your kids from the room before viewing this list of the Top 10 Most Unintentionally Scary Santas. It brings a whole new meaning to the words, “He knows when you are sleeping.” Chilling.

10. Angry Dwarf Santa Claus

Wow, this little guy will haunt your dreams and push out any thoughts of sugar plums. He is small so he will fit into the duct work, wear he waits…for you. Photo by ilovecoffeeyesido

9. Santa Claus as Michael Myers from Halloween…with Rouge

I can hear the music to the movie Halloween when I see this frightening visage. The sheer terror in the little girl rivals anything Jamie Lee Curtis could act out.

8. “I’ll Get You Kids” Santa

This imposing Santa is even scarier because of his Godzilla-like size. He could easily eat your child. Photo by leshville

7. Santa Taking a Very Large Stinky Dump

And after he has eaten you, he poops you out. What really creeps me out about this defecating Santa is the pure evil poop-eating grin. Photo by Langston McEachern, uploaded by mikerosebery

Porter's Chevrolet 1953 by mikerosebery.

6. Evil Under Lighting Santa

This Santa sits at the entrance of a building. I can see the sign below. “Lose Hope All Who Enter This Place of Evil”. Photo by jdtate101

5. Santa With His Sack…of Vengeance!

I can hear this Scary Santa saying, “Who has been a good boy this year? I’ll tell you who, no one! Now, into my sack of pain!” Photo by iluvmesomefreaks

4. Drunk Molester Santa Out For A Stroll

Awww, Santa looks so cute, bumbling around clumsily. Wait, he’s drunk and he is after me. Run while you still have your child-like innocence. Photo by Bryan Collins

3. “You’ve Been Naughty…Time to Die” Santa

This large, scary Santa is obviously angry about all the naughty boys and girls. He has the size and the attitude to make your Christmas a Christmas to dismember! Photo by wir-click-wir

2. Evil Asian Santa Who Had Too Much To Drink

This red-cheeked Santa is too drunk to care who he hurts. The only gift he is giving is the gift of life-long therapy. Photo by nailmaker

1. Creepy Santa That Guards the Door…To Hell

The most disturbing thing about this diminutive Santa reject, besides his freakish cone head, is his oddly splayed fingers. Almost as if the pinky was broken in some dwarf tossing related bar fight.

Hopefully, you can still have a Merry Christmas after viewing this collection of terrifying and scary Santas. Editor’s note. Thanks to a friend of mine, I now own this very scary Santa stuffed doll. Yay me! Photo by Konketsu

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  1. I remember seeing a calender at my grandmother’s once. It was on December and the picture featured two boys sleeping in a chair while Santa looks at them from behind it with a sort of creepy pedo-ish face. The fact that he was surounded by elves did not make it any less freaky.

  2. I do like No.8 on this list as the author of this list says, “He Could Easily Eat Your Child”. So what is he, The Boxer Mike Tyson dressed as Santa Claus ?????

  3. This is the funniest thing I’ve read for ages. Happy xmas – you’ve already made mine worthwhile 🙂

  4. Okay, I’ll give you the Mike Myers Santa, and maybe the “Asian Santa,” but the rest look perfectly normal to me.

  5. #6 Is the garlic bread stall at the German market which comes to Birmingham,England every Christmas, my home town 😀

  6. That poor child in picture 9 the micheal myers santa, who would'nt cry, next time opt for the bad santas…lol

  7. Anybody else notice that #1 and #10 are two examples of the same Santa? And they look sort of like Philip K. Dick, a manifestation in itself chillingly phildickian.

    • I'm with Pablo. #9 needs to star in his own horror movie. The creepy drunk santa (#4) looks like he's been hit by a car or perhaps he's been bitten by a zombie… not sure, either way I think I could outrun him.

  8. We put #10 out every year! He's kind of cute if you ignore the face, and very fun to play catch with. I don't remember the eyes being that bright, though.