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  1. isolation bordeaux
    isolation bordeaux at |

    Jackie Chan is such a perfectionist. It almost cost his life when he fell while doing a reshoot

    1. Orrin
      Orrin at |

      I don’t know if you could call him THAT MUCH of a perfectionist when he clearly hasn’t mastered the English language after ten gazillion years

  2. Clive888
    Clive888 at |

    Couldn’t stop laughing at the backwards fight scene. XD
    That usual suspects one cracked me up as well.

  3. Stanley
    Stanley at |

    I believe it took over 2900 shots to film the shuttlecock game in Dragon Lord. Not the final fight scene.

  4. levothread
    levothread at |

    I’ve heard that Apocalypse now was a huge mess to film. The scenes with Marlon Brando were especially tedious and trying for all that were involved in trying to make the movie. In an ironic twist Marlon Brando had basically worn out Francis Ford Coppola known in the industry for repetitive takes.

  5. schuyler
    schuyler at |

    The first scene opens with Mr. Burns atop a horse wearing a sombrero,
    rounds of machine gun ammunition draped across his chest. “Simple
    villagers,” he says to a group of people, “I promise you I will close
    plants in America and bring work here!” Chespirito cries, “Viva Senor
    Burns!” and the assembled villagers cry, “Viva! Viva!” Burns’ horse
    gallops off, but Burns doesn’t manage to stay in the saddle, instead
    getting dragged back and forth along the ground. In the audience, Burns
    laments, “We did twenty takes, and that was the best one.”

  6. FMH
    FMH at |

    #4 You can’t get an insuline shock from having too much sugar in your blood – an insuline shock is exactly the opposite.

  7. Belle
    Belle at |

    Marilyn Monroe was very intelligent. She was also emotionally unstable at times, had suffered much trauma in her life, and abused prescription drugs. Please don’t call her dumb. She was smart, beautiful, and very troubled. She also didn’t always pick the best people for relationships.


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