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  • Fred

    Thank you for including Pi. That movie was freakin’ awesome and I feel like I’m the only one who ever saw it! Good List!

  • 5minutes

    It’s amazing how many of these films look and feel better than movies that are getting made for hundreds of millions today.

    • nicole

      Just goes to show, a huge budget can’t make up for an awful script.

  • Martin Fierro

    Primer, i was following it when i went for a soft drink during the last 20 minutes of the film. i came back and was totally lost.

  • Jonathan Reiter

    Thanks for including The Blair Witch Project… That was a surprisingly effective film for only $22,000…
    And I loved it.

  • nicole

    Some movies I have seen, and a few I haven’t. Judging by the ones I have seen on this list, which were all really good, I will make it a point to see the ones I haven’t. Thanks!

  • fdx

    Cool list, Clerks would probably be higher but i’m glad it’s here and paranormal activity is incredibly boring but it’s just my opinion 🙂

    • Jeff

      Well, it was in order from most expensive to least expensive, otherwise Clerks absolutely would have been higher considering it’s had, arguably, the most lasting impact on the cinematic landscape over the years.

      • fdx

        good point, thanks

  • schuyler

    I was hoping to see El Mariachi and you didn’t dissapoint. It, along with Clerks, Trainspotting, Slacker, and Dawn of the Dead are some of my alltime favorite Independent films, or films in general, ever. I remember watching IFC back in the dayand seeing these movies and hearing audio commentary. It was facinating.

  • Miguel Garzón Martínez

    Wow you guys forgot “Following”, the first film by Nolan, shot with basically no budget too.

  • Jim

    As I read, I kept thinking “primer better be in this list”. Pleasantly surprised to find it number one.

  • michael k

    what about MONSTERS released 2 to 3 years ago , thought it was a cheapie as well

  • Austin

    AWESOME list, although I didn’t like Clerks. But I knew Paranormal Activity had to be on here, and I’m glad it was.