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6 Responses

  1. funny stuff at |

    i thought that cloverfield sucked balls it was probably the worst movie I've ever seen. might have had better potential if they didn't have a crappy camera job.

    1. Anon at |

      I'm sorry bud, but that was the whole point of the movie.

      But I guess someone who has not payed attention to a good movie won't notice such crucial thing.

  2. Dumbfounded at |

    Remo Williams should have been higher. An entire fight scene on Lady Liberty's scaffolding and it only ranked 5? Well, I guess I should be grateful it's there at all, huh? Great job for including it.

  3. Ally at |

    Ahhhh I love Saboteur!! “Fry. That’s it! Fry”

  4. Charles Campbell at |

    I was going to be mad in Saboteur wasn’t on that list. Glad to see it. One of Hitchcocks greatest films. Never so telling when the circus freaks refuse to help the couple on the run!


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