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  1. ParusMajor at |

    Interesting list. One gripe, though: Johnny Burnette wasn’t a country singer, he was a rock’n’roll/rockabilly and later pop singer. He never recorded any country music.

  2. Dennis at |

    Dinah Washington was one of the all-time greatest singers in the world. Her last husband was Richard “Night Train” Lane, feared linebacker of the Chicago Cardinals and Detroit Lions. Sam Cooke (another great talent) was trying to get away from the husband of the woman who he was with at the motel. He ran into the lobby,totally naked. and the woman clerk shot and killed him. It was not self defense. (Though the clerk may have thought it was)-Sam Cooke was not a violent man.
    The list is ok as far as it goes ( I’ve never heard of Buscaglione or Farina) but I have to wonder why you would omit Jim Reeves.

  3. Andy at |

    Side note for Eddie Cochran :-
    The car crash that killed Eddie Cochran was attended by a Wiltshire Police Cadet called Dave Dee. Cochran’s Gretsch guitar was impounded for safe keeping, and Dee practiced on it when he had the chance. Dave Dee then went on to form Dave Dee, Dozey, Beaky, Mick & Tich.

  4. Jeremy at |

    Is it Johnny Horton or Jimmy Horton? Make up your mind (or hire an editor).

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Thanks for pointing this out, Jeremy. We have corrected it.

  5. David Lee Jones at |

    Please note, ‘Summertime Blues’ was not on Eddie Cochran’s ‘Singing to my baby’.


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