Top 10 Devoted, Fanatical Fans


Everybody is a fan of something but some just take it further than others. Here are the top ten fans who are simply crazy for their idols

10. Chris Crocker

After Britney Spears‘s life spiraled out of control, possibly her biggest fan, Chris Crocker took to You Tube to air his views. Simply titled “Leave Britney Alone”, the video is two minutes long and contains the line “anyone who has a problem with her, you deal with me.” He is clearly upset by what the media have said about Britney and spends the last 15 seconds of the video crying.

9. All the “Beliebers”


Justin Bieber fans are known as “The Beliebers”. During an interview with The Sun, he told them that although he doesn’t get numbers put under his door, before a recent concert in Germany four fans had climbed into a rubbish bin and hid so that they could gain access to the building and meet him. This plot failed when bin men emptying the bins found the girls.

8. Malfoy Mania

Tom Felton

While visiting America promoting Harry Potter, Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, was approached by his number 1 fan who offered to adopt him. Yes, ADOPT HIM! They wanted him to live with them at their house (which is named after his family home in the film – Malfoy Manor), and then they actually sent him the documentation he would need to disown his parents and be legally adopted by the fan.

7. Twi-Nuts


The following story was reported on a website titled A fan of the Twilight series went nuts when she found out that her friend hated the Twilight book series.  During a chemistry lab at school, she threw acid in his face and then stabbed him with a compass. She did not stop the attack until other pupils tackled her to the ground and removed the compass from her hand. All this, just for a couple of sparkly vampires!

6. Beatlemania

Strawberry Fields

Beatlemania” lead to lots of fans doing lots of crazy things, but when “Penny Lane” was released, Penny Lane road signs around the country mysteriously disappeared. In the end, councils decided it best to just paint the road name onto the wall. The same thing happened at Abbey Road and to the gates at Strawberry Field.

5. Wily Miley Fan

While she was on stage performing in Melbourne, Australia, one of Miley Cyrus‘s fans decided it would be a good idea to climb on stage and run at her from behind. The fan was promptly returned to the crowd in one swift motion – showing that security at that particular show might be better at reacting, rather than anticipating.

4. A Fan of Her Children

Jonas Brothers

Rather than being a huge Jonas Brothers fan, a San Diego mom is simply a huge fan of her own children.  So devoted is she that in order to win tickets to a show, she got “Jonas Brothers Tickets!” tattooed on her neck.  I think it’s totally appropriate for the daughter and her friends to start saving up for a tattoo removal, don’t you?

3. Pottermania


The biggest Harry Potter fan has read each book over 100 times, has purchased all pieces of Harry Potter merchandise, filled three rooms in his house with said merchandise, wore his wizard robe to his school prom and has enough Harry Potter clothes to keep him going for three months and not having to wear any item twice.

2. Yankees vs. Red Sox – AGAIN

Ivonne Hernandez

In 2008, a dispute over a New York Yankees bumper sticker ended in death. Ivonne Hernandez was convicted of the second-degree murder of Red Sox fan Matthew Beaudoin when she got into her car after the altercation and drove directly into a group of Red Sox fans. Beaudoin was struck directly, and died.When sentencing, the judge took into account that the defendant could have driven away from the argument but decided on this drastic action.

1. The Biggest Football Fan in the World

Football Fan

After watching his first game at the age of 4, the world’s biggest football fan has supported the game for over 50 years and has watched approximately 10,000 live games. That equates to an amazing 694 days. His aim is to watch 20,000 games but he says, he would be happy to settle for 15,000. As an avid Tottenham Hotspurs fan, he has only missed one home game and believes that David Ginola is one of the greatest footballers he has ever seen.

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  1. Would the theft of Charlie Chaplin’s remains in 1977, just after he died belong in this list ??

  2. this is actually two separate lists fused into one…there should be one list for individual people who are fanatics of a certain brand, and then one list for an entire group like the trekkies, or wow players….and where is star wars on this list? as a non star trek fan but a huge star wars fan, i am unsure which has a more devoted following…basically..if it has a yearly or some sort of annual convention, then it deserves to be counted as a group and should have been on this list

  3. So sad that the lists are limited to just 10 but there are many crazy fans out there. Star Trek, Lady Gaga, Dragonball Z :p . . . could have made it