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  • Dave

    You missed England..

  • footballmad

    Before I get any irate England fans wanting to kill me, I would like to propose England could’ve been on this list purely because we created the sport and yet we can’t win any tournaments. Ok 1966 but its a bit of a joke that we haven’t even seen a final since. You don’t get America losing Baseball and Basketball.

    -An England fan (from England to clarify)

  • Ronan

    American Samoa once lost 32-0 to Australia.

  • ParusMajor

    Finland as a national team sucks, but some individual Finnish players don’t ,like e.g. Jari Litmanen (a legend in Ajax of Amsterdam), Teemu Pukki (Schalke, Germany), Mikael Forssell (Chelsea, Leeds and Birmingham City, UK, Mönchengladbach and Hannover, Germany) and maybe I forgot someone else.

  • David Verney

    Not surprising really as these are some pretty tiny countries. I was thinking you’d talk about major countries like India, Iran, Iraq, China or the United States.

  • MiloV

    “The only African nation with a “true” democracy”???
    Is this another case of a Westerner knowing nothing about what’s happening on the other side of the globe because of sensationalist media reporting or just a backwards hillbilly trying to report on a international phenomenon?

    • idiocracy

      It’s an american, what do you expect. Ignorance is bliss I guess. But I notice that more and more here, complete ignorance of what is going on in the world, and just spout random crap like “the only true democracy in Africa”.
      But you’ll be flamed and trolled by the Murica tards here thinking they are so epic.

      • jawathehutt

        You’re edgier than a house made of swords.

  • Thaz

    You missed USA!! Inly country in the world that calls Football SOCCER! Losers!

    Greetings from Brazil!

    • marc

      I’m surprised it took you so long to get this up here. But everyone knows the USA doesn’t care about football. If we actually won the world cup, probably by buying all the best players, the average US citizen wouldn’t care.

      • Chris

        You cannot win the world cup by “buying” players. The players that play for national teams have to have either been born, or have certain relatives that come from that nation.

      • ParusMajor

        @marc: You may be right, but then again, nobody outside of the USA cares about your “Super Bowl”.

        • marc

          A: We have enough money to buy the players. B. Nobody here cares.

          • james

            sorry pal but money can not buy futbol players if a player play for a national team before can not play for another fifa’s rules sorry for that but this time money is not the answer for the US talent is and you dont have any

            • skywatcher

              We don’t need to buy players. We just need to create a league of all United States teams and call the winner World Champion. That’s what we did in baseball for decades and look how good that turned out. Whether our best athletes are fit to hold the average Brasilian player’s jock strap is utterly irrelevant.

          • ParusMajor

            Like james said, you can NOT buy players for a national team in FIFA football. The players actually have to be citizens of the country that they play for. Also, if you’ve played for one country even once, you cannot represent another country ever, even if you change your nationality. Also, are you sure you even had the money? I’ve heard China pretty much owns all the US money nowadays.

    • MLK

      @Thaz: ignorance is bliss, eh?
      FYI, Football = “Futbol Americano”, with ze rugby ball; while Soccer = “Futbol”/”Balón Pie”, with ze round ball.
      Learn before you get ridiculous

    • Emilio

      Nothing wrong in calling it soccer in North America when the Brits themselves invented that term. Australians also call it soccer.

      Are Italians losers also because they call it calcio?

  • I-nomad

    There’s a wonderful documentary from 2003 about a match between Bhutan and Montserrat, the then-lowest ranked teams in the FIFA World Rankings. The game was played in the Changlimithang Stadium, Thimphu, Bhutan.
    It is in 8 parts put on the playlist in reverse, so at the end click previous to get the next part.

  • Marc

    I dont see some of the largest nations on earth on the list for example China,India and the USA which calls the game of Football ,,,Sokker

    • MLK

      Check my upper post, looks like it applies to u too ^^

  • I know All

    Actually english university students came up with the word soccer while the working class called it football. When the game came to America there was already football (American) so they continued using soccer. So technically the US uses the classy version for the game.

  • Thatguy

    Actually it’s called Association Football not just football which is a term that could be used to describe Rugby Union Football, Rugby League Football, Australian Football, American Football, Gaelic Football to name just a few. Association Football fans should embrace the term Soccer as it is unique to their sport and is an abbreviation of the word Association.


    im sorry but why do I see the word soccer, I believe the word is football, seeing as the sport involves a ball being kicked around with feet 8/


    why do people get soo worked up coz the yanks dont like football, I seriously couldnt care less

  • Thatguy

    As I have expalined before the sport is called Association Football. Calling it Football is an abbreviation just as is the term Soccer is an abbreviation of Association so either term is correct.

  • isolation bordeaux

    No one in there right mind would do any kind of sport i tropical weather