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  1. devis at |

    the walking dead series is just amazing. It dives deep into human behavior faced with hopelessness. It is simply amazing

    1. Professor Pain at |

      Amazingly weak. Kirkman’s pacing sucks and the artist can’t draw a hammer to save his life. If they put as much effort into the interiors as they did the covers I wouldn’t feel so cheated. But as my film studies Professor said “Stupid people do stupid things and that’s what makes horror movies great.”

  2. ParusMajor at |

    A film version of “Uzumaki” was released in 2000:

  3. ParusMajor at |

    I must mention one great Japanese manga that you failed to mention: Death Note.

  4. fdx at |

    Hi, thanks for the list, i’m not familiar with japanese manga, besides the obvious one so thanks for those titles.
    I do have some comments though :-)
    -Dylan dog is from italy, not Europe, there’s no such thing as a european comic.
    -I do agree with the previous comment about walking Dead, the comic-book is soooo much better than the TV show
    -couple of interesting horror comics i would have mentioned are “Night Force” and of course “B.P.R.D”, it’s not a superhero comics since hellboy left the team and probably one of the most interesting storyline i’ve read for some time.

  5. Martim at |

    Death Note is awesome. Alas, i would put it on suspense, and thriller genre. It is a comic that make you think more than fear.

    Dragon Head is a great manga. It is strange, takes its time to tell you whats happening and till the main character goes out of the tunnel you have no idea whats going on outside.

    And i agree, there is not such a thing as european comic. British comic is quite differente from french comic, and spanish comic, etc.

    As usual, it is not that i agree or know all the chosen items, but it is a nice collection to check and read. :)

  6. david at |

    I don’t understand how you could leave out all of the great DC Horror comics like “House of Mystery”, “House of Secrets”, “Unexpected” and “Weird War Tales”. They didn’t add super heroes until late in their runs and even then, with heroes like “I, Vampire” and the “Creature Commandos”, they were still pretty creepy. Those were some pretty tight parameters you had for inclusion to the list.

  7. MochaSpock at |

    I recommend Eisner’s “A Contract with God” series. Groundbreaking and truly heart-felt material.

  8. Leon at |

    What?! “Crossed” isn’t on this list? Seriously?! “American Vampire” can’t even begin to hold a candle to it!!!!


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