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    i have this unusual is that i have what doctor diagnose as photo dermatitis but i am not sure if he is correct you see when i touch water especially the face my skin will sprout out new skin and intensely very itchy also if i go to a/con place my face will be pain also sameful also when bath what do think is the actual diagnoses thank you

  • J

    Some of my allergies: (1) Allergic to cold, break out in hives in torso, legs and arms, main reason I moved from north US to Texas. (2) Allergic to plastic , started out this past summer when holding plastic material under arm, huge red hives that sting. Same problem with cardboard/ books (moved all paper products out of bedroom) know to be careful. Remedy: Wash with soap and water and it clears up in 20- 30 minutes. (3) Allergic to rubber silicone caulking compound, found out while doing home repairs, accidentally rubbed right eye, swelled almost shut within 15 minutes. Again washed with mild soap and water, this one 12 hrs before my eye was back to normal. (4) deadly allergic to clams, eyes & tongue swell, throat starts to close, arms & body huge welts. So far been close to store both times it occurred. Remedy: taking 3 Benedryl antihistamine pills, sitting down for a while till rash disappear (I am pushing it, know in time I will be running the anaphalitic seen). And last (5) this weekend my ears started ringing, nonstop. Run into this post looking for answers as to what may be causing it. Sure bet , it is another allergy, but to what? It is my newest 64k allergy question.

  • Jodie

    I’m allergic to bleach. If it makes contact with my skin, I get third-degree burns, and the smell of it causes me to have an asthma attack.

  • Twila

    I would like to find out from those of you, whom are allergic to water, the Dr. that was able to Diagnose your condition. My 16 year old Daughter is allergic to water, Her Dr’s around where we live say so as well, but they tell me that i have to have her condition confirmed through a specialist for her medical records and all.