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  • Jamie

    I am allergic to dry erase markers. If I touch the marker or a dry erase board I break out in hives. When I was younger my finger tips would peel.

    • P

      I too am allergic to dry erase markers and I break out in hives. It is a big problem as I am a teacher.

      • Hdk

        I am allergic to Dry erase markers as well, but my reaction is more with smell/fumes. I can handle touching them but the smell makes my throat close up, it start with itchy throat then it gets worse. I also feel dizzy as well.It is so weird.

  • Being allergic to water? Suicide waiting to happen.

  • Inertia

    Ha ha, I actually am one of those 300 allergic to the sun. It gets extremely annoying–especially during the summer. I am /literally/ the whitest girl you will ever meet.

    • Ryan Weaver

      Yeah I feel your pain, I couldnt play outside as a kid because of the sun and im allergic to the cold, I get hives and my hands and feet swell and itch when there cold, when I get hurt people try to put ice on it and when I tell them why that isnt a good idea they look at me funny, same with the sun though not as bad. And the sun only gives me a rash and I feel sick

  • krashok

    seems strange, i too having lots of chicken pox scars all over my body

  • Thanks for sharing this informative link.

  • ali

    Would like to meet inertia. THE whitest she said ?

  • Cecile

    I'm also allergic to sun 🙁 It suck SO much. I'm literally allergic to nature.

  • Annie

    What no one thinks about when they talk about nickel allergies are the buttons on jeans. So annoying! Although I feel like nickel is among the least worrisome of all the allergies in this list. I can't imagine being allergic to plastic, let alone sunlight, water, or cold!

  • laura

    no one is allergic 2 water, ma father nd mother are very succesful doctors and told me that you cant be allergic 2 water, its impossible, if u r, ude dye, so whoevr the loser dat rote this is totally rong!

    • palkia11717

      people are allergic 2 water, just not too many people. i dont care if your parents are doctors, sometimes even they get it wrong. for example, Ashleigh Morris from Melbourne is allergic. Look it up!

      • Mariah


    • weaselby

      Sounds like they were trying to stave off an attack of hypochondria, laura :p

    • Sherry

      Laura, your parent’s probably said that because the human body is mostly water…however there are different levels of allergies and different situations that aggravate allergies…a good example being the one about exercising after eating certain foods.
      There ARE people whom are allergic to water. There is simply so much medical information and so many illnesses out there that no doctor can know about ALL of them.

  • Anna

    @laura, funny that you should have two successful doctors as your parents nd u type lyk dis. I think what you're saying is that humans are made of a large percentage of water. While that may be true, what triggers aquagenic urticaria is the contact of water on skin, not the water alone. "although it is not a histamine releasing allergic reaction like other forms of urticaria; it is more a hypersensitivity to the ions found in non-distilled water"

    • Thank Anna, you beat me to replying @laura. You said it much better than I would have anyway.

    • th3d

      So she is right, they are not allergic to water.

      If i were allergic to electromagnetic fields (EM) then i would not go around and say i am allergic to computers, thats just wrong, Laura is right that this article is bad, its “sensational” journalism. Water and computer allergy is much more sensational for the average intelligent ppl than Ion and EM, but its still false info unless one reads the fine print, which Laura did not do.

  • Meg

    the daftest thing ever is being alergic to Nickel or any tipe of metal is having to choose a restaurant that doesnt have metal chairs ! =O

  • Petite Cossette

    @Meg: I'll bet it is, although I'm not allergic to any metal myself.

    Here's something that must be frustrating to people who are allergic to wood: paper. That means no books. Also, doors tend to be wooden, although some types of houses don't use wood.

  • NemesisParasite

    wow, Aquagenic Urticaria would be terrible, especially around here, where it rains all the time. I personally love rain and even swim a lot on top of being rained on constantly.

    laura, I can tell your parents are both successful by your grammar, no need to mention it.

  • BrittanyLol

    It hurts when I touch paper, it makes my skin feel like its burning and it makes my hands sweat. I love to read but it makes it difficult to read and do homework. So I have to have a folder between paper and my wrist when I write. Its the worst when the paper is cold too.

  • Jess

    The cold makes my hayfever go wild

  • Jessica

    I actually am mildly allergic to sunlight. Not severely… I just have to avoid sunlight most the time and if I do go out I have to wear sunblock… I get all swollen, hives-y, and burned if I go in the sunlight. Also, small chunks of my hair fall out if I go out for too long.

    I am also allergic to heat… If I am in a warm place i get hives. Summer is my least favourite time of year. HAHA

    • Sherry

      If I take hot showers I get hives and feel kinda faint/dizzy…Idon’t know if it’s actually an allergy or not but it is weird. Oddly enough I am also very sensitive to sunlight (I start burning in 20 minutes, not even exaggerating!) and I sneeze/get a powerful urge to sneeze if I step out onto bright sunlight, but only if it’s actually sunlight, not if it’s a bright light bulb turning on or anything.

  • Andrea

    I'm allergic to nickel. It only affects me if I hold onto something with nickel in it for a very long time. Like a belt buckle touching my skin or jewelry. Its not the end of the world, but it just affects how I make purchases. I just have to buy gold and expensive jewelry (or plastic). I feel like this article treats these allergies like they affect us more than they actually do. I would imagine that someone who was allergic to wood or plastic is more like me, where it only affects them if they stay in constant contact with the item. I can keep metal stuff that has nickel all around my house, I just can't be touching it for an hour or more. If I keep my ipod in my pocket I'm fine. If I switch ears while having a phone call over 2 hours I'm fine.

    Now I understand that there are cases where these allergies could be extreme, and in result be far worst than what I have to deal with. These extreme cases would be even rarer than they are trying to make it sound. So don't think that these allergies are scary things, when in reality there not.

    • Sherry

      Good point to bring up, there are different levels.

      I’m also allergic to Nickel, but same as you, I have to touch it for awhile…the shortest time I’ve had a reaction was maybe 20 minutes, with some cheap earrings…but usually it takes an hour or 2 to notice, like for belt buckles and bracelets and such…and I have never had an issue with chairs or phones, probably because I don’t wear shorts much and I tend to wear makeup…it is scary what happens if I get a reaction and ignore it though…I swear after about 6 hours a cheap pair of earrings will literally cause my piercings to itch, sting, turn red and inflamed and finally start to BLEED, like they are somehow reverting to being freshly pierced or something…it’s horrible.

  • the allergy known as Anaphylaxis is actually real, but it will not account for the obesity epidemic. we should add allergies to healthy eating and raw foods to the mix. Anyone have a name for that?

  • cora

    I think laura's parents may be my doctors.

    Having allergic reactions to something? Got it limited to plastic, sunlight and polyester. Someone told me that plastic and polyester are the same thing does any one know if that is true? Also does any one know of, a home test that I can do, to determine what I am actualy allergic to?

    • Leza

      Hi Cora
      If you are allergic to these things, please try to stay clear of acrylic – our little one is the same as you minus the sunlight allergy & as far as we are aware there is no home test that you can perform to determine your allergies, prick & blood tests are the most effective to determine the allergens, I hope this is of help

  • essjay

    i also am allergic to cold ever since i was 12 years old, very terrible, hives are unsightly and itch with burning, keep warm and take benny pills!!

    • Jenni

      That’s so weird. I used to love playing in the snow and didn’t mind being cold until I was about 12 years old. i found out around that same time that I had hypothyroidism. I started getting hives in the cold and when I go swimming I have to make sure it’s a heated pool 🙁 booo.

      Recently, I had an allergic reaction to my dog and my eye swelled up and I couldn’t even put an ice pack on it because it made it worse. I’m 24 now and I still have this condition and now it has spread to my face when it’s cold. It used to only happen in my arms and legs, but now it’s all over.

      It sucks, but I guess I’ll live 🙂

  • Ali

    I am allergic to plastic. Its not as serious as that I can’t be near anything plastic, but I do break out into rashes that can be very itchy if I have exposure for a while (like 5ish minutes). For example, I have gotten rashes from plastic masks, chairs, bandaids, my glasses, a watch, some clothes and things like that. I don’t hold onto credit cards for more than 2 minutes at a time along with a lot of those other things, so that kind of stuff I don’t have to worry about.

    • Leza

      Hi Ali
      Finally found someone with the same allergy as our 3 year old daughter

  • Emily

    Just be happy that you’re not allergic to things that you love to eat and love having.Like I’m a cat lover and I used to be allergic to cats and now I’m allergic to pecans,almonds,sesame seed,and every other type of nuts

  • courtney

    im also allergic to water.i was diagnosed a few days ago and im only 14.its horrible and yeah it does happen to some people

  • Ken Nelson

    From the article “Usually do to some substance …” It’s ‘due’ not ‘do’… what has happened to education in this country?

  • Leza

    Our 3 year old daughter is allergic to plastic, she can’t have the run of the mill toys that other children can have she has mostly wooden toys – but can have Lego. She also reacts to acrylic & polyester clothing – we found out when she got sick at 5 months old when her hospital name tag was stuck in her skin & a huge blister from the drip back slab straps& is now the owner of a Jnr epipen – it is hard for others to understand how hard it is for her, will we ever be able to find a day care that is safe for her, who knows we have been looking for 3 months now, will she ever have a safe learning environment outside of the safety of home that is our fear at the moment.


    i have this unusual is that i have what doctor diagnose as photo dermatitis but i am not sure if he is correct you see when i touch water especially the face my skin will sprout out new skin and intensely very itchy also if i go to a/con place my face will be pain also sameful also when bath what do think is the actual diagnoses thank you

  • J

    Some of my allergies: (1) Allergic to cold, break out in hives in torso, legs and arms, main reason I moved from north US to Texas. (2) Allergic to plastic , started out this past summer when holding plastic material under arm, huge red hives that sting. Same problem with cardboard/ books (moved all paper products out of bedroom) know to be careful. Remedy: Wash with soap and water and it clears up in 20- 30 minutes. (3) Allergic to rubber silicone caulking compound, found out while doing home repairs, accidentally rubbed right eye, swelled almost shut within 15 minutes. Again washed with mild soap and water, this one 12 hrs before my eye was back to normal. (4) deadly allergic to clams, eyes & tongue swell, throat starts to close, arms & body huge welts. So far been close to store both times it occurred. Remedy: taking 3 Benedryl antihistamine pills, sitting down for a while till rash disappear (I am pushing it, know in time I will be running the anaphalitic seen). And last (5) this weekend my ears started ringing, nonstop. Run into this post looking for answers as to what may be causing it. Sure bet , it is another allergy, but to what? It is my newest 64k allergy question.

  • Jodie

    I’m allergic to bleach. If it makes contact with my skin, I get third-degree burns, and the smell of it causes me to have an asthma attack.

  • Twila

    I would like to find out from those of you, whom are allergic to water, the Dr. that was able to Diagnose your condition. My 16 year old Daughter is allergic to water, Her Dr’s around where we live say so as well, but they tell me that i have to have her condition confirmed through a specialist for her medical records and all.