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  1. James
    James at |

    I am extremely suprised that you have not mentioned the September 11, 1973 miltary coup that overthrew the democratically elected Allende government with the Pinochet miltary dictatorship. This happened with the full support of, and was funded by the CIA (they freely admit this, so it’s not some silly conspiracy theory). It began 16 years of disappearances, torture and the supression of the Chilean people that is still having ramifications in Chile and South America today. apparently the American government didn’t like the marxist ideology of Allende and the idea of nationalising the US owned mining companies that operated in Chile.

    It doesn’t exactly show American foreign policy in a shining light, but the significance of the two date and their link to American foreign policy was not lost on everyone. In countries outside the US the idea of blowback was freely discussed and as horrific as 9/11 was, the Pinochet years resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and disrupted lives, all with the support of the US government.

    1. nogod
      nogod at |

      “It doesn’t exactly show American foreign policy in a shining light” I’m sure thats why it wasn’t mentioned on the list

      1. TopTenz Master
        TopTenz Master at |

        Yep, you found us out, we were running a conspiracy to make the world think the United States is perfect, is it working? If not, read this list for further brainwashing: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-reasons-to-be-proud-of-the-united-states.php. And don’t forget…yoU like viSiting America…

  2. Clive
    Clive at |

    Very insightful list.

  3. Little_Sam
    Little_Sam at |

    Very interesting list. I did not realize Oh Susanna premiered on Sept. 11. I had forgotten that O. Henry (a. k. a. William Syndney Porter) was born on Sept. 11. I had also forgotten that Henry Hudson sailed into Manhattan on Sept. 11. That is both very interesting and very ironic. Stephen Collins Foster, O. Henry, and Henry Hudson are three people important in the history of American that I personally do not think enough of today’s school kids learn about.

  4. Dave
    Dave at |

    What I`ve never got, is why is 9/11 called 9/11. I mean, it happened on the 11th of September. Not 9th of November. It makes sense with Guy Fawkes, because when he tried to blow up Parliament, that happened on the 5th of November. So 5/11 makes sense. While 9/11 doesn`t. Shouldn`t it be 11/9 instead? And am I the only person who thinks that Osama Bin Laden should have got the same treatment as Guy Fawkes?

    1. Terry Bigham
      Terry Bigham at |

      Dave, the reason it’s called 9/11 is because September is the ninth month of the year, and in the U.S. our dates go month/day/year, unlike in Europe, where it’s day/month/year.

    2. Jessy
      Jessy at |

      In America they use a different date method. For example they say 5/23/89 meaning, the 23rd of may 1989. In Australia, we say 23/5/89. Not sure why it’s done that way, but it is =] correct me if I’m wrong =]

      1. TopTenz Master
        TopTenz Master at |

        You are correct.

  5. cynthia
    cynthia at |

    digging in the old recycling bin of top 10 lists are we now? this list was good the first time I read it, now it just tastes like last year…

    tighten up Master.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      With over a thousand lists, sometimes I forget a past list. But this time I could not find the list you are referencing. Would you mind post the url in a comment. If it is on Toptenz.net, I admit I could not find it.

  6. BryanJ
    BryanJ at |

    Nice idea for an article. Good job. Some other notable events include:

    1297 – Battle of Stirling Bridge: Scots led by William Wallace defeat the English.

    1922 – The British Mandate of Palestine begins.

    1926 – An assassination attempt on Benito Mussolini fails.

    1960 – Young Americans for Freedom meeting at home of William F. Buckley, Jr. promulgates the Sharon Statement.

    1973 – A CIA backed coup in Chile headed by General Augusto Pinochet topples President Salvador Allende.

    1978 – U.S. President Jimmy Carter, President Sadat of Egypt, and Prime Minister Begin of Israel met at Camp David and agreed on a framework for peace between Israel and Egypt and a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

    1989 – The iron curtain opens between the communist Hungary and Austria. From Hungary thousands of East Germans throng to Austria and West Germany.

    Some Births:
    1903 – Louis Marschalko, Hungarian nationalist and author
    1917 – Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines
    1933 – William Luther Pierce, American author, White nationalist and founder of the National Alliance
    1935 – Gherman Titov, second man in space
    1965 – Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria

  7. jason stone
    jason stone at |

    this list makes september 11th out to be pretty much the worst day ever in history..lol..very interesting list..love the site

  8. Kat
    Kat at |

    Interesting list. Keep up the good work master

  9. Gretchen
    Gretchen at |

    My Birthday: 11/09/1994, thanks stupid jihadists! For ruining my birthday!!!
    (for *(commet deleted)* Americans: dd/mm/yyyy)

  10. Phil Bolinger
    Phil Bolinger at |

    Please do not forget that the Mountain Meadows Massacre happened on Sept 11 1857.And until the Oklahoma City bombing was the largest white on white massacre in America’s History.120 Men Women and children massacred/murdered in cold blood In Southwest Utah by Mormans with a small amount of assistance from a few Piaute’s.

  11. Ken
    Ken at |

    You left out the largest, bloodiest battle against a foreign army ever on American soil. It occurred on Sept 11, 1777, the Battle of Brandywine where George Washington’s troops were defeated by Gen Howe’s redcoats. Lafayette was wounded at Beandywine in his first battle serving in the Continental army.


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