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  1. Anon
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    Only 2 Americans? Go home toptenz, you’re drunk.

    1. Shell Harris
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      Can you give us a lift, we don’t want to drive drunk.

    2. Indiabull
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      Ameicans are awarded nobel prize at first,after then the rest world. Unfortunately 2 of them included in pending list.

  2. 5minutes
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    Wow. OK, a couple of glaring issues:

    6. “Prisoner of Conscious”… it’s prisoner of conscience.

    5. “You see, she was taking the Presidency after a time of unrest and martial law unleashed by the United States of America”

    Uh, no. The Philippines gained their independence with the full blessing of the United States in 1946. The 2 countries have maintained fairly close ties, but that “time of unrest and martial law” did not come about because the US was trying to hold the good people of the Philippines down… it was because of a brutal dictator named Ferdinand Marcos, who was duly elected as President back in the 60’s and began consolidating power. In the 1970’s, after a speech by Benigno Aquino, he declared martial law (all on his own) and kept the country under his thumb until 1986, when Aquino’s widow (he’d been assassinated in 1983) returned from exile in the United States to lead a short revolution during which Marcos (and his shoe-loving wife) was toppled and she became President. During this time, the US supported the rights of the people to be free and have free elections. After the revolution, they supported the duly elected President in her long stabilization of the country.

    2. Irena Sendler did a lot of great work, but so did a lot of other people in World War II, which means she had a ton of competition. By the time she was nominated for her work in 2007, over 60 years had passed since her actions and the Nobel committee is far more interested in stuff you’ve done in the past 10 years than stuff you did more than half a century ago, which is why the 2007 award went to Al Gore for his brave act of making a movie… groan. She shouldn’t feel bad because she’s in good company- they passed over a ton of other good peace advocates (Mahathir Mohammed, Evo Morales, etc.) to slap an award on Mr. Global Warming.

    1. true
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      you weren’t there

    2. Don Davis
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      Good work on the reply to the posting about Cory Aquino. The author of this collection is obviously anti-American. I live in the Philippines, and what you wrote about Marco is correct. When Mrs. Aquino was president she did indeed TRY to improve things for the people of the Philippines. BUT, when her goals confronted the goals of the country’s ruling elite, she backed off. Why? Her own family is part of the ruling elite! So she tried and failed because she would not stand up to her own family. Come here and ask the Filipino people NOT if they like or love Cory, but did she make a positive impact on their lives?? I have asked that question many times, but don’t trust me, come here and ask the people yourself.

  3. Ginger Terry
    Ginger Terry at |

    5. While not holding the title of President, Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the first elected female head of State in Asia.

  4. Steve
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    The Nobel is a joke.. Obviously Obama shouldn`t have got it, but HENRY KISSINGER did. It`s a farce. I mean previous nominees have been HITLER, STALIN and BENITO MUSSOLINI. It should be named the war prize. Next time, it`s likely that madman Kim Jong Un will get it.

    1. FMH
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      The greatest joke was giving it to the EU – a clear PR stunt, trying to get the Europeans to like that faceless organization which robbed them their democracy.

  5. Seth
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    John Paul II continued the long tradition of the Catholic church supporting Croat discrimination against Serbs and did nothing to end bring peace to the Balkans during the Croatian War of Independance, a war based on Catholicism. Ghandi hated Africans and supported the British occupation of South Africa and publicly supported Hitler.

    1. Sanna
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      “Ghandi hated Africans and supported the British occupation of South Africa and publicly supported Hitler.”

      Not true. He did some crazy stuff like not support Bose or speak up against the hanging of Bhagat Singh, but not this, in fact he equally honored in Africa as he is in India.

  6. Nathaniel Wenger
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    no matter what I write its prevented from being exposed and no matter what someone does to me its prevented from being exposed. google wengerocracy

  7. VHP
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    Good article, Mohammed Shariff. I was a bit aggressive towards your article on “Bollywood movies” and called you “being offensive on purpose”. Well, after this article, I take my words back. Now I think that you were just trying to be funny.

    I am also a non-believer in Nobel as they sometimes make huge errors (which should not be happen considering the amount of effort they try to put in) but they have given an official statement regarding their failure to give Mahatma Gandhi a Nobel peace prize that now it’s too late and it is something that they will have to live forever with.

  8. JUYI
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    No 1?

    He is responsible for current state of India and Pakistan. If there is unrest in south asia and kashmir, it’s due to him

    1. Beaugrand
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      Ghandi’s aim was to have a united India, which included Pakistan. It was the British that partitioned off Pakistan, not Ghandi.

  9. john p
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    ibrahim rugova should be there also

  10. Michael
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    the Nobel prize was instituted by the inventor of dynomite because he felt guilty about all the harm it introduced into the world. coincidentally he was also an American… so why are you complaining about things being fair? who cares about a prize, people will always be more recognized for the work they did, not the medals won.

  11. John N
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    Thick Nhat Hanh should be high on this list. He was nominated by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr for his work for peace during the Vietnam War.

  12. Charles
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    Harriet Tubman?

  13. Ellie
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    You forgot Rosalind Franklin, the female scientist who discovered the structure in double helix of the ADN !

  14. Ellie
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    DNA* sorry

  15. Haben
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    Most the people here are areas related with Social science. I agree that most of the ppl should have Nobel prize for what they have done but I do not see any Scientist in the area of Physics,Chemistry… which are not mentioned in the research. It looks like the whole research lucks Hugh area that is Science. I can say this is not complete research. It biased to only Politicians and other social scientists unfortunately 20 century was the Century of science and Technology. Politicians and other social scientist were in the world for centuries but it was the 21st scientist who brought change to this world more than any other sector of society and there were many scientist who deserve to get the Nobel prize but u did not mention here that is petty. I think this is Better .http://mentalfloss.com/article/17437/7-geniuses-and-1-entire-science-never-won-nobel

  16. Sheikh
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    Abdus-Sattar Edhi?
    (Founder of the largest volunteer orginization in the world)


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