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7 Responses

  1. Amanda at |

    The clapper is definitely persuasive, along with Shamwow, proactive, the george foreman grill, juicer and Nair. People just can't resist any of that stuff.

  2. Bianca at |

    The ShamWow is one of the biggest piece of sh*t I have ever bought. $27 and change down the drain – the company does not answer its phones when you try to call to see about getting your money back, and after a while you just get fed up, a lesson well learned. If you recently bought it and wish to get your money back (oh, you will want to!), just go ahead and dispute it with your credit card, let them handle it. You will get nowhere on your own with these crooks.

  3. Tanya at |

    What about chia pets? I want one whenever I see their commercials…

  4. Gav at |

    "This is Bob…." I'm surprised that Enzyte didn't make this list, considering how it loves to play on men's feelings of inadequacy in the nether-regions. Anything that says "this blue pill will hang you like a horse" and sell billions of units world-wide and spam e-mail boxes for life has got to at least earn an honorable mention!

  5. Gracie at |

    Slap Chop!!!!

  6. OhmyOhme at |

    The ads under the Bowflex thing and above the comment sections are so inappropriate.

  7. nyuki. at |

    nonsense. shoddy and boooooring


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