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  1. Turk
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    My father inlaw has a fly in fish camp near Nipiwan, Saskatchewan and a couple years ago they saw a bald eagle swoop down grab a huge lake trout and strugled to fly off with it and eventualy the fish pulled the eagle into the lake 20-30 feet from the shore and it drowned. Wolf lake near Cold Lake Alberta caught a 26lbs northern pike, and Keely lake Saskachewan caught a 17lbs northern pike and a 12.5lbs walley.

  2. Richard Demello
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    Thank you for suggesting top places for fishing in Canada. Definitely going to visit and i have added in my list.

  3. Bigg Boss 6
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    They also supply Satelite phones for communication. At the docks you will find newer 14′ Aluminum boats with 9.9 hp Yamaha motors with unlimited gas available, swivel boat seats, nets, anchors and paddles.

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    I’m going to canada to go fishing for the first time this summer. I’m exctited but I’ve never really gone fishing for anything over 6lbs.

  5. david burns
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    A char is not a salmon. It is in a class of its own.

  6. discover more
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    It all depends on what you are hunting and where. Assuming you are a non-resident hunter in ontario, you will pay $65 for a hunting license, $93 for a small games license, and $23 for a turkey seal. The seal is only good for one turkey.

  7. internet
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    I now have an empty 10 gallon and want to get a new one. I was looking into some fin varieties that I can’t find in Canada (halfmoon, double-tail, etc) and know that the Petco in Bellingham might have some.

  8. additional hints
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    Bear spray is a restricted device in Canada. You may not take it across the border without an import license.

  9. article source
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    I’m fishing in Canada in a few days where there are lots of northern pike . I usually use a leader but I don’t really want to, I catch way more fish with just swivels.

  10. Bloggstrout
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    I think one of the best fishing spot in Canada is near the Caverhill Lodge, B.C. where you can fly fish or spin cast for wild rainbow trout.

    Take a look at the website http://www.caverhilllodge.com

    Some happy guests qoutes:
    “My first fishing camp experience and our stay was wonderful. More beautiful than expected, fun to
    hike to all the lakes, exciting to cast, hook and set a VERY active rainbow trout.” Barbara, California, USA

    “Consumate hosts that had endless patients with novice fisher people. Gorgeous meals and stellar accommodations” Scott and Audry, Kelowna, BC Canada

    Nevertheless, nice list!

  11. TomReese
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    These look like some good destinations. Ive been to many of the lodges in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The best fishing for Pike, Walleye, grayling and Lake trout is at Ganglers Lodge in Northern Manitoba Canada. I always go back because of the huge fish I caught there consistently. They also have the best service. Their people are very attentive and friendly. Havent found anything equal to this Canadian gem. Check out their site http://www.ganglers.com
    This place I rank as probably the top fishing lodge.

  12. Zach
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    I’m sure all these places offer great fishing. It really is hard to say what fishing area is best – anything up north is better than the states! I personally have had 100+ Walleye days in the Wabakimi Wilderness area of Ontario (lodge was Thunderhook fly-ins http://www.thunderhook.com). The only tough part about Wabakimi is it’s fly-in only, so if you’re looking for remote isolation with top-notch fishing give Wabakimi a shot!

  13. amigo ami djemba
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    there is not best are for fishing…..it depend on you the fisher men.
    1.this is how it works
    it is not all fishermen beeing satisfied with there fishing …you maust understand that that fishing gose on with this type off people .
    some are born with the blood of fish in there hands …this type of people can never lake fish ..whent there go for it
    .. some deels with toomush faith this type off people too are good in fishing
    people who love anything doing with water ..this type of people if there are fishermen there will allways been ok with there fishing ….conctate me to know more about fishing

  14. Worldsgonetoshit
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    Winifred Lake, Ab
    Some of the biggest walleye and pike I’ve ever seen


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