Top 10 Political Bobbleheads


Who doesn’t love a bobblehead doll? Of course adding the adjective “political” makes the bobblehead that more interesting. Here are the top 10 political bobblehead dolls.

10. Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Classic with the President and Vice President. Not many Vice Presidents get their
Bobblehead made.


9. Hugo Chavez

Always the interesting character.


8. Charles Darwin

The world would not be the same without his work.


7. Vladimir Putin

Representing Russia in his Karate uniform. He is a 6th degree black belt.


6. Che Guevara

One of the most popular figures in pop and political culture. Recently had a movie starring Benicio Del Toro.


5. Osama bin Laden

Most sought after man in the World. Is sitting on a bed of rocks to make him the utmost uncomfortable.


4. Joe the Plumber

One of the more interested characters of this past year’s election. Not even a
registered plumber.


3. Sarah Palin

Holding a rifle for all the NRA people. Made the Republican party slightly hip.


2. Kim Jong il

One of the most life like Bobbleheads ever. Ever the quirky character.


1. Barack Obama “Superman”

Here to save the world. Our President spreading his shirt and showing the Superman S.


This list is provided by Matt Powers from the website All designs are done in house and each is hand painted. Many are limited editions of 100 and are hand signed and numbered by renowned Bobblehead artist Rick Lynn.

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