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  • c

    this list is so true. First

  • Alyas Grey

    As a former retail worker, I wanted to murder everyone who came through a checkout line with more than 4 or 5 coupons. You hold the entire operation up, and nearly every person who does this gets confrontational whenever you deny them because of an out of date or otherwise non-applicable coupon.

    • Lee Standberry

      I believe it.What I gather these extreme couponers end up spending several hours at the checkout counter. I would definitely imagine that holds business up. Not to mention the trial for the cashier.

      • anon

        no wonder why the supermarkets are cracking down on it

    • Wylah

      You are correct.

      My sister is an extreme couponer, but she’s also an extreme hoarder (in denial of course). She hoards pets (around 30-40 cats and dogs currently), food (three deep freezers, a large pantry, and the walls are lined with several bookshelves crammed with food), electronics (she has a couple rooms in her house lined with about 100 old computers, not to mention more stockpiles of electronic parts and broken gadgets, plus she has to have a new phone, tablet, GPS, or other device every two months), children’s toys (she does have kids, but to dedicate an entire room to be filled floor to ceiling with old broken baby toys seems excessive – plus they’re covered in cat pee), software (she can’t stop buying more updates, templates, skins, and other senseless crap to use with her 3D rendering programs which she uses to make pictures of aliens and space ships.

      I’ve gone with her on trips to the grocery store, and many of them ended with her stomping, huffing, and yelling at the cashier, supervisor, and manager about not accepting one of her coupons. She also BUYS the coupons online, pays for shipping, ends up with coupons for items she doesn’t need and doesn’t normally buy, but buys the items anyway because of the coupon. Sometimes she rushes out to buy these unneeded items when the coupons are about to expire, from the nearest store (a publix) that has these items at double the price they would cost at walmart, and overspends on an unnecessary item just because the coupon was there. Buying coupons online is a part of her online shopping addiction, and feeds into her hoarding habits.

      I’ve never met an extreme couponer who wasn’t like my sister, so my judgment is that these women are housewives or lonely crones who live in a world so small and isolated that they think they can fill this void in their lives with hordes of crap. Some are probably open enough to snap out of it if someone cares enough, but some, like my sister, are blindly stubborn about it, so what can you do? They just don’t realize how stupid they look. On the contrary, they think everyone ELSE looks stupid compared to them.

      • Lee Standberry

        Wow….sounds like she may want to consider getting on the show? She is probably a good candidate.

  • Servomoore

    I saw an episode of that show and don’t remember any explanation of how they got around the “limit one per customer” notice I always see on coupons.

  • fibrowitch

    Extreme couponing only works in a state that allows stores to double or triple coupons. I live in Massachusetts and the state forbids grocery stores to double or triple coupons.

  • Printable Grocery Coupons

    I find extreme couponing disturbing.

  • Cristina

    I read an article saying the show is fake because the stores allow the extreme couponers get away with things regular costumers wouldn’t be allowed to get away with in order to be seen on the show

    • anon

      not to mention that it takes the time most of us would be spending in a job.

  • joebecca

    Sounds good, but most of the stores in most states don’t allow you to buy 20 bottles of anything for free in one trip. Also, the mfr’s are now limiting how many coupons you can use per trip. My store, they double the FIRST coupon only for an item. so it’s great to get 2.00 off something, but you have to go back and back and back… who has time for that???

  • payday UK

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  • Video guy

    Ive worked on a few episodes of extreme couponers and its real. Takes about two hours to check out and usually the customer will call the store ahead of time to tell them they are coming. The store will ask what they are getting so they can get things ready.