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  1. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I wanted to thank Tanya for such a light-hearted list that is fun parents to read and probably a little confusing for the party-girl to understand. All in good time…

  2. Modified mummy
    Modified mummy at |

    That list is hysterical! I've never made the connections before between the 'party girl' and motherhood before, but now it all makes sense!

    At least I now know I wasn't wasting my time pre baby, it was training!

    I think I'm in need of a refresher course though, must go and phone a babysitter 😉

  3. asithi
    asithi at |

    Makes me feel like maybe I should have tried harder to have a good time while I was in college. 😀

  4. soh
    soh at |

    Excellent list! I have long thought that my wayward, rebellious youth prepared me big-time for parenthood. Standing up to authority figures without ticking them off too much, knowing when someone needs to sleep it off vs. go to the hospital, stuff like that. Item #5 is my very favourite item, because that is a hugely useful skill that no one tells you is a transferable one! But the entire list was great. I've sent the link to lots of people.

  5. propecia
    propecia at |

    well my wife is not a party girl so i guess i am out of luck.

  6. Samm
    Samm at |

    HAHA Absolutely Brill!

  7. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    And how being a party girl is similar to pregnancy: when you spend most of the day alternating between barfing and trying not to barf, you may question whether all the fun was worth it…

  8. Georgia Stath
    Georgia Stath at |

    LOL you have a great sense of humor. Especially liked this part "After using the bathroom at various nightclubs, dives, raves, and outdoor concerts youâ??re gross-out threshold is unbelievable."

    (LOL still laughing) excellent!

  9. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    Thanks! I'm on my second baby now and it's all still true…

  10. Angela
    Angela at |

    Thanks for the laugh!!! I never thought of it that way- my party girl past might actually make me a better mom 🙂 Way to put a positive spin on it.

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