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  1. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    >Even celebrities are getting into the act. Jay-Z, a Yankee fan (in case his songs’ constant Brooklyn references weren’t hint enough)

    Uuuhhh… The Yanks are in the BRONX, not Brooklyn.

  2. John gold
    John gold at |

    You only took the time to come up with these 10 unsupported reasons because you’re a Sox fan and are just bitter that the Yankees blow your team out of the water (For the past 100 years and the next) You’re tired of the Sox being compared to the Yankees because they always fall short. I bet you can’t even find 10 Sox fans who agree with you to stop hating the Yankees.

  3. Lynne
    Lynne at |

    #9….”Nobody Outside of MA or NY Cares” WRONG…All of New England cares! Ever been to Florida? Naples, FL has at least 4 “Red Sox” bars and restaurants and that’s just Naples!

  4. thetypeman
    thetypeman at |

    Good article, sir. John gold sounds like every Yankee fan. BORED WITH THAT. And Lynne is right, as I live in NH. Plus, the cheers in Anaheim tonight where about 60/40 Angels. That being said…GO SOX!

  5. M233
    M233 at |

    This is very cooincedential:There is a fight,”Fight at Fenway”,B-Bombers @ Pale Hose,and the fight is between Reggie Jackson and esteemed Yanks manager Billy Martin.P.S.Billy Martin once punched a marshmellow salesman named Joe Cooper and destroyed a urinal in the Yanks clubhouse at a game against the Indians at Cleveland Stadium.

  6. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I am both a Boston Red Sox fan (who now resides in Phoenix, AZ.) and a self educated baseball historian (for the past 25 years). I do not believe or condone it, but if I did, I would have to say that KARMA is the big issue regarding the Boston Red Sox and Boston’s racial issues. Fact : The Boston Red Sox could have had Lou Gehrig on their team but reneged on drafting him. Fact : The Boston Red Sox could have had Jackie Robinson (YES, THAT’S RIGHT AND IT IS NOT A TYPO, THE JACKIE ROBINSON) on their team but the owners, who were big on racism at the time, simply stood him up. Fact : The Boston Red Sox were, albeit at the time when their we’re only 16 Baseball teams, (8 in the American League and 8 in the National League) the last team (in 1962) to draft a Black Baseball player namely “Pumpsie” Green. And of course Fact : Babe Ruth being traded to the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox so that the owner Harry Frazee who was also a theatre owner from NYC could finance a Broadway show which was deemed a failure. Its a shame to think that both Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski both never won a World Series Ring with the Red Sox.

  7. M234
    M234 at |

    This is NOT the biggest rivalry.All baseball analysts that I have heard talk about rivalrys say the Giants and the Dodgers.Who also played in New York at the same time.It reached it’s peak when the Giants’ Bobbie Thompson hit the “Shot Heard ’round the World.”

  8. marc
    marc at |

    As a non-baseball fan, I’m just sick of it all. You have your meat-head retard Yankee fans chanting “Red Sox suck!” because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do. You have ass-hat Boston fans with their ridiculous Boston accents chanting “Yankees suck!”. Why? It’s just a game. Really, it’s ONLY a game. The important part of baseball is the shitload of money the owners make from fans who are too stupid to realize it’s only a game.


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