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  1. Topher
    Topher at |

    And to top it off, they've even taken over Middle Earth (or at least the maps for Lord of the Rings Online).

  2. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    That's dramatic, I don't have to fear them. It's a good company and is growing like every business does

    its success is because provide free quality services. Google has the idea of FREE software as linux.

  3. Mevilla
    Mevilla at |

    Another thing that is quite worrying is the amount of personal data Google has control over throughout the world of all of its users, far greater than any government in the world.

  4. Ackmey
    Ackmey at |

    Google didn't create google earth; they bought it.

    I can't think what company created or what it was called, but google didn't make it.

    Funnily enough, the google motto is "don't be evil". Heheh…

  5. Alex
    Alex at |

    Also there is a Google webbrowser now named Google Chrome .. which is in itself pretty good though …

    Just thought i'd add this ..

  6. John
    John at |

    Great Post. Very informative. BTW, I am submitting this comment through Google Chrome 😀

  7. dacournean
    dacournean at |

    Very informative article!

  8. jellisa
    jellisa at |

    very knowledgeable and informative article.

  9. Torrevieja propertie
    Torrevieja propertie at |

    Weren't they coming out with their own OS at some point? I heard about it but never knew if they did or not? Couldn't have been very successful if they did! Or is it still in the pipeline.

  10. jezzie
    jezzie at |

    more reasons to fear google: type in gewgle.com, and you'll get google.com.. same with gogle.com. haha see if you can find any more..

  11. CRP
    CRP at |

    And now the Google phone? What next then?

  12. Rachell
    Rachell at |

    You have to admit, though, Google might do tons of things, but they do them *right*. All of their apps work amazingly well. Unlike Microsoft, where half of their stuff works decently, some of it doesn't work at all.

    Btw, you don't have Google Chrome or Google Buzz on the list. =)

    Still, even if Google is becoming so big, I'm all for it. They do things right, they don't put things out before they're ready. I'm all for Google taking over the world. I bet GoogleGovernment would be AMAZING. ^__^

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      This list was created in July 2008. I'm sure in another year we would be able to add 3 more things in addition to Chrome or Buzz. Although I'm skeptical Buzz will be successful.

      1. Rachel
        Rachel at |

        Hah, yep… 2008 indeed. I was reading this like 5 minutes after I woke up. Sleepyhead syndrome?

        And I dunno, Buzz seems pretty neat so far.

  13. Tommo
    Tommo at |

    This is the worst top 10 list I've ever seen.

    More like "10 google apps and vague descriptions of them." Most of the top 10 do not even mention anything scary or fearsome, just a crappy description.

    There are some things you could fear about google, somehow this article mentions none of them.

  14. Mingtea
    Mingtea at |
  15. Sandeep Maheshwari
    Sandeep Maheshwari at |

    Youtube was expending so google has own it.


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