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  • Melissa

    "Today in the United States, Albert Sabin’s oral polio vaccination is used exclusively."

    Singularly untrue. In fact, some studies have shown less resistance to the polio virus when relying exclusively on the oral vaccine. Some physicians recommend at least one vaccination by injection, even if the others in the series are oral.

  • Charlie

    Consider adding Robin Warren to this list. He proved that H.Pylori bacteria were involved in stomach ulcers by infecting himself. He rec'd the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2005 along with a colleague.


    especially the history section.

  • Dani

    What about the Curies?

  • Diana

    Barry Marshall – he established that H. pylori causes ulcers by swallowing the bacteria himself (showing that the bacterium fulfilled Koch's postulates for being the causative agent of a disease).

  • Anonymous

    What about the guy who found ecstasy ??


    Dani, I agree! The Curies did work with an instrument that almost all of us know – X-ray Machines and, more specifically, X-Rays themselves. I'd put them at the top of the list for the worldwide benefit gained coupled with the tragedy of their deaths.

  • Christian

    Alexander Shulgin

  • Korinthian

    Explain why a man whose discoveries lead to nothing more than a new way of weighing poo is number 2 on this list?

  • AidanSaul

    Dr. Evan Oneill Kane – in order to prove to the medical community that for many small operations general anesthesia was not necessary – used local anesthesia to perform an appendectomy (removal of the appendix).

    The patient was himself.

  • Susie

    According to the CDC, the oral polio vaccine has not been used in the US since 2000.

  • J

    There was also an Australian scientist working on jellyfish (marine stingers) that stung himself and his son so that he could observe the effects.. badass mofo