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  1. Listice
    Listice at |

    Really, some examples are very funny and some looks strange. But I love to read all the 10 points from this innovative list. Removing toilet from Airplane sounds crazy..:)

  2. Kevin Saucier
    Kevin Saucier at |

    They’re “cloaked” in chocolate…entirely different process!

  3. Connor
    Connor at |

    This is an interesting list. But i think my favorite is number 6, that is just diabolical.

  4. Ben Lozano
    Ben Lozano at |

    iPhone changed there chargers to make more money

  5. Pat Jones
    Pat Jones at |

    In your comment about Sony’s proprietary system you said, ” If you wanted to pay less for a different card, then tough tits…”

    What do you mean by “tought tits?” What do breasts have to do with the rest of the comment?

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |


      Chambers Slang Dictionary dates it to the 1920s, and also records the variants hard titty, tough tiddy, tough tit, tough titties and tough tits. It is defined as ‘bad luck’ and shown to produce tough tits, toots, described, accurately enough, I would imagine, as ‘a phrase of dismissal’. A hardened nipple is, presumably, less likely to deliver the sustenance, or any other comfort, normally expected of it and so those, infants or others, who encounter such an anatomical feature might be thought unfortunate.


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